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Micro Server IC Market Report

Micro servers, also known as low powered servers or energy efficient servers or high dense servers, are those which contain a large number of nodes, low powered processors, and shared infrastructure. The micro server architecture provides improvement in power efficiency and system cooling compared to traditional servers by sharing common components, such as fans and power supply. Micro servers thus, use less power, need less cooling, and require less space than conventional servers. They are mainly used for low intensive tasks such as web hosting, video steaming, downloads, web 2.0 activities such as social networking, web serving, or possibly handling corporate logins. Micro servers market has penetrated nearly 2.3% of the total servers market in 2012. However, it is forecasted that by 2018, nearly 28% of the servers market will be shared by micro servers. The market is expected to take a magnanimous leap from 2014 when 64 bit ARM processor, having a high processing speed, will be launched. Market is segmented according to component, processor type, application, and geography.

Micro Server IC market is segmented based on the processor type into Intel, ARM, and AMD. Intel processor based micro servers are further segmented into Atom and Xeon. The report also forecasts the market by component which includes hardware, software, and operation systems. Application areas of micro servers are categorized into Media Storage, Internet Data Centers, Analytics, Cloud Computing, and other applications. This report describes the market dynamics which includes drivers, restraints, and opportunities along with their impact analysis matrix. Impact analysis matrix depicts the impact of a particular driver or restraint on the market at present and the future impact on the market. This report also highlights the huge opportunities for the market.

Micro Server ICs Market Report

Details of the new report, table of contents and ordering information can be found on Electronics.ca Publications’ web site:  Micro Server IC Market by Processor (Intel, ARM, AMD), IC’s (Analog, Digital), Applications (Media Storage, Data Center, Cloud Computing, Analytics) & by Geography (N.America, Europe, APAC, ROW) – Global Forecasts and Analysis to 2013 – 2018.


Partial List of Tables:

Table 15 Comparison Between Atom and Xeon Based Micro Servers
Table 16 Global Intel Based Micro Servers Market Revenue, By Types, 2012 – 2018 ($Million)
Table 17 Intel Processor Based Micro Servers Market Revenue, By Application, 2012 – 2018 ($Million)
Table 18 Intel Processor Based Micro Servers Market Revenue, By Geography, 2012 – 2018 ($Million)
Table 19 Atom Based Micro Servers Market Revenue, By Geography 2012 – 2018 ($Million)
Table 20 Xeon Based Micro Servers Market Revenue, By Geography, 2012 – 2018 ($Million)
Table 21 ARM Processor Based Micro Servers Market, By Application, 2012 – 2018 ($Million)
Table 22 ARM-Based Micro Servers Market Revenue, By Geography, 2012 – 2018 ($Million)
Table 23 AMD Processor-Based Micro Servers Market Revenue, By Applications, 2012 – 2018 ($Million)
Table 24 AMD-Based Micro Servers Market Revenue, By Geography, 2012 – 2018 ($Million)
Table 25 Global Micro Servers Market, By Components, 2012 – 2018 ($Million)
Table 26 Micro Server Hardware Market Revenues, By Device, 2012 – 2018 ($Million)
Table 27 Micro Server Hardware Market Revenue, By Geography, 2012 – 2018 ($Million)



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