January 29, 2015

Silicon Photonics Market Analysis by Products, Applications & Geography – Analysis & Forecast

Silicon Photonics is a relatively new technology which uses optical rays in order to transfer data between different computer chips and peripherals. This report covers particularly the markets for final products, devices and equipment that function on Silicon Photonics technology for six major application verticals namely: Telecommunications, Data communication, displays and consumer electronics, sensing, metrology, high performance computing and medicines. Details of the new report, table of contents and ordering information can be found on Electronics.ca Publications’ web site.  View the report: Silicon Photonics Market Analysis by Products, Applications  & Geography – Analysis & Forecast.

In the last decade, the average cost of traditional microelectronics based optical has almost continuously increased. This has led to the gradual rise of Silicon Photonics as a solution to counter these operating cost and performance problems. Silicon Photonics technology will significantly reduce the costs associated with the components such as optical modulators, optical waveguides, attenuators and others. Silicon Photonics components substantially improve the data transfer speed in optical communication applications. Silicon Photonics based optical components consume lower power than the modulators, switches and others used in the existing optical communication networks.

A silicon Photonics wavelength division multiplexer filters t are expected to use extensively in coming future, as these devices are one of the major components used in ever growing telecom and Datacom application sectors. These products will be followed by silicon modulators and interconnects due their potential use in long haul optical networks

The Datacom application sector is expected to grow as big as the telecom sector because silicon Photonics has potential to satisfy needs of high performance computing and higher data transfer rates required for Datacom applications. Market penetration of silicon Photonics products in telecom and Datacom application sector will be high in the coming seven years.

This report describes the market trends, drivers, and challenges of the hardware encryption market and forecasts the market till 2018, based on applications, verticals, products, and geography. It covers geographies like the North America, Europe, APAC, and ROW (Rest of the World).

The figure below shows the life-cycle analysis of the various silicon Photonics application sectors based on factors like the time-to-market and the key features of the products in the different application sectors.

Silicon Photonics Application Life-Cycle Analysis

Silicon Photonics Market Report

Silicon Photonics Market Analysis

The figure above shows in detail the short-term, medium-term and long-term applications for silicon photonics products, against the different features of the products for each applications. Datacom application revenue will dwarf all the other sectors in the coming future. The low-power consuming feature and the high data transfer rate capabilities achieved using silicon photonics are the main reason for the growth in the Datacom sector in the near future.

In applications like Telecom (Long-haul and Metro/LAN applications), Bio-medical sensors, Fiber-to-the-home (FTTH) and others, the major advantage of using silicon photonics will be the durability of the products as compared to the current conventional substitutes. Thus these applications will emerge in the medium-term (5-7 years).

In the long-term (beyond 10 years), silicon photonics is expected to become a default component of digital communication at the chip-level and board-level. These will open up doors to high volume of production and sales in the future.  To purchase this report please visit: http://www.electronics.ca/store/silicon-photonics-market-report.html

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