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Workforce Training for the Electronics Industry

Electronics.ca Publications provides essential knowledge for your workforce - quickly and efficiently. Give your employees their chance to advance... through continuing education.

Our courses provide a comprehensive education for new employees, cross-training for your existing workforce, or pre-employment training for students entering the electronics industry. You can train, test and certify your employees in the fundamentals of semiconductor fabrication, PCB and electronics assembly.


IPC Standards and Related Publications


Through Electronics.ca Publications, you can order IPC standards and value-added products, including handbooks, guidelines and training videos.


Media Training Courses for Electronics Assembly
Courses range from fundamentals to advanced topics covering electronics assembly, IPC A-610 training, ESD Control, lead free manufacturing, soldering, wire harness, rework, SMT, through hole, component identification, quality and safety.

  Media Training Courses for Circuit Board Fabrication
Courses range from fundamentals to advanced topics covering multilayer and double sided fabrication, microsection, quality and safety.