Electronics News Network Media Kit

semiconductor news mediakit

Founded in 1997, Electronics.ca Publications is a world-class research network and publishing company whose focus is technology and market research for the global electronics/semiconductor industry. Whether you have news to share, need a reliable and pertinent source for current events, or want to ensure your web site offers frequent updates by means of our  RSS feeds, Electronics.ca Publications is your definitive resource. When you submit your news, you make it accessible to the global research community and get unparalleled exposure within the electronics industry and its vertical markets.

We invite independent authors, product managers, and public information officers at universities and research organizations to submit technology research articles and press releases for publication on Electronics.ca Press Center. This service is free to selected research centers at universities, and our business publications customers.

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Submission Guidelines:

  • Articles, or press releases, should inform readers of exciting new research advances made in product and technology development in corporate labs and research centers.
  • Desired Content: Refer to the “Research Categories” of our business publications.
  • To retain the integrity of the Electronics.ca website, all news posted should be research driven.  All submissions will be reviewed prior to posting to ensure they meet our requirements.
  • News should be geared towards our audience, which includes: –  electronics industry professionals –  marketing professionals –  business consultants –  investors