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The worldwide electronics manufacturing services (EMS) market is a determining force in production of electronics products and now accounts for almost 40 percent of all assembly. While the rate of growth for outsourcing is slowing, it still represents the most desired manufacturing model for the assembly of electronics products available to OEM companies. The EMS industry expanded approximately 4.9 percent in 2013 as a result of a downturn year when normal growth could easily have been double without decline in demand for computer desktop and notebook products.

The Worldwide Electronics Manufacturing Services Market – 2014 Edition is the most comprehensive market research report on the EMS industry. This analysis focuses on the leading players, growing market segments, total available market (TAM), and emerging manufacturing opportunities and technologies by numerous product and country.

The report begins with a forecast of the worldwide electronics assembly market in terms of cost of goods sold, thus providing a baseline for the manufacturing value of electronics product assemblies. This forecast is checked against 48 individual product segments in the automotive, communications, computer/peripherals, consumer, industrial, medical, and aerospace and defense industries. NVR research group estimates that total electronics assembly value was $1.3 trillion in 2013 and will grow to approximately $1.8 trillion in 2018 – a 5.9 percent compounded annual growth rate. Fueled by the demand for EMS services, we believe that the EMS industry will grow from $440 billion in 2013 to $639 billion in 2018 approximately at a 7.7 percent CAGR.

Electronics Manufacturing Market

Electronics Manufacturing Industry

To support this conclusion, the report analyzes the EMS industry in a variety of ways. First, it reviews the worldwide market for EMS and OEM electronics assembly by individual product . Second, the report analyzes the EMS industry, including a breakdown of all of products and markets in terms of EMS revenue, OEM revenue, and regional trends by country and cost. No other report gives such detail by country wage rate and regional product assembly. This database can be purchased as an Excel file to allow for easy analysis of the hundreds of variables collected in the report.

The report also includes an EMS financial performance analysis for the best-performing companies and examines a variety of critical financial metrics . Another chapter reviews EMS mergers and acquisitions for the past few years and the impact on the growth of the industry and its competitiveness.

The report concludes with profiles of the largest EMS and ODM firms (88 companies) from all over the world. These reviews summarize the market focus of each company, its leading customers, and each company’s financial production performance statistics. The intent of these profiles is to serve as a global directory and competitive analysis tool for industry participants.

Details of the new electronics manufacturing market report, table of contents and ordering information can be found on Publications’ web site.  View the report: The Worldwide Electronics Manufacturing Services Market – 2014 Edition.

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