Identifying Emerging and Disruptive Technologies – 2015 Roadmap

The iNEMI Roadmap has become recognized as an important tool for defining the “state of the art” in the electronics industry as well as identifying emerging and disruptive technologies.  It also includes keys to developing future iNEMI projects and setting industry R&D priorities over the next 10 years.

The 2015 Roadmap was developed by five Product Emulator Groups (PEGs) and 19 Technology Working Groups (TWGs). There is one additional chapter on Test, developed in 2013, also included.  The PEGs and TWGs are defined below. The TWGs responded to the inputs and requirements outlined by representatives of OEMs in the five Product Emulator Groups (PEGs). These groups included more than 500 direct participants from over 280 private corporations, consortia, government agencies, and universities in 20 countries.

Five Product Emulators for the 2015 Roadmap

Industry Sector Product Characteristics
AutomotiveProducts that must operate in an automotive environment
Consumer/Office SystemsDriven by the need for maximum performance over a wide range of cost targets
High-End SystemsProducts that serve the high-performance computing, server, data storage, networking, datacom and telecom markets
MedicalProducts that must be highly reliable and, in some cases, support life-critical applications
Portable/WirelessProduced in high volumes, cost is the primary driver; hand-held, battery powered products are also driven by size and weight reduction


Identifying Emerging and Disruptive Technologies

Advanced Technology RoadmapThe 2015 iNWEMI Roadmap  is now on sale. As the only industry roadmap that looks at the entire supply chain, the iNEMI Roadmap delivers in-depth information about the challenges and opportunities facing the electronics manufacturing industry over the next 10 years. It also provides direction regarding the technologies required to meet the ever-evolving needs of this rapidly diversifying and growing industry.


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