Key Nano-technologies and Markets 2015-2016

Nanotechnology and nanomaterials are key enablers for a whole new generation of products and processes. New products with enhanced properties are coming onto the market from a broad range of players in consumer electronics, packaging, healthcare and coatings.

Key Nano-technologies and MarketsThe Nanotech Review 2015-2016 is a comprehensive guide to materials, markets and products in nanotech over the past 12 months, from January 2015 to January 2016. This publication details leading developments within the industry during this period.

2015 witnessed numerous major advances enabled by nanotechnology in consumer electronics, medicine and coatings technology. Quantum Dot TVs have made a huge market impact and global funding and commercialization of graphene has continued to grow.

The Nanotech Review focuses on the leading nanomaterials under development, with coverage on quantum dots, nanocoatings, graphene, nanocellulose and new 2-D nanomaterials. There are contributions from leading nanotech companies, alliowing readers a unique market insight into these exceptional materials.

This publication provides a comprehensive review the state of the nanotech sector at present, it’s development, and future prospects. Strategic analysis of the key global markets nanotech will impact is the core theme.

Our expert team and industry contributors bring you fascinating, authoritative articles, illustrated with stunning images on nanotech in markets from oil & gas to biomedicine & healthcare.

Key Nano-technologies and Markets

Key Nanomaterials Markets

  • Nanomaterials in the Li-ion battery market
  • Quantum Dot TVs
  • Graphene in flexible displays
  • Graphene in 3D printing
  • Graphene in biomedicine
  • Graphene in coatings
  • Nanomaterials in the Wound Management Market
  • Nanotech in Food Packaging
  • Nanotech in Anti-counterfeit Applications
  • Nanomaterials in Threat Detection and Prevention
  • Anti-reflective nanocoatings

Key Nanomaterials

  • Quantum Dots
  • Graphene conductive inks
  • Graphene transparent films
  • 2D Nanomaterials beyond graphene

Key Industry Developments in the last 12 months

  • Graphene industry developments
  • Nanomedicine industry developments
  • Nanomaterials regulation
  • Carbon nanotubes industry developments
  • Nanowires industry developments
  • Quantum dots industry developments
  • Nanocoatings industry developments
  • Nanoenergy industry developments
  • Nanocellulose industry developments

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