Semiconductor Timing Revenues Under Increasing Pressure In CY2013 With Big Changes For The Supplier Base In Motion Now

ELECTRONICS.CA PUBLICATIONS, the electronics industry market research and knowledge network, announces the availability of latest market report and analysis series focused on semiconductor timing covering the results of CY2013 and forecasting through 2016.

The latest series of reports include: 

  1. Xtals and Oscillators, including quartz, SiMEMS, SAW, and All-Silicon Oscillator (ASO) based solutions;
  2. Semiconductor Clock and Timing, covering devices utilizing an external resonator, die sales to frequency suppliers, plus RF Timing solutions;
  3. Combined Semiconductor Timing, which is a combination of the Xtal and Oscillator and Semiconductor Clock and Timing reports;
  4. High End Semi Timing and RF Filters, covering Crystal based filters, PLL based Filters, and a focus upon High performance Timing solutions,
  5.  Clock and Timing Opportunities in Communications Infrastructure, a unique deep dive report specific to Communications Timing dubbed;

“This year’s report series is our best effort to date,” said Mark Sherwood, CS &A’s CEO and Principal Associate. “For this year, we have streamlined the report to focus upon specific application trends driving semiconductor timing overall, added an expanded section on RF and use and allocation of the current Spectrum, a very much expanded Supplier update, and more technology and product solution focus. Our unique top down and bottoms up methodology in reporting provides the best and most accurate view of the entire semiconductor timing MarketScape.”

The full spectrum of timing segments represented approximately $7 billion in sales in CY2013. With data over the last three years, we believe this to be a true plateau in revenue. Impacted by high levels of integration of the timing functions, and new creation of Macro Timing Solutions with high integration of key timing functions into a single chip point solution in Communications type Timing solutions, and where the embedded timing is making impact, especially in consumer applications where cost and size is king; the loss of a key timing category: PC specific timing; all combined with heavy competitive pressure on device $ASPs lead to declining revenue for the year despite increase in volumes.

The report shows that new technologies have made measurable penetration into this segment in CY2013 and will continue to do so in CY2014. SiMEMS suppliers have already been making their mark in the market, with companies such as SiTime, TXC, Vectron, Micrel, IDT, and Silicon Laboratories gaining market share with their MEMS based Oscillators and some new entrants on the horizon. Compensated CMOS (compensated LC and RC) solutions now look to gain share (SOM) from companies such as IDT, Si-Ware Systems, Silicon Laboratories, and eoSemi.

The reports provide a detailed and unique look at the full spectrum of the semiconductor timing market providing TAM, detailed consumption, and forecasts for all major product categories, plus supplier market shares. Coverage includes; Standalone Quartz, XO’s, TCXO’s, VCXO’s, OCXO;s, OCSO’s, Synthesizers, Frequency Generators, ZDB’s, NZDB Fan-out buffers, Integrated Timing solutions, Waveform Integrity (Jitter Attenuators), and many specialty Semiconductor Timing solutions are included in the report and analysis. CY2013 proved the fact that the industry plateaued in 2012, and revenues have fallen to ~$6.82 Billion USD in total across all segments and product categories despite increases in overall volumes. CS &A LLC separates the total timing market into three segments; Xtals and Oscillators, Semiconductor clock and Timing, and RF components and Modules. In CY2013, Xtals and Oscillators reflected ~$3.2B, Semi Clock & Timing in at ~$1.875B, and RF at ~$1.6B USD respectively.

The reports are offered in either a single user or enterprise license, where Enterprise clients will see a second half CY2014 update in January 2015 right after the CES in Las Vegas, plus up to four (4) hours of report related open consulting. Single user clients will see only the March release. Reports also include detailed databases that contain the raw data plus our entire forecast and market share data. Optionally these databases can be purchased separately from the full reports.


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