3D Printer Market Forecast

U.S. 3D Printer Forecast, 2016–2020: New 3D Print/Additive Manufacturing Technologies Fuel Growth

IDC, Date of Publication: Jun 2, 2016, 15 Pages

This study details the results of the latest IDC forecast for 3D printers in the U.S. market. 3D printing/additive manufacturing is one of the IDC 's innovation accelerators and clearly has the potential to transform industries over the next 15–20 years by injecting efficiency, reducing cost, and accelerating cycle times within global supply chains.

We're seeing 'leaps and bounds' technology breakthroughs in the 3D printing/additive manufacturing market right now. Still, the fundamentals around driving usage, business models, go-to-market, and service capabilities are all largely unsettled. Even though segments of the 3D printing market have struggled, it is an exciting time in this industry and candidly we can't see that slowing down at all with the anticipated entry of new players and technologies this year and beyond.

U.S. 3D Printer Forecast

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IDC Market Forecast Figure

Figure: U.S. 3D Printer Revenue Snapshot

Executive Summary

Advice for Technology Suppliers

Look "Upmarket"

Closed, Open, or Ajar — Develop a Materials and Services Strategy

Embrace Partnerships and Standards

Market Forecast

Shipments by Technology

Table: U.S. 3D Printer Shipments by Technology, 2013–2020

Shipments by Price Band

Table: U.S. 3D Printer Shipments by Price Segment, 2013–2020

Revenue by Technology

Table: U.S. 3D Printer Hardware Revenue by Technology, 2013–2020 ($M)

Revenue by Price Band

Table: U.S. 3D Printer Hardware Revenue by Price Segment, 2013–2020 ($M)

Market Context

Drivers and Inhibitors


Faster Cycle Times and Shorter Supply Chains

Commoditization at the Low End

Services Expansion

Continuous Development

Significant Market Developments

Growth of Multimaterial Solutions

2D to 3D

Recognition of the Need for DFAM

Changes from Prior Forecast

Figure: U.S. 3D Printer Shipments and Revenue, 2012–2020: Comparison of September 2015 and May 2016 Forecasts

Market Definition

General 3D Industry Definitions

3D Printing Technology Definitions


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Jun 2, 2016
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