Advanced Energy Storage - Global Strategic Business Report

Advanced Energy Storage - Global Strategic Business Report

Strategic Business Report, Date of Publication: Jan 18, 2018, 326 Pages

This report analyzes the worldwide markets for Advanced Energy Storage in terms of installed capacity (in Megawatts). The report provides separate comprehensive analytics for the US, Western Europe, Asia-Pacific, and Rest of World. Annual estimates and forecasts are provided for the period 2015 through 2024. Market data and analytics are derived from primary and secondary research. Company profiles are primarily based on public domain information including company URLs.

The report profiles 99 companies including many key and niche players such as -

  • ABB Ltd. (India)
  • AES Energy Storage, LLC (USA)
  • Active Power, Inc. (USA)
  • Alevo Group S.A. (Switzerland)
  • Altair Nanotechnologies, Inc. (Canada)
  • Amber Kinetics, Inc. (USA)
  • Areva (France)
  • Ashlawn Energy, LLC (USA)
  • Axion Power International, Inc. (USA)
  • BYD Co. Ltd. (China)
  • Beacon Power, LLC (USA)
  • Calnetix Technologies, LLC (USA)
  • Dresser-Rand Group, Inc. (USA)
  • ECOULT (Australia)
  • Electrochaea GmbH (Germany)
  • EnSync Energy Systems, Inc. (USA)
  • Encell Technology, Inc. (USA)
  • Exide Technologies (USA)
  • General Electric Company (USA)
  • Gridflex Energy, LLC (USA)
  • Highview Enterprises Ltd. (UK)
  • Hitachi, Ltd. (Japan)
  • Hyper Tech Research, Inc. (USA)
  • IMS group AS (Norway)
  • ITM Power Plc (UK)
  • Kokam co., Ltd (Korea)
  • LG Chem (Korea)
  • Leclanché SA (Switzerland)
  • LightSail Energy (USA)
  • Maxwell Technologies, Inc. (USA)
  • McPhy Energy S.A. (France)
  • NEC Energy Solutions (Japan)
  • NGK Insulators, Ltd. (Japan)
  • Proton OnSite (USA)
  • Redflow Limited (Australia)
  • Saft Groupe S.A. (France)
  • Samsung SDI Co., Ltd. (South Korea)
  • Siemens AG (Germany)
  • Temporal Power (Canada)
  • Tesla, Inc. (USA)
  • Tianjin Lishen Battery Co., Ltd. (China)
  • Toshiba International Corporation (USA)
  • ViZn Energy Systems, Inc. (USA)

Advanced Energy Storage - Global Strategic Business Report


      Study Reliability and Reporting Limitations                       I-1
      Disclaimers                                                       I-2
      Data Interpretation & Reporting Level                             I-2
       Quantitative Techniques & Analytics                              I-3
      Product Definitions and Scope of Study                            I-3


  1. INDUSTRY OVERVIEW                                                  II-1
      Rising Share of Intermittent Sources of Energy in Utility
       Energy Generation Portfolio: The Cornerstone for the Growth
        of Utility Grade Advanced Energy Storage Technologies           II-1
       Table 1: Growing Share of Renewables Against the Backdrop of
       the Focus on Decarbonization of Human Civilization to Open
       New Opportunities for Grid Level Advanced Energy Storage:
       World Energy Production (In Billion Kilowatt Hours) by Energy
       Source for the Years 2017, 2020, 2030 and 2040 (includes
       corresponding Graph/Chart)                                       II-3
      Review of Renewable Energy Projects Undertaken Worldwide and
       Regulations Supporting Renewable Electricity-to-Grid
        Integration                                                     II-3
      Declining Cost of Wind and Solar Power Make Renewables an
       Important Part of Utility Energy Portfolio                       II-6
       Table 2: Falling Cost of Energy Storage Technologies to Boost
       Market Prospects Over the Long-Term Period: Global Levelized
       Cost of Energy Storage Technologies in Utilities (In US$ Per
       MWh) by Type for the Years 2015 and 2030 (includes
       corresponding Graph/Chart)                                       II-7

       Table 3: Highlighting Rapidly Falling Costs, the Inverse
       Relationship Between Renewable Energy Investments and Total
       Capacity Deployed is Poised to Boost Renewable
       Electricity-to-Grid Integration: Global Breakdown of
       Renewable Investments (In US$ Billion) and Deployed Capacity
       (In GW) for Solar, Wind, Hydropower, and Biomass for the
       Years 2015 & 2017 (includes corresponding Graph/Chart)           II-8
      Escalating Climate Change Adds Urgency to the Renewable Energy
       Revolution Underway in the Global Economy                        II-8
       How the Renewable Energy Boom Benefits Advanced Energy
        Storage Technologies                                            II-9
        Table 4: Rising Global Temperatures Accelerate the Focus on
        Renewables as the Silver Lining in Energy Sustainability:
        Global Increase in Surface Temperatures (In Centigrade) for
        the Years 1952, 1981, 1998 and 2017 (includes corresponding
        Graph/Chart)                                                    II-10
       Despite Declines in Renewable Investments, Outlook for
        Advanced Energy Storage Remains Bright                          II-10
        Table 5: Amid the Paradoxically Inverse Relationship Between
        Annual Investments & New Capacity Build-Out in Renewables,
        Outlook for Advanced Energy Storage Technologies Remain
        Unchanged Despite the Decline in Renewable Energy
        Investments: Global New Investments in Renewable Energy (In
        US$ Million) for the Years 2011, 2015 and 2017 (includes
        corresponding Graph/Chart)                                      II-11
      Prolonged Softness in Oil Prices: What It Means for
        Renewable-to-Grid Integration                                   II-11
       Table 6: Against the Backdrop of Reducing Share of Oil as a
       Source for Electricity Generation, the Prolonged Softness in
       Oil Prices is Not Expected to Have a Sizable Impact On
       Renewable-to-Grid Integration: Global Crude Oil Prices (In
       US$ Per Barrel) for the Years 2012 Through 2040P (includes
       corresponding Graph/Chart)                                       II-12

       Table 7: Global % Share of Electricity Produced from Oil
       Sources for the Years 1973, 1985, 2000, 2010, 2017 (includes
       corresponding Graph/Chart)                                       II-13
      Although Lower Than Pre-Recession Levels, World Demand for
       Energy Will Remain a Key Driver of Growth                        II-13
       Table 8: Global Growth in Energy Demand Although Decelerating
       Will Provide a Fertile Platform for the Growth & Evolution of
       Advanced Energy Storage Solutions: Global Energy Demand &
       Growth (In Million Tonnes of Oil Equivalent (Mtoe)) for the
       Years 1990, 2000, 2010, 2020, 2030 and 2040 (includes
       corresponding Graph/Chart)                                       II-14
      Major Market Trends and Drivers                                   II-14
       Rising Investments in Energy Storage Projects Bodes Well for
        the Growth of Advanced Energy Storage Technologies              II-14
        Table 9: Global Number of Grid Connected Energy Storage
        Projects by Country for the Year 2017 (includes
        corresponding Graph/Chart)                                      II-15
       Aging Energy Infrastructure Drives Opportunities for Energy
        Storage as a Method of Modernizing Energy Grids                 II-15
        Table 10: Given the Damaging Impact of Power Loss to the
        Economy and Future GDP Growth, Growing Investments in
        Electricity Infrastructure Upgrades Bodes Well for Market
        Growth: Global Investments in Electricity Networks and
        Storage (In US$ Billion) for the Years 2000, 2008, 2012,
        2016, and 2018 (includes corresponding Graph/Chart)             II-16

        Table 11: Aging Infrastructure Urges the Importance of
        Upgrades: Breakdown of Average Age of Utilities by Type,
        their Current Value and Cost of Replacement (In US$ Billion)
        for the Year 2017, Taking the U.S as a Case in Point
        (includes corresponding Graph/Chart)                            II-17

        Table 12: With the Largest Negative Gap in Infrastructure
        Funding & the Resulting Risk of Ignoring Aging
        Infrastructure Weighing Down More Heavily than the Financial
        Burden of Modernization, the U.S Emerges as One of the
        Markets With the Strongest Potential for Advanced Energy
        Storage Technologies: Breakdown of Actual & Needed
        Infrastructure Spending (as a % of GDP) in Select Countries
        for the Year 2017 (includes corresponding Graph/Chart)          II-18
       Are Batteries Ready for Mass Commercialization in Grid-Level
        Energy Storage?                                                 II-18
        Table 13: Electro-Chemical Batteries Poised to Become the
        Grid Scale Energy Storage Technology of Choice for “Minutes
        to Seconds” and “Daily Storage” Applications in Utilities:
        Global Percentage Breakdown of Installed Capacity by Grid
        Connected Energy Storage by Technology for the Years 2014,
        2017 and 2020 (includes corresponding Graph/Chart)              II-19
       “Value Stacking”: A Vital Product Development & Design
        Strategy to Counter the High CAPEX of Battery Energy Storage
         Technologies                                                   II-20
       Lithium Ion (Li-ion) Batteries: The Leader in Utility-Scale
        Applications                                                    II-20
        Price of Li-ion Batteries Fall, But Not at the Rate Required
         for Mass Adoption                                              II-21
         Table 14: Falling Cost of Li-ion to Benefit Adoption in
         Stationary Energy Storage Applications: Global Cost of
         Battery Technologies in Utility Applications (In US$ Per
         KWh) by Type for the Years 2014, 2017, and 2022 (includes
         corresponding Graph/Chart)                                     II-21

         Table 15: Favorable Decline in Prices of Myriad Lithium-ion
         Chemistries for Utility-Scale Applications to Bring Out
         Lithium-ion as the Winning Technology in the Battery Based
         Energy Storage Space: Global Prices of lithium-ion
         chemistries for utility-scale applications (in US$ per KWh)
         for the Years 2014, 2017 and 2020 (includes corresponding
         Graph/Chart)                                                   II-22
       Robust Surge in Solar and Wind Farms Throws the Focus
        Squarely on Grid Stability                                      II-22
        Table 16: Robust Gains in Solar & Wind Power Installed
        Capacity to Accelerate the Urgency in Ensuring Grid
        Stability Via Energy Storage Technologies: Global Wind and
        Solar Installed Capacity (In GW) for the Years 2011, 2017,
        2020 and 2022 (includes corresponding Graph/Chart)              II-24
       Energy Storage Assets Remain Vital Towards Enhancing the
        Operation of Smart Grids                                        II-24
        Table 17: Proliferation of Smart Grids to Help Enhance the
        Value of Advanced Energy Storage Systems as Important
        Utility Assets that Help Support Network Stability: Global
        Investments in Smart Grids (In US$ Billion) for the Years
        2013, 2017, and 2020 (includes corresponding Graph/Chart)       II-25
       Flywheel Systems Emerge as a Reasonable Alternative to
        Batteries Uniquely Suited to Utility-Scale Applications         II-25
       Large Capacity Sodium Sulfur Battery Grow in Prominence as a
        Promising Clean Energy Technology                               II-27
       CAES Systems to Offer Utility Grids Cost-Effective Bulk Storage  II-28
       LAES Promises Environmentally Neutral Grid Scale Energy
        Storage without Geographical Constraints                        II-30
       SMES: A Promising Advanced Energy Storage Technology             II-31
        Table 18: Sizing of the Latent Market Potential for SMES:
        Global Sales of SMES Systems (In US$ 000) for the Years
        2017, 2020 and 2024 by Geographic Region (includes
        corresponding Graph/Chart)                                      II-33
       Hydrogen Storage Offers Seamless Integration of Wind and
        Solar Energy into the Grid                                      II-34
       Continuous Innovations Push a Bevy of Exciting Storage
        Technologies Closer to Commercialization                        II-35
      Market Outlook                                                    II-36

  2. PRODUCT OVERVIEW                                                   II-37
      Advanced Energy Storage: Definition                               II-37
      Types of Renewable Energy Storage Technologies                    II-37
       Overview of Currently Available Energy Storage Technologies      II-37
        Table 19: Energy Storage Technologies: Key Features
        Comparison for PHS, CAES, Flywheel, NaS Battery, Li-ion
        Battery, Flow Battery, Supercapacitor, SMES, Molten Salt,
        Hydrogen, and SNG Technology                                    II-38
       Various Energy Storage Technologies: Key Advantages &
        Disadvantages                                                   II-39
       Short-Term Renewable Energy Storage Technologies                 II-39
        Supercapacitor Energy Storage                                   II-39
        Flywheel Energy Storage                                         II-40
        Superconducting Magnetic Energy Storage                         II-40
       Long-Term Renewable Energy Storage Technologies                  II-40
        Pumped Hydroelectric Energy Storage                             II-40
        Compressed Air Energy Storage                                   II-40
        Battery Energy Storage                                          II-41
         Characteristics of Select Battery Technology Types             II-41
        Hydrogen Energy Storage                                         II-41
         SWOT Analysis of Different Long-Term Renewable Energy
          Storage Technologies                                          II-42
      Government Intervention Critical to Widespread Adoption           II-42
       Domestic Targets for Greenhouse Gas Emissions of Select
        Regions/Countries                                               II-43
      Significance of Renewable Energy Storage                          II-43
       Minimizing Energy Costs                                          II-43
       Ensuring Reliable Supply of Energy                               II-44
       Increasing Energy Autonomy                                       II-44
      Renewable Energy: A Primer                                        II-44
       An Introduction                                                  II-44
       Renewable Energy: A Definition                                   II-44
       Benefits of Renewable Energy                                     II-45
        Environmental Benefits                                          II-45
        Economic Benefits                                               II-45
        Energy Security                                                 II-45
       Sources of Renewable Energy                                      II-45
        Solar Energy                                                    II-45
         Power Tower Systems                                            II-46
         Parabolic-Trough Systems                                       II-46
         Dish/Engine Systems                                            II-46
        Wind Energy                                                     II-46
        Geothermal Energy                                               II-46
         Binary Cycle Power Plants                                      II-46
         Flash Steam Power Plants                                       II-47
         Dry Steam Power Plants                                         II-47
        Hydroelectric Power                                             II-47
        Bioenergy                                                       II-47
        Hydrogen and Fuel Cells                                         II-47
        Ocean Energy                                                    II-48
         Ocean Mechanical Energy                                        II-48
         Ocean Thermal Energy                                           II-48
       Disadvantages of Renewable Energy                                II-48
        Disadvantages of Solar Energy                                   II-48
        Disadvantages of Wind Energy                                    II-49
        Disadvantages of Geothermal Energy                              II-49
        Disadvantages of Hydroelectric Energy                           II-49
        Disadvantages of Ocean Energy                                   II-49
         Energy Storage Technology Advancements                         II-49
       Rice University Announces Molybdenum Disulfide Breakthrough      II-50
       Researchers at MIT Upgrade Proposed Liquid Battery System        II-51
       Alevo Develops Innovative, High-Efficiency Energy Storage System II-51
       Nanotechnology: The Future of Energy Storage?                    II-52
        Nanotubular Bulk Material with Ultra-Low Density for Energy
         Storage Applications                                           II-52
       Compressed Air Energy Storage Systems that Eliminate/Reduce
        Use of Fossil Fuels                                             II-53
       Affordable Batteries with High Durability and Advanced
        Chemical Compositions                                           II-53
       Hydrogen Electrolysis: A Potential Laden Energy Storage Solution II-54
      Aquion Energy Develops New Battery for Microgrids                 II-54

  3. PRODUCT LAUNCHES/INTRODUCTIONS                                     II-55
      Samsung SDI Launches High-Performance Batteries                   II-55
      Wärtsilä Launches Advanced Energy Storage Solutions in India      II-55
      BYD Launches MINI-ES, B-Box and Containerized ES                  II-55
      Flex Launches Renewable Advanced BESS                             II-55
      Adara Launches Adara Pulse for Residential Sector                 II-55
      Samsung SDI Releases High-capacity and High-power ESS
       Batteries Range                                                  II-55
      NEC Unveils DSS™ Distributed ES Platform                          II-55
      AEG Develops Hybrid Energy Storage System                         II-56
      Caterpillar Launches Cat® Microgrid Technology                    II-56
      JLM Launches Energizr 200, Grid Synergistic Residential ESS       II-56
      UET Announces Commercial Availability of ReFlex™ ESS              II-56

  4. RECENT INDUSTRY ACTIVITY                                           II-57
      Schneider Electric Signs MoU with NGK INSULATORS                  II-57
      Toshiba Collaborates with NRG Energy                              II-57
      Greensmith Inks Partnership Deal with AEP to Install 4MW ESS      II-57
      Cummins to Acquire Assets of Brammo                               II-57
      NEC Announces Dale as Its First Qualified DSS Partner in the UK   II-57
      BYD Receives Contract to Supply 170-MW Solar Modules              II-57
      NEC Receives Contract for Supply of GSS® to EKZ                   II-57
      Southern Company Initiates Battery Storage Research Project       II-58
      AES Forms a Joint Venture with Siemens AG                         II-58
      CCL Acquires Firefly Solar Generators                             II-58
      CalCom Sets Up New Energy Storage Business Unit                   II-58
      NEC Chile & NEC Energy Bags Contract for Supply of 2 MW ESS       II-58
      Maxwell Acquires Assets of Nesscap Energy                         II-58
      NEC and Enspire to Build Large-Scale ESS in Germany               II-58
      NEC and VLC Sign Contract to Build and Operate ES Projects        II-59
      Ecoult Forms Partnership with Exide                               II-59
      Ecoult Receives Funds from ARENA for Renewable ES Development     II-59
      Piller USA Changes its Name to Piller Power Systems Inc.          II-59
      Piller Power Acquires Active Power                                II-59
      Temporal Power Collaborates with Danfoss                          II-59
      NEC Bags a Contract to Supply “Plug-AndPlay” Battery Grid ESS     II-59
      Saft Obtains Approval for Seanergy® Marine ESS                    II-59
      NEC to Supply 2 MW, 3.9MWh GSS® Grid ESS to SMLD                  II-60
      Powin Corp. Merges with Powin Energy                              II-60
      BYD Collaborates with GoodWe Power                                II-60
      Maxwell Collaborates with CRRC-SRI for Developing Advanced ESS    II-60
      NEC Energy to Supply 1.2MWh GBS® Battery ESS to Smart Power       II-60
      Hydrogenics and Phraram Receive Hybrid Project from EGAT          II-60
      Total to Acquire Saft Group                                       II-60
      Convergent and Temporal Ink Agreement to install 5 MW Flywheel
       ESS                                                              II-61
      Panasonic and AES to Construct 10MW ES Array in India             II-61
      NEC Installs GSS® Large-Scale ESS in Japan                        II-61
      Sonnedix Solar Commissions First Grid-Scale ESS Project           II-61
      Corvus Energy Inks Multi-Year Agreement with LG Chem              II-61
      Saft Forms New Subsidiary, Saft Japan Kabushiki Kaisha            II-61
      BHTEPCT Selects Maxwell’s Ultracapacitors for Wind Farm ES
       Project                                                          II-61

      ABB Ltd. (India)                                                  II-62
      Active Power, Inc. (USA)                                          II-62
      AES Energy Storage, LLC (USA)                                     II-62
      Alevo Group S.A. (Switzerland)                                    II-63
      Altair Nanotechnologies, Inc. (Canada)                            II-63
      Amber Kinetics, Inc. (USA)                                        II-63
      Areva (France)                                                    II-64
      Ashlawn Energy, LLC (USA)                                         II-64
      Axion Power International, Inc. (USA)                             II-64
      Beacon Power, LLC (USA)                                           II-64
      BYD Co. Ltd. (China)                                              II-65
      Calnetix Technologies, LLC (USA)                                  II-65
      ECOULT (Australia)                                                II-65
      Electrochaea GmbH (Germany)                                       II-66
      Encell Technology, Inc. (USA)                                     II-66
      EnSync Energy Systems, Inc. (USA)                                 II-66
      Exide Technologies (USA)                                          II-67
      General Electric Company (USA)                                    II-67
      Gridflex Energy, LLC (USA)                                        II-68
      Highview Enterprises Ltd. (UK)                                    II-68
      Hitachi, Ltd. (Japan)                                             II-68
      Hyper Tech Research, Inc. (USA)                                   II-69
      IMS group AS (Norway)                                             II-69
      ITM Power Plc (UK)                                                II-69
      Kokam co., Ltd (Korea)                                            II-69
      Leclanché SA (Switzerland)                                        II-70
      LG Chem (Korea)                                                   II-70
      LightSail Energy (USA)                                            II-70
      Maxwell Technologies, Inc. (USA)                                  II-70
      McPhy Energy S.A. (France)                                        II-71
      NEC Energy Solutions (Japan)                                      II-71
      NGK Insulators, Ltd. (Japan)                                      II-71
      Proton OnSite (USA)                                               II-72
      Redflow Limited (Australia)                                       II-72
      Saft Groupe S.A. (France)                                         II-72
      Samsung SDI Co., Ltd. (South Korea)                               II-72
      Siemens AG (Germany)                                              II-73
      Dresser-Rand Group, Inc. (USA)                                    II-73
      Temporal Power (Canada)                                           II-74
      Tesla, Inc. (USA)                                                 II-74
      Tianjin Lishen Battery Co., Ltd. (China)                          II-74
      Toshiba International Corporation (USA)                           II-74
      ViZn Energy Systems, Inc. (USA)                                   II-75

  6. GLOBAL MARKET PERSPECTIVE                                          II-76
      Table 20: World Recent Past, Current and Future Analysis for
      Advanced Energy Storage by Geographic Region - US, Western
      Europe, Asia-Pacific, and Rest of World Markets Independently
      Analyzed with Installed Capacity in MW for Years 2015 through
      2024 (includes corresponding Graph/Chart)                         II-76

      Table 21: World 10-Year Perspective for Advanced Energy
      Storage by Geographic Region - Percentage Breakdown of
      Installed Capacity for US, Western Europe, Asia-Pacific, and
      Rest of World Markets for Years 2015, 2017 and 2024 (includes
      corresponding Graph/Chart)                                        II-77

      Table 22: World Recent Past, Current and Future Analysis for
      Advanced Energy Storage (AES) Systems Market Analyzed with
      Revenues in US$ Million for Years 2015 through 2024 (includes
      corresponding Graph/Chart)                                        II-78


  1. THE UNITED STATES                                                  III-1
      A.Market Analysis                                                 III-1
        Outlook                                                         III-1
        Long-term Outlook for Solar Energy to Drive Demand              III-1
        Favorable US Policies to Improve Solar Power Generation
         Capabilities                                                   III-1
        Manufacturers Gear Up to Promote Utility Scale Energy Storage   III-1
        Rising Number of Energy Storage Projects offer Significant
         Growth Opportunities                                           III-2
        NYC Utility’s Ambitious Plans for Energy Efficiency to Drive
         ESS Growth                                                     III-2
         Table 23: Incentives under ConEd’s Demand Management
         Program by Storage Technology                                  III-3
        Small-Scale Renewable Energy Projects: A Threat to Grid-
         Scale Energy Storage?                                          III-3
        Product Launches                                                III-3
        Strategic Corporate Developments                                III-4
        Key Players                                                     III-6
      B.Market Analytics                                                III-13
        Table 24: US Recent Past, Current and Future Analysis for
        Advanced Energy Storage by Installed Capacity in MW for
        Years 2015 through 2024 (includes corresponding Graph/Chart)    III-13

  2. WESTERN EUROPE                                                     III-14
      A.Market Analysis                                                 III-14
        Outlook                                                         III-14
        Advanced Energy Storage Gains Momentum in Western Europe        III-14
        Utility Scale Wind and Solar Power Storage Gain Momentum        III-14
        Rising Wind-Hydrogen Energy Storage Projects in Germany         III-15
        Boom in German Solar Market Offers Prospects for Energy Storage III-15
        Product Launch                                                  III-16
        Strategic Corporate Developments                                III-16
        Key Players                                                     III-17
      B.Market Analytics                                                III-21
        Table 25: Western Europe Recent Past, Current and Future
        Analysis for Advanced Energy Storage by Installed Capacity
        in MW for Years 2015 through 2024 (includes corresponding
        Graph/Chart)                                                    III-21

  3. ASIA-PACIFIC                                                       III-22
      A.Market Analysis                                                 III-22
        Outlook                                                         III-22
        Asia: A Potential Laden Market                                  III-22
        Asian Market Dynamics Promote Innovations                       III-22
        Flourishing Solar Power Market Offers Growth Opportunities      III-23
        Review of Select Markets in the Region                          III-23
         China                                                          III-23
          Booming Solar Industry to Drive ESS Market                    III-24
          China to Experience Notable Adoption of Energy Storage
           Systems                                                      III-24
         India                                                          III-24
          Increasing Adoption of Renewable Energy Augurs Well for
           the Market                                                   III-24
           Table 26: Indian Market for Advanced Energy Storage
           Systems (2020F): Percentage Share Breakdown of Energy
           Stored by End-use Applications (includes corresponding
           Graph/Chart)                                                 III-25
        Product Launches                                                III-26
        Strategic Corporate Developments                                III-26
        Select Regional Players                                         III-27
      B.Market Analytics                                                III-30
        Table 27: Asia-Pacific Recent Past, Current and Future
        Analysis for Advanced Energy Storage by Installed Capacity
        in MW for years 2015 through 2024 (includes corresponding
        Graph/Chart)                                                    III-30

  4. REST OF WORLD                                                      III-31
      A.Market Analysis                                                 III-31
        Outlook                                                         III-31
        A Review of Select Nations                                      III-31
         Japan’s Focus on Renewable Energy Bodes Well for the Market    III-31
         Puerto Rico Introduces Mandatory Energy Storage Requirements   III-31
        Product Launch                                                  III-31
        Strategic Corporate Developments                                III-32
        Select Players                                                  III-33
      B.Market Analytics                                                III-34
        Table 28: Rest of World Recent Past, Current and Future
        Analysis for Advanced Energy Storage by Installed Capacity
        in MW for Years 2015 through 2024 (includes corresponding
        Graph/Chart)                                                    III-34


     Total Companies Profiled: 99 (including Divisions/Subsidiaries - 106)

     The United States (59)
     Canada (6)
     Japan (5)
     Europe (26)
     - France (5)
     - Germany (6)
     - The United Kingdom (6)
     - Italy (1)
     - Rest of Europe (8)
     Asia-Pacific (Excluding Japan) (9)
     Latin America (1)
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