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Our market intelligence services and research reports bring Asia-Pacific business intelligence and independent analysis on emerging technologies. This category specially focuses on a wide range of markets in Asia. 

Date of Publication: Dec 11, 2014
Global and China Mobile Phone Display Industry Report, 2014-2015 focuses on the following: Overview of TFT-LCD TFT-LCD industry chain LCD...

Date of Publication: Nov 24, 2014
Global and China TFT-LCD Industry Report, 2014-2015 contains the following aspects: Introduction to TFT-LCD Research on TFT-LCD upstream...

Date of Publication: Dec 4, 2014
Low-emissivity glass (low-E glass) is a type of energy-saving glass with low rate of thermal radiation, high heat-resistance performance, good light- and...

Date of Publication: Dec 4, 2014
Optical inspection is a method of inspection on defects in targets under test by comparing images of targets under test obtained through optical imaging (after processed and analyzed with specific processing algorithm) with images of standard templates. Broadly speaking, automated optical inspection (AOI), automated X-ray inspection (AXI) and automated visual inspection (AVI) all fall into the category of AOI. The main optical inspection products available in the market now are AOI ones, and few are AXI ones. Fewer companies engage in the manufacturing of AVI products.

Date of Publication: Dec 4, 2014
This research report presents market size and value forecast and recent quarter review of the Taiwanese smartphone baseband, transceiver, power amplifier, application processor, GPS IC, Bluetooth IC, and Wi-Fi IC markets. The report includes baseband, transceiver, power amplifier, application processor, GPS IC, Bluetooth IC, and Wi-Fi IC market volume, value, ASP, and market share by solution provider. The content of this report is based on primary data obtained through interviews with smartphone component makers

Date of Publication: Sep 2, 2014
Asia Pacific Semiconductor Industry Leading Indicator and Forecasts are produced in real time to provide a consistent with the Asia Pacific economic...

Date of Publication: Nov 7, 2014
Development of Chinese and Taiwanese Semiconductor Industry’s Major Sectors, 2014 and Beyond Taiwan's semiconductor industry still remains ahead...