Semiconductor Chemicals and Materials Supplier Market Strategies

Markets and Strategies for Chemical and Material Suppliers in Niche Markets

Information Network, Date of Publication: Jun 29, 2020, 222 Pages

In this report we identify and forecast areas of related technologies where a small or mid-sized chemical and material companies can compete: Solar, MEMS, LEDs, HDD, and WLP.  

As a result, the small business even with their limited resources can better serve these market segments by offering customized offerings, because the products of the big business will often be too generic to suit the needs of a niche market audience.

Markets and Strategies for Chemical and Material Suppliers in Niche Markets

Chapter 1   Introduction                                      

Chapter 2 Solar                                  

2.1 Introduction                                              
2.2 Crystalline and Polycrystalline Cell Manufacturing         
     2.2.1 Silicon Growing and Wafering                        
     2.2.2 Etching and Texturing                               
     2.2.3 Anti-Reflection Coatings                           
2.3 Thin Film Cell Manufacturing                               
     2.3.1 Amorphous Silicon Deposition                        
     2.3.2 Microcrystalline Silicon Deposition                 
     2.3.3 CdTe ­ Cadmium Telluride Deposition                 
     2.3.4 CIGS - Copper Indium Gallium Selenide Deposition    
     2.3.5 GaAs ­ Gallium Arsenide                            
2.4 Markets for Materials Suppliers                            
     2.4.1 Crystalline and Polycrystalline Cell Forecast       
     2.4.2 Thin Film Cell Forecast                             
     2.4.3 Chemicals and Materials Forecast                   
2.5 Nanomaterials As Solar Conversion                          
     2.5.1 Inorganic Nanocrystals                              
     2.5.2 CdSe And CdTe Nanorods                              
     2.5.3 Quantum Dots                                        
     2.5.4 Nanocomposite ­ Quantum Dot Combination             
     2.5.5 Quantum Wells                                       
     2.5.6 Organic Polymers ­ Fullerenes                       
     2.5.7 Ionic Organic Polymers                              
     2.5.8 CIGS                                                
     2.5.9 Dye-Sensitized Solar Cells                          
     2.5.10 Analysis Of Nanomaterial Markets For Solar Cells  

Chapter 3 MEMs                                               

3.1 The MEMS Market Infrastructure                            
3.2 Forecast Of The Key Applications And Markets               
     3.2.1 MEMS Device Market Forecast                                                       
     3.2.2 MEMS System Market Forecast                      
     3.3.3 Markets for Materials Suppliers                 

Chapter 4 HB-LEDs                                       

4.1 Recent Progress in High Brightness LED Technology and
4.2 Materials of Construction                               
     4.2.1 Phosphor                                         
     4.2.2 Substrate                                       
4.3 OLED Manufacturing                                     
4.4 Outlook for the Worldwide OLED Market                  
4.5 Outlook for the Worldwide HB-LED Market                

Chapter 5 Thin Film Read/Write Heads for HDD                

5.1 Trends in HDDs                                         
5.2 Recording Head Market Forecast                         
5.3 Head Processing                                        
5.4 Head Fabrication                                       
5.5 Deposition Challenges                                  
5.6 CMP Challenges                                         
5.7 CMP Slurry Market                                       
     5.7.1 Ceria Slurry For Glass Disk Market               
     5.7.2 Oxide Slurry For Metal Disk Market               
     5.7.3 Oxide Slurry For Thin Film Head Market          

Chapter 6 Wafer Level Processing (WLP)                

6.1 Introduction                                           
6.2 Flip Chip/WLP Processing Issues and Trends              
     6.2.1 Wafer Bumping                                    
     6.2.2 Wafer Level Packaging                            
     6.2.3 Pad Redistribution                               
     6.2.4 Wafer Bumping Costs                             
6.3 Metallization Issues and Trends                         
     6.3.1 Gold Bumping Metallization                       
     6.3.2 Solder Bumping Metallization                    
6.4 UBM Etch Issues And Trends                                                                 
     6.4.1 Etch Process                                          
     6.4.2 Etch Chemistry                                       
6.5    Analysis of WLP Market                                      


2.1    Diagram Of Solar Cell                                      
2.2    Cross Section Of A Solar Cell Under Illumination           
2.3    Polysilicon Manufacturing And Supply Chain                 
2.4    Cross-Sectional Schematic Diagram Of The InGaP/InGaAs/GeATJ Cell                                                   
2.5    Percentage Gas Costs For Amorphous Silicon Solar Cell      
3.1    MEMs Chemicals Forecast                                    
3.2    MEMs Photomasks Forecast                                   
3.3    MEMs Substrate Forecast                                    
3.4    Forecast of MEMs Wafer Size                                
4.1    Operation of LED                                           
4.2    Market drivers for LED Biz and Applications                
4.3    SSL vs. Classical Technologies                             
4.4    LED Performance vs. Traditional Light Sources              
4.5    Regular LED (white) Front-End Steps                        
4.6    Packaged LED Cost Basis ­ 2009                             
4.7    Packaged LED Cost Basis ­ 2013                             
4.8    Regular LED (White) Production Costs For 100k Wafers/Year  
4.9    HB LED (White) Production Costs For 100k Wafers/Year       
4.10  LED Cost Model: Impact Of Substrate Choice                 
4.11  Main Manufacturing Steps For GaN-Based LED                 
4.12  Schematic Of AMOLED                                        
4.13  Active Matrix OLED Capacity And Demand Forecast            
5.1    Hard Disk Drive Roadmap                                    
5.2    Decrease In Average Price Of Storage                       
5.3    Heads Per Drive                                            
5.4    Market Forecast Of Recording Head Consumption              
5.5    Heads Per Drive Forecast                                   
5.6    Thin Film Head Structure                                   
5.7    Critical Features In Thin Film Head Structure                                                 
5.8    Spin Valve Head Structure                                   
5.9    Cross-Sectional View TFH Stacks                             
5.10  Cross-Sectional View Of A TFH Design                        
5.11  CMP Slurry System For TFH Wafer Polishing                   
5.12  Total Slurry Consumption For HDD Forecast                   
6.1    Solder Bumping Process                                      
6.2    Pillar-WLP CSP Process                                      
6.3    Pad Redistribution Process                                   


2.1    Historic Solar Cell Consumption By Region                   
2.2    Solar Cell Forecast                                         
2.3    Market Share Of Solar Cells By Technology                   
2.4    Cost Comparison Of Thin Film Technologies                   
2.5    Polysilicon Production Capacities By Company                
2.6    Affect Of Substrate Material On CIGS Solar Efficiency       
2.7    Forecast Of Transparent Electrodes For Photovoltaics        
2.8    Solar Materials Forecast ­ Crystalline Silicon Cells        
3.1    MEMS Device Market Forecast                                 
3.2    MEMS System Markets Forecast                                
4.1    Color, Wavelength Material Of LED                           
4.2    Comparison of LED, HB-LED, UHB-LED Characteristics          
4.3    Production Method for Various LEDs                          
4.4    Comparison Of $/Klm For LED Made On Various 2" Substrates   
4.5    Forecast Of Sapphire Substrate Size Distribution By Area    
4.6    Sapphire Substrate Market Forecast                          
4.7    Projected Costs Of OLED Lighting Panels (Sheet Processed) Stage                                                       
4.8    Projected Costs Of OLED Lighting Panels (Web Processed) Stage                                                       
4.9    Global LED Market Forecast                                  
5.1    Slurry And Abrasive Suppliers And Products                  
5.2    Worldwide Ceria Slurry For Glass Media Market Forecast      
5.3    Worldwide Oxide Slurry For Metal Market Forecast            
5.4    Worldwide Oxide Slurry For Thin Film Heads Market Forecast                                   
6.1   Common UBM Stacks For Solder And Gold Bumping  
6.2   Solder Bumping Guidelines                      
6.3   ITRS Pin Counts For Different Applications     
6.4   Pillar-WLP CSP Guidelines                      
6.5   Pad Redistribution Guidelines                  
6.6   Common UBM Stacks For Gold And Solder Bumping  
6.7   UBM Film Etchants                              
6.8   WLP Demand By Device (Units)                   
6.9   WLP Demand By Device (Wafers)                  

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