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Date of Publication: Dec 4, 2013
Sensors Market in Consumer Electronics by Product (Touch, Image, Motion, Temperature, Position, Pressure), Application (Entertainment, I.T., Communication...

Date of Publication: Oct 22, 2013
The consumer market has leaned toward smart devices, with a wide range of services and applications being developed, including those for wearable smart...

Date of Publication: Aug 1, 2013
Amid high degree of homogeneity of products, mobile phone vendors have started to be concerned about the differentiation of mobile phone casings. In 2012,...

Date of Publication: Jun 1, 2012
This report analyzes the worldwide markets for Household Cooking Appliances in Million Units. The report provides separate comprehensive analytics for the...

Date of Publication: Nov 14, 2012
he Worldwide Power Packs for Portable Electronic Devices market is projected to see substantial growth over the next five years. The addition of new power architectures, smaller form factors, more efficient designs and improved power management technology, combined with growing demand in a variety of applications ranging from power tools to small electronic devices is expected to create new opportunities. Made up of the communications, computer, consumer, portable medical and portable military segments, the battery packs industry will experience a number of significant opportunities over the forecast period, as manufacturers scramble to produce products designed for the latest demanding applications.