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Counsumer Electronics Reports by Country

Date of Publication: Apr 24, 2018
We continue to maintain a positive outlook for the US/Consumer Electronics/Q2 2018 market. We expect the market to reach avalue of USD206.8bn in 2018, reaching USD211.8bn in 2022.

Date of Publication: Jul 19, 2016
The report covered detailed analysis of consumer electronics market by product category that includes TV, audio video devices, telecom equipment, computer, and other home appliances, which further bifurcated into its type along with the future projections till 2022. Evidently, it has been observed that OLED TVs, Smartphones and Tablets are among the few products that are witnessing high growth, and hold immense potential in the future. Eventually, the report also discusses consumer electronics scenario in 10 countries, including US, UK, Germany, China, Brazil, etc., along with the major consumer electronics players operating in this country.

Date of Publication: Feb 9, 2015
Independent 5-year Consumer Electronics Industry Forecasts for China The outlook for consumer electronics spending growth in China is strong over the...