Crystal & Oscillator Report & Analysis

CY2015-16 Crystal and Oscillator Report & Analysis

Consulting Services & Associates, Date of Publication: May 25, 2016


Like any reporting and analysis, the numbers presented depend upon what you are counting and how you differentiate and segment in order to create TAM's and breakdowns that are accurate and relevant to the industry. CS &A has 100% focus in Semiconductor Timing, which we breakdown into three basic segments;

Crystals (Xtal's) and Oscillators:

  • a. Quartz, MEMS, SAW, and Compensated CMOS Technologies
    • i. Standalone Quartz and MEMS
    • ii. XO's
    • iii. TCXO's
    • iv. VCXO's
    • v. OCXO's
    • vi. OCSO's

RF Timing Components and Modules:

  • a. Typically associated with Frequencies >800MHz
  • b. VCO's
  • c. PLL's
  • d. Discreet PLL Elements for high frequency

CS &A provides several reports that provide focus into these product categories/classifications that we employ and these “buckets” are pretty much agreed to by the supplier and consumption bases;

  • Crystal & Oscillators
    • Focus Reporting;
  • Semi Timing Opportunities in Communications Infrastructure and Backhaul
  • High End Timing and RF Filters

CS &A employs a unique methodology in our reporting; dubbed Top Down / Bottoms Up, we obtain top down data and information defined as; the number of systems shipped in a given application within a defined market segment (Consumer, Computing, Communications, Industrial) in a given consecutive 12 months defined as the calendar year Vs. Fiscal Year which may have different dates bracketing their financials. We then apply the Bottoms up factors; to review the specific use case and system level application, and determine what type/category of Semiconductor Timing solutions employed in that design, we research channels and obtain a weighted device $ASP in high volume (typically 1 M pcs), and roll up the number to form a TAM for that product within a defined segment, down to a specific use case / solution for that specific application. This methodology has been employed by Timing Industry Marketing Management and technical procurement folks on the consumption side for many years now, and has been accepted as the credible standard today.

Rising complexity and costs for developing and manufacturing IC devices has led to major consolidation of device makers and semiconductor equipment and material suppliers. In Semi Timing, like all semiconductors consolidation via MnA has changed the industry supply chain significantly and raises the stakes for those making the “silicon magic” that is enabling our digital world. The availability of digital devices, the ubiquitous tablets and smart phones, and the exciting possibilities of the Internet of Things (IoT) are forecast to increase growth in ICs again in 2015-16. Considering that semi timing tracks WW Semi consumption quite closely in volumes, increased device $ASP erosion has left the Semi Timing industry with significant impact. Despite increases in volumes in key areas of the industry has yielded almost flat results YoY for Timing over the last 3-5 years with the heaviest pressure on the XO suppliers having pricing driven down by start-ups and minority players.

CY2015-16 Crystal and Oscillator Report & Analysis

  • Limited License Agreement
    • Disclaimer
  • Preface
    • Summary
    • Some additional key Factoids for CY2014
  • Instrumentation - Avionics - Radar - Military and Aerospace Timing
    • Samsung and Apple Lead as Top Global Semiconductor Customers in 2014
  • Semi Equipment Status at the December closing
    • CAPEX in Semi Timing
    • Growth Continues into Q4CY2014 despite the pressures...
  • What is driving the Growth we see?
    • 2014 CE
  • Servers 2014
  • PC'S
  • Tablet Shipments see a measureable decline in Q4 2014 - A new Trend?
  • Base Stations 2014
    • Power Meters
  • A summary of The INTERNATIONAL CES 2015
    • The internet of Things (IoT) driving growth and spurring controversy
    • iPilot - Drones
    • Printing in 2015
    • 3D Printing
    • Actuals in SmartPhone Shipments
    • Microsoft 2015
    • Microsoft sees Surface revenue jump to $1.1B in Q2 2015, sells record 10.5M Lumia
    • smartphones
  • Video Gaming Hardware
    • Handheld Video Gaming
  • RF and Radio 2014
    • The fragile Spectrum Allocation we face in 2015
    • Chinese Brands: Not Just Cheap Phones
    • Set Top Boxes (STB's)
    • Data shows a healthy increase YoY
    • China's Over the top STB's continue the rise
    • DVR in 2015
    • DTV Shipments 2014
    • VoIP Shipments
    • Access Points
    • Expansion of Google Networks at a City Level
    • Cisco vs. Microsoft...vs. Google?
    • Broadcom - A harbinger of change for Semi Timing
    • Automotive Timing; new territory
    • What's driving change?
    • Impact on the auto industry
    • Industry imperatives
  • 2014 MnA; a very Busy and Active year !
    • Mega Chips acquires SiTime
    • ADI acquires Hittite
    • Micrel acquires Discera
    • Avago acquires LSI Logic
  • Other MnA
  • IBM to pay $1.5B to shed its costly chip division
  • CS &A forecasts a boom in sales of Cat4, Cat6 LTE chips
    • Wearables - a growth application for Timing
      • Timing chips for wearable applications: design and performance considerations
      • Home Router and Home Access Points
  • Timing Supplier Updates and Spotlight 2H CY2014
    • Exar Corporation
    • IDT
    • IDT 3Q FY results
    • IDT 2014 Semi Timing Specific Revenue estimates
  • The Changing mix of Product categories and Solutions in Semi Timing;
    • 32KHz and Real Time Clocking
  • CY2014 - 15 Crystals and Oscillators
    • Xtal's & Oscillator's; Product Categories and Definitions
    • Crystal and Oscillator Product Category Breakouts
      • XOs XO; Crystal Oscillators
      • TCXOs Temperature Compensated Crystal Oscillators;
    • VCXO's
    • OCXOs
  • Crystal and Oscillator Market Summary
    • On the Compensated CMOS side;
    • kHz Growth moving forward
    • MHz Crystals slowing
    • Sand9 moving forward and making progress
  • Declining Markets
  • Xtal and Oscillator Supplier Rankings by $$Revenues
    • Market Shares
    • Crystals
    • XOs/MOs
    • TCXOs
    • VCXOs
    • OCXOs
  • Forecast Analysis
  • kHz Crystals
    • MHz Crystals
      • MHz Crystal Package Forecast
      • XOs/MOs
      • XO/MO Package Forecast
      • XO/MO Forecast by Stability
      • XO/MO Forecast by Output Type
      • TCXOs
      • TCXO ASP Forecast
      • TCXO Forecast by Stability
      • VCXOs
      • OCXOs
  • Quick Supplier Base Analysis
    • Crystal & Oscillator Supplier Matrix by Capabilities
    • Crystal & Oscillator Supplier Matrix by Product
    • Supply Base Changes - Mergers and Acquisitions
    • Supplier Mergers and Acquisitions


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Date of Publication:
May 25, 2016
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Consulting Services and Associates LLC (CS &A LLC) was established in 2002, and is based in the heart of the Silicon Valley located in Cupertino, California, where it has established itself as the number one Go To Resource for information relating to the Semiconductor Timing Industry.

Resourced and staffed by Semiconductor Timing Industry veterans with more than 100 man years of combined experience in the industry with disciplines including; Marketing, Engineering, Technology Development, Manufacture, and Sales Channel, make up this first class team.

CS &A LLC provides the most comprehensive, in depth, and detailed reporting in the industry with focus on all aspects of Semiconductor Timing Technologies to include;

  • SAW

  • Quartz

  • MEMS

  • Ceramic

  • Compensated CMOS

  • RF Modules

  • PLL’s

  • DLL’s

  • Fractional N PLL’s

  • Digital Hybrid PLL’s

  • Simple Oscillators

  • OT Based Oscillators

  • Design Methods and Compensation techniques

Referred to as; “Actionable Reporting”, our clients have come to rely upon CS &A data in market research, competitive analysis, product development and definition, and market trending with key applications supporting growth in the Semi Timing industry. Supported by the leading suppliers in the Timing Industry, CS &A has positioned itself with Market Reporting, Consulting Services, and Lab resources and services able to full characterize any Semi Timing solution.

Our unique reporting method of Top Down / Bottoms up, provides the best possible data collection, segregation and aggregation for factoring and a full Analysis is what makes our reporting both special and unique. According to Mark Sherwood, the Principal Associate and CEO at CS &A; “Our reach is Worldwide, and we continue to support our consulting clients onsite and remote, as needed, as well as providing the best in class reporting.  Our Clients make up a significant percentage of the worldwide supplier base as well as channel players and high consumption OEM’s. This reflects the level of detail, accuracy, and actionable content realized through our reporting allowing a wide view and scope of the Semiconductor Timing MarketScape. This is one area that has helped differentiated CS &A from the rest of the pack, and our position as the leader for the last 6 years, reflects the value of our work and end product.”

CS &A LLC’s Report coverage spans all key markets for Semiconductor Timing to include;

  • Consumer

  • Gaming

  • Computing

    • Motherboard

    • Non Motherboard

  • Communications

    • Physical Layer and MAC Timing

    • Infrastructure and Back Haul

    • Wireless and Radio

  • Industrial

    • Automotive

    • Process Controls

    • Data Acquisition

    • Appliances

    • Medical

    • Instrumentation

  • Military / Aerospace and Avionics

  • Radio

In Semiconductor Timing research and reporting, CS &A includes all types and categoriesof Semiconductor Timing Solutions to Include;

  • SAW Oscillators

  • Standalone Ceramic and Quartz

  • XO’s

  • MO’s

  • TCXO’s

  • VCXO’s

  • OCXO’s

  • OCSO’s

  • VCO’s

  • Synthesizers

  • Frequency Generators

  • Zero Delay Buffers

  • Non Zero Delay fanout and Distribution Buffers

  • Partial and Fully Integrated Clock Tree Solutions

  • Precision Synthesizers

  • RF Synthesizers and VCO’s

  • Waveform Integrity – Jitter attenuation

  • RF Modules and components

CS &A reports on Commodity, Complex Commodity, Precision and Ultra-Precision class Semiconductor Timing Solutions and incorporates 90% of the Worldwide supplier base into our analysis and reporting. Unique, in depth, relevant, timely, detailed and comprehensive, and actionable are best words to describe the value added.

CS &A is a very active participantin the industry via its consulting services group, and is staffed with industry professionals with significant experience and expertise that complement the capabilities of this information provider. Also, CS &A remains an active player in Industry based committees such as JEDEC, ANSI, and IEEE, add to our reach and helps keep us up to date in technology, design, and manufacture. Keeps them deeply involved, and up to date…

Today, CS &A provides a number of Industry Market Reports specific to the Semiconductor Timing segment;

  1. Crystals and Oscillator Report and Analysis

  2. Semiconductor Clock and Timing Report and Analysis

  3. Combined Semiconductor Timing Report and Analysis

  4. Semiconductor Timing Opportunities in Communications Infrastructure and Back Haul

  5. High End Focused Semiconductor Timing and RF Filters

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A single user license option (limited use license) is provided as well as the standard Enterprise License which includes;

  • Posting on the entity / company server for use WW within the company

  • The main report released in Q1 CY

  • The Report associated Data bases in Excel format

  • The 2H CY update, published at year end

  • Up to 4 hours of report related consulting

CS &A LLC Consulting Services include but not limited to:

  • Competitive research and analysis

  • Market research and analysis

  • Marketing and Sales Planning

  • Go to Market Strategies and deployments

  • Product definition and applications specific point solution development

  • Product characterization and reporting

  • Funding support

  • Due Diligence and Validations

  • Technology research and productization

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