Electronic Displays

Trends and Forecasts of FPD Manufacturing Equipment and Materials are available in this category. Display applications, LCD monitors, notebook PCs, LCD TVs, PDP TVs, microdisplay TVs,  FPD equipment, FPD materials are covered in reports.

Date of Publication: Oct 8, 2014
At the big picture level, not much seems to have changed in the OLED materials space since NanoMarkets reported on it in 2013.  It is still a business...

Date of Publication: Aug 25, 2014
This report examines the global market for touch screen technologies used in various products, including smartphones, tablets, e-readers, laptop/notebook computers, televisions and various types of displays.

Date of Publication: Jul 2, 2014
This change of market dynamics has been captured in the report. The report entails the market analysis and forecasts related to head-up display components and its applications. The report also highlights various technologies like LCoS and laser, and features an overview of their growth potential in the next five years.

Date of Publication: Jun 17, 2014
This research report presents shipment volume forecast and recent quarter review of the worldwide TFT-LCD panels used in tablets. The report includes...

Date of Publication: May 28, 2014
Head Mounted Display (HMD) Market by Products (Helmet Mounted, Wearable Glass), Components (Micro display, Camera, control unit, Tracker, Accessories),...

Date of Publication: May 14, 2014
The era of tactile computing has resulted in tactile interaction becoming an integral part of the interface design process of electronic devices. Defined as touch based sensory perceptions of texture, temperature, and other physical attributes of an object in a virtual environment, haptic feedback is poised to emerge into the future of human computer interface. Human interaction with computer applications and systems will be dominated by the science of touch largely due to a host of physiological and emotional reasons. The touchscreen due to its operational simplicity and high utility has gained widespread adoption and today has become almost ubiquitous in smartphones and tablets.

Date of Publication: Apr 8, 2014
This report analyzes the worldwide markets for LED Light Bars in Million Units. The report analyzes the global and major regional markets in terms of unit...