Electronic Displays

Trends and Forecasts of FPD Manufacturing Equipment and Materials are available in this category. Display applications, LCD monitors, notebook PCs, LCD TVs, PDP TVs, microdisplay TVs,  FPD equipment, FPD materials are covered in reports.

Date of Publication: Oct 11, 2013
Triggered by Hollywood 3D movies, glasses-type 3D TVs have become a hit in the market, leading to the development of autostereoscopic 3D display devices....

Date of Publication: Sep 27, 2013
The rigid economic conditions in 2012 stemming from the European debt crisis, slow recovery of mature economies, and less expected growth in the emerging...

Date of Publication: Sep 11, 2013

The report forecasts the size of the market in current U.S. dollars for flexible displays in value and volume terms, from 2013 through 2018. The report forecasts the market size for flexible display-based applications such as e-book readers and tablets; notebooks and PCs; mobile phones and smartphones; portable media players; automotive and navigation; smartcards and other cards; signage and billboards; retail and logistics; wearable and defense.

Date of Publication: Mar 27, 2013
Quantum dots will cascade into the marketplace. They offer lower cost, longer life, and brighter lighting. The commercialization of quantum dots using...

Date of Publication: Jul 8, 2013
2013 Deep Research Report on China Medical Display Industry is professional and deep research report on China medical display industry. The report covers...

Date of Publication: Jun 19, 2013
In addition to its already high adoption rate, the global LCD TV market was affected by the slow economic pickup in Europe and the United States in 2012....

Date of Publication: Jun 10, 2013
The estimation for the full-year shipment volume of large-area TFT-LCD (Thin Film Transistor-Liquid Crystal Display) panel industry had been rather...