Global and China Silicon Metal Market Analysis

Global and China Silicon Metal Market Analysis 2009-2016F

SNE, Date of Publication: Jul 18, 2012, 247 Pages

Metal silicon is a key material for organic silicon, aluminum alloys, semi-conductors and polysilicon.  The report provides analysis of metal silicon technologies by application, markets, value chains, and cost information. 

This report covers:

- Metal silicon manufacturing processes and market analysis by purpose
- Analysis of metal silicon supply chains of global Top 10 polysilicon manufacturers
- Current status of metal silicon import/export and market analysis in China
- Analysis of capacity, production, costs, prices, and margins of 22 major metal silicon manufacturers
- Feasibility study for establishment of metal silicon production lines

High purity metal silicon is mostly used as a raw material of semi-conductors and polysilicon, and in the upper rank among solar cell components/materials in terms of business profit.  It is a key point of the metal silicon business to secure quality quartz mines and operate production lines in places where electricity that account for 50% of production costs is available at low prices.

In addition, it can be applied to various fields, which allows flexible business operations compared to other components/materials, even the PV market is sluggish.  In that this report provides in-depth analysis such as feasibility studies for investment as well as analysis of markets, costs, and major manufacturers, it is expected to be a good reference for the metal silicon business.


1. Metal Silicon Industry Overview
1.1. Definition
1.2. Classification
1.3. Silicon Metal Cost Overview
1.4. The Nature & Standard of Silicon Metal
1.5. The Use of Silicon Metal
1.5.1 Production of organic Silicon Metal
1 5.2 Manufacturing of high purity semiconductor
1 5.3 Preparation of alloy
1.6. Raw materials of Silicon Metal production
1.6.1. Quartz (silica)
1.6.2. Reducing agent
1.6.3. Electrode

2. Silicon Metal manufacturing technology and process
2.1. Silicon Metal production principle
2.2. Silicon Metal production process
2.3. Silicon Metal production equipment
2.4. Manufacturing and technology of Silicon powder
2.5. Silica ore mining and process

3. Silicon Metal Industry Chain and Downstream Industries
3.1. Silicon Metal industry chain
3.2. Aluminum alloy
3.3. Organic Silicon Metal
3.4. Polysilicon for PV
3.4.1. Polysilicon Supply & Demand (2008~2015F)
3.4.2. Top-10 Polysilicon companies' production forecast (2011~2013F)
3.4.3. Top-10 Polysilicon companies' silicon metal demand forecast (2012F~2015F)
3.4.4. Top-10 Polysilicon companies' Metal Silicon Value Chain

4. China Silicon Metal Industry Development Status and Prospects
4.1. China Silicon Metal capacity and output analysis
4.2. China Silicon Metal Demand and Consumption Analysis
4.3. China Silicon Metal Import and Export Analysis
4.4. Silicon Metal Manufacturing Cost List
4.5. China Silicon Metal Price Analysis

5. Global Silicon Metal Production, Supply & Demand, Sales Market Status and Forecast
5.1. Global Silicon Metal Supply Overview
5.2. Global Silicon Metal Demand
5.3. Global Silicon Metal Supply & Demand forecast (2009~2016F)
5.4. Global Silicon Metal Price, Cost, Profit margin forecast (2009~2016F)

6. Global Silicon Metal Key Manufacturers Analysis
6.1. Elkem (Norway)
6.2. Fesil (Norway)
6.3. Finnfjord (Norway)
6.4. Simcoa (Australia)
6.5. WACKER (Germany)
6.6. RW silicium (Germany)
6.7. Timminco (Canada)
6.8. Rima (Brazil)
6.9. CCM (Brazil)
6.10. Liasa (Brazil)
6.11. Minasligas (Brazil)
6.12. Dow corning (USA)
6.13. Globe Metallurgical (USA)
6.14. Ferroatlantica (Spain)
6.15. Zhejiang Wynca Chemical Industry Group Co., Ltd
6.16. Zhejiang Kaihua Yuantong Silicon Industry Co., Ltd
6.17. DaTong Jinneng Silicon Metal Co.,Ltd
6.18. Yunnan Yongchang Silicon Industry Co.,Ltd.
6.19. Nice Inner Mongolia Si Zi Wang Qi brightness silicon job Ltd
6.20. China National BlueStar (Group) Co, Ltd
6.21. Western Huiyuan Mining & Mineral Co., Ltd.
6.22. Liaoning Shuangyi Silicon Industry. Co.,Ltd

7. Feasibility analysis of Silicon Metal Plant Investment
7.1. Case.1- Feasibility study of Silicon Metal Lump production line (12,500 tons/year)
7.1.1. Risk analysis of project opportunities
7.1.2. Project Name
7.1.3. Construction Scale and Product Plan
7.1.5. Investment program and Source
7.1.6. Supply of raw materials
7.1.7. Production period and operating rate
7.1.8. Production costs and expenses
7.1.9. Project targets
7.2. Case.2- Feasibility study of Silicon Metal Powder Project (21,000 tons/year)
7.2.1. Project Name
7.2.2. Construction Scale and Product Plan
7.2.3. Construction Content
7.2.4. Project Staffing
7.2.5. Investment Program & Source
7.2.5. Production costs and expenses
7.2.6. Project targets

8. Silicon Metal Industry Research Summary

9. Index
9.1 Figure
9.2 Table

Date of Publication:
Jul 18, 2012
Number of Pages:
247 Pages
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