Home Energy Management Ecosystem

Home Energy Management Ecosystem

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The strategy of moving home energy intelligence into the cloud is disrupting the Smart Home market and expanding opportunities for the Home Area Network. IP based home automation services, a large web-centric developer community and accelerating Smart Grid initiatives are driving adoption for home energy management solutions. By the end of 2012, there will be over a million managed Smart Home systems installed in North America.

Widespread home networks and the ubiquity of smart mobile devices are key drivers for home energy management services. Smart home service providers are adding real-time energy monitoring and cloud-based energy services that consumers are increasingly likely to access and control using their smartphones and tablets. Compared with the last survey of early technology adopters in September 2010, almost two times as many of the respondents to the current survey, completed in January 2012, indicate that they would prefer to use their tablet or smartphone as their energy display or interface.

Another growing trend is the development of "set-and-forget" systems that provide effortless energy savings. Over 70% of the recent survey respondents indicate that "automated systems that require minimal time/effort" are an important consideration for home energy management products and services. In 2016, global home energy management (HEM) revenues will be $4.3 billion and cloud service revenues will increase 30 times from 2011. Home service providers and retail channels will make up 57% of the cloud-based energy services at this time.



Market Dynamics
Smart Mobile Devices & Apps
Next Generation Smart Energy Devices
Emerging Business Models & New Channels
Early Technology Adopters' Views
Total Potential Market Sizing
Adoption Timeline

Products, Services & Differentiators
Energy Monitoring
Energy Displays
Automation & Control
Home Energy Controller
Smart Thermostats
Load Measuring & Controlling Devices
Smart Appliances
Cloud Services & Data Analytics
Business Models

Competitive Landscape
Intellectual Property Analysis
Existing Energy Displays/Interfaces
HEC-enabled Broadband Gateways
Data Analytics, Location & Contextual Awareness
Honeywell's Lawsuit Against Nest Labs

The Value System
Devices & Systems
Product Segmentation
Disruption & Sustainability
Smart Thermostats
Real-Time Energy Monitoring Systems
Load Controllers & Smart Plugs
Software & Cloud Services
Product Segmentation
Disruption & Sustainability
Automation & Smart Grid Platforms
Product Segmentation
Disruption & Sustainability

Appendix A: Recently Filed Patent Applications


Figure 1: Global HEM Revenues, 2011 and 2016
Figure 2: HEM Competitive Landscape Quadrants
Figure 3: Global Home Energy Displays & Interfaces by Type (2011-2016)
Figure 4: Average Weekly In-Store Sales for WiFi Thermostats
Figure 5: Early Adopters - Interest in Home Services by Type
Figure 6: Early Adopters - Views on Energy Savings & Greener Home
Figure 7: Early Adopters - Preferences on Low Upfront Price vs No Service Fee
Figure 8: Global Total Potential HEM Households (2011-2016)
Figure 9: HEM Adoption Timeline (2011-2016)
Figure 10: Home Energy Management Service Levels & Vendor Examples
Figure 11: Home Energy Products by Percent of Current Vendors
Figure 12: Global Cumulative Home Energy Monitoring Systems (2011-2016)
Figure 13: Early Adopters - Last Time Energy Display Was Viewed
Figure 14: Global Cumulative Home Energy Automation Systems (2011-2016)
Figure 15: A Few Internet Connected Smart Thermostats
Figure 16: Selected Smart Plug Products
Figure 17: Global Cumulative Smart Appliances (2011-2020)
Figure 18: Global Home Energy Mgmt Cloud Service Revenues (2011-2016)
Figure 19: Home Energy Management Competitive Landscape
Figure 20: Home Energy Management Patent Applications by Assignee
Figure 21: Filed Patent Applications by Subject
Figure 22: Home Energy Management Value System
Figure 23: Smart Thermostats – Disruption & Sustainability
Figure 24: Energy Monitors – Disruption & Sustainability
Figure 25: Load Controllers - Disruption & Sustainability
Figure 26: Software & Cloud Services - Disruption & Sustainability
Figure 27: DR/Smart Grid Platforms - Disruption & Sustainability


Table 1: Home Energy Mgmt Business Models by Channel
Table 2: HEM Systems Providers – Product Segmentation
Table 3: HEM Devices & Systems – Profiles
Table 4: HEM Software/Cloud Services – Products & Services
Table 5: HEM Software/Cloud Services – Profiles
Table 6: Automation & Smart Grid Platforms – Products & Services
Table 7: Automation & Smart Grid Platforms – Profiles
Table 8: Patent Applications on HEM and Demand Response

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