IC Cost and Price Model

2019 IC Cost and Price Model

IC Knowledge, Date of Publication: Apr 9, 2019

The IC Cost and Price Model - 2019 is now available with a brand new bottoms-up packaging cost and price engine and updated data. The new packaging engine enables greater user configuration of the package and improved accuracy. All the major fabs and processes are predefined for you.

The IC Knowledge - IC Cost and Price Model is the industry standard for cost and price modeling of low power silicon integrated circuits. For high power silicon integrated circuits, discrete devices and compound semiconductors we recommend our Discrete and Power Products Cost and Price Model.

The IC Cost and Price model does not cover 3D NAND and only covers DRAM up to the 2x generation, for 3D NAND or 2y and beyond DRAM we recommend our Strategic Cost and Price Model.

The IC Model is very easy to use, the user only has to make eight selections or entry's and there is help for many of them. The model then presents a detailed analysis of cost and pricing and offers over seventy options for customization. Cost includes wafer fabrication, wafer test, packaging and final test.

Example of product cost summary

IC Cost and Price Model

Supported processes

The Model supports over 660 processes broken out by company and process node and looking forward one process nodes. See the links in the gray bar at the right for the specific list of processes.

Supported wafer sizes

100mm, 125mm, 150mm, 200mm and 300mm.

Supported cost elements

Wafer cost, wafer test, packaging and final test.

Current revision updates

  • Overall Model - Reviewed and updated selected foundry margins.
  • Yield - Updated TSMC 10nm and 7nm and Intel 10nm defect density projections.
  • Depreciation - NA
  • Equipment - Fixed a bug in the equipment cost calculation for fabs built with used equipment.
  • Processes – Fixed an error in the Samsung 11nm processes.
  • Facilities - NA
  • Materials - NA
  • Labor - Updated Malaysia direct labor rates.
  • Lookups – Updated product margins.
  • Packaging - Updated bonding wire costs. Added seed layer sputter to EMIB and organic substrates processes. Added street width for sawing to organic packages per sheet calculation. Updated copper sputter target usage. Increased cure times to account for queue time. Fixed a bug where wafer bumping costs weren't being included for Organic Packages where die are flip chip attached. Split chip shooters into die and capacitor. Updated organic susbtrate saw kerf width.
  • Test - Fixed a formating issue on the 'Defaults' sheet. Updated test time for ASIC - performance 3, Mixed Signal and RF. Updated automotive burn-in and test. Updated NAND burn-in.

Who should buy this product

The IC Knowledge - IC Cost and Price Model is widely used by IDMs, Fabless companies, Analysts, Consultants, Electronics Systems and Automotive Companies and many others. The model is used for benchmarking, evaluating pricing, market research and many other uses. Our model customers include most of the worlds largest IDMs, Fabless and Electronics Systems companies. For OEMs and Materials companies we recommend our Strategic Cost and Price Model.

System Requirements

The Model runs inside of Microsoft Excel and requires the user to have Excel 2010 installed on their computer. There are known compatibility issues with Excel 2007 and Open Office and any third party Excel compatible product. The model does not run in any other "Excel compatible" programs.

Model Cost and How to Buy

A single user license for one person to install the model on one computer is $2,300. An enterprise license allowing an unlimited number of users at a company is $7,821. The model is delivered by email within a few hours of our receiving an order. The model cost includes twelve months of updates plus twelve months of reasonable levels of phone and email support. A WebEx training session is available on request.
For more information about Supported Processes, Supported Product Types, and Supported Packages, please contact us.

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Date of Publication:
Apr 9, 2019
File Format:
Excel File via E-mail