Semiconductor Industry Overview and Competitive Analysis Between Taiwan and Korea

Recap and Outlook for Global and Taiwanese IC Design Industries in 2018

MIC Taiwan, Date of Publication: Nov 7, 2018, 30 Pages

While IC demand was affected by a slowdown in smartphone market and a slight decline in the PC market, the worldwide IC design industry continued to grow in 2017 thanks to the trend towards high-performance computing driven by AI (Artificial Intelligence). In Taiwan, despite decreased demand for communication processors caused by changes in customers’ chip adoption strategies, IC design industry value remained at the same level as in 2016 due to the expansion of IoT (Internet of Things) applications. As demand for high-performance computing continues into 2018, the worldwide and Taiwanese IC design industries are expected to grow. This report reviews the performance of the worldwide and Taiwanese IC design industries in 2017 and examines their developments in 2018 and onwards.

List of Topics

  • Development of the global IC design industry, touching on market and industry value forecasts for 2018, shipment share by region, and latest trends
  • Current and future developments of leading global IC design houses, as well as the top 10 world rankings, including the top 10 in China and Taiwan
  • Development of Chinese IC design houses, touching on the government's incentives, and M&A deals in recent years
  • Opportunities and challenges facing the IC design industry

Companies covered

AMD, Analogix Semiconductor, Andes Technology, Apple, Avago, Beijing Smartchip Microelectronics Technology, Beijing Teamsun Technology, Blackberry, Bluespec, Broadcom, Canyon Bridge, Cirrus Logic, Dell, ESMT FocalTech, Fullhan Microelectronics, GalaxyCore, Gigadevice, Global Unichip, Goodix, Google, Hangzhou Silan microelectronics, Hikvision, Himax Technologies, Hisilicon, HP, Huada Semiconductor, Huawei, IBM, ISSI, Lattice Semiconductor, Lexar, Longsys, Marvell, MediaTek, Mellanox, Micron, Microsemi, Motorola, Novatek, Nvidia, NXP, Oppo, Phison Electronics, Qualcomm, RDA, Realtek, Renergy, Shanghai Belling, Silicon Motion Technology, Siliconware Technology , Sino-IC Capital, Sitronix, Telink Semiconductor, Tesla, Tsinghua Unigroup, TSMC, Unigroup, Spreadtrum, Vimicro, Vivo, Wasion Group, Xcerra, Xiaomi, Xilinx, Zhejiang Wansheng, ZhejiangDahua Technology, Zhonghui Microelectronics, ZTE

Recap and Outlook for Global and Taiwanese IC Design Industries in 2018

1.Development of the Global IC Design Industry
1.1 Global Semiconductor Market Value
1.2 Worldwide IC Design Industry Value
1.2.1 IC Design Industry Value Grew Against the Tide in 2017
1.3 Regional IC Design Industries
1.3.1 Chinese IC Design Industry's Global Share is Increasing
1.4 Leading IC Design Houses
1.4.1 Development of New Applications is Correlated with Vendor Rankings
1.4.2 Constant Growth in China’s IC Design Industry Value
2. Development of the Taiwanese IC Design Industry
2.1 Taiwanese IC Design Industry Shipment Value
2.2 Product Applications of Taiwanese IC Design Houses
2.2.1 Share of Network Communications ICs Keeps Increasing
2.2.2 Focus on Logic ICs for Communications Devices
2.3 Leading Taiwanese IC Design Houses
2.4 Current and Future Development
2.4.1 Increased Demand for TDDI Chips from Smartphones
2.4.2 Controller IC Shipments Affected by NAND Flash Chip Supply
2.4.3 Taiwanese IC Design Industry to Grow Sequentially with Expansion of IoT Applications
3.Opportunities and Challenges for Taiwan’s IC Design Industry
3.1 China Shows High Ambition in Developing Homegrown Semiconductor Industry
3.1.1 Chinese Vendors Encounter Difficulty in Acquiring Semiconductor Technology as M&A Deals Crumble
3.1.2 Chinese Government Continues to Provide Financial Support for Domestic Semiconductor Industry
3.2 Introduction of AI to End Devices
3.3 RISC-V Facilitates Reduction in Embedded Chip Development Cost
4. Conclusion

List of Figures

Figure 1 Global Semiconductor Market Value, 2012 - 2018
Figure 2 Worldwide IC Design Industry Value, 2012 - 2018
Figure 3 Worldwide IC Design Industry Shipment Share by Region, 2014 - 2017
Figure 4 Taiwanese IC Design Industry Shipment Value, 2012 - 2018
Figure 5 Taiwanese IC Design Houses’ Product Applications, 2012 - 2017
Figure 6 Taiwanese IC Design Houses’ Product Portfolios, 2012 - 2017
Figure 7 Taiwanese IC Design Industry Shipment Value, 2Q16 – 3Q18
Figure 8 Investment Targets of China's Integrated Circuit Industry Investment Fund: Phase One
Figure 9 Chinese Local Governments’ Semiconductor Funds

List of Tables

Table 1 Top Ten IC Design Houses Worldwide, 2017
Table 2 China’s Top 10 IC Design Houses in 2017
Table 3 Taiwan’s Top 10 IC Design Houses in 2017
Table 4 M&A Deals in China between 2016 and 2017

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