ICT: Internet of Things (IoT) Embedded Systems Market Research

IoT Market research analyzes the fourth industrial revolution (Industry 4.0), Cyber-Physical Systems, evolution of the Internet of Things (IoT) embedded in Smart Environments and Platforms. Information and Communication Technology or ICTs allow users to participate in a rapidly changing world in which work and other activities are increasingly transformed by access to varied and developing technologies. 

Date of Publication: Oct 19, 2014
This study centers on the embedded systems industry, including identifying the significant segment of this industry that is converging with mainstream...

Date of Publication: Sep 19, 2014
The report explores the opportunities for all industry sectors that will be impacted by the development of new power sources for the IoT.  In particular we examine how leading battery companies, chipmakers, OEMs and others are preparing for the business opportunities in the IoT power source space.  The report also discusses the strategies of eight firms that NanoMarkets believes will shape the market for power sources for the IoT over the next decade.

Date of Publication: Sep 2, 2014
The report concentrates on the development of White Spaces communications as one of the first technologies that utilizes properties of reconfigurable radio. It shows that the combination of spectrum awareness together with the selection of White Spaces frequencies windows create a new modern multi-applications industry. The report analyzes specifics of White Spaces communications in such environments and reflects communications benefits and issues. The White Spaces communications market is just evolving and promises multiple applications; one of such applications – M2M communications – is detailed.

Date of Publication: Aug 15, 2014
“MIMO-based Communications Systems” Technologies, Markets and Applications  Users’ demand for more efficient networking...

Date of Publication: Jul 24, 2014
Home Networks – Applications, Technologies and Markets   This report addresses the growing interest from consumers and the industry to the...

Date of Publication: May 7, 2014
This report addresses technological, marketing and applications aspects of wireless smart sensors in the WSN environment. In particular, it stresses the...