In-Depth Cover Glass & TCO Substrate for Solar Cell Technology and Market Forecast 2010-2015

SNE, Date of Publication: Nov 10, 2011, 245 Pages

The global crystalline solar cell glass market hit $910 million in 2010 and the market is expected to show a slight growth to $980 million in 2012, due to a steady decline in prices with the aftermath of a downturn of the PV market this year.  As for the thin-film solar cell substrate market, more than 85% of sales are produced by the a-Si and the CdTe substrates, and the market is expected to grow into a $1.04 billion business in 2011. 

To win the cut-throat competition for high efficiency technology development, it is necessary to strengthen competitiveness.  For this, efforts to improve properties of part materials used for modules as well as cells should be accompanied.  There are cover glass products, of which the intensity of radiation is improved by enhancing the quantity of light through AR coating and forming patterns, being released.  In the case of TCO glass used for thin-film solar cells, aggressive researches on TCO properties and optimization to enhance cell efficiency are underway.
It is shown that the glass industry has already balanced supply with demand due to decreasing demand for solar cells and steady production capacity expansion led by Chinese companies from 2011.  

This report covers key theories, technologies and processes, which the solar cell glass is based on.  In particular, in that the report contains technical analysis of glass by solar cell type - c-Si, a-Si, CdTe, CIGS, DSSC- and related issues, it will be a good guidance for researches in the solar cell glass industry.  Above this, it deals with capacity and production of 24 global glass manufacturers, market share of each country and company, the current status of patent applications by glass type and forecast of market demand of each company. 

  • Forecast of capacity & production of 24 solar cell glass manufacturers
  • Analysis of solar cell glass price &cost and supply-demand outlook
  • Technical Analysis by substrate and demand forecast-C-Si, CIGS, CdTe, a-Si, DSSC
  • Market forecast - World, Korea, China, and Japan. 
  • Glass market share by country and company


1. Overview of Glass Substrate Technology 
1.1. Overview of solar cell glass 
1.2. Requirement of solar cell glass 
1.2.1. High-functional substrate glass  
1.3. Current status of module certificate issued 

2. Solar cell glass 
2.1. Overview of cover glass 
2.2. Iron-poor glass 
2.2.1. Overview of Iron-poor glass 
2.2.2. Type of Iron-poor glass Float glass Pattern Glass 
2.2.3. Manufacuting Technology for Iron-proo glass Float method Roll out method 
2.3. Tempered glass 
2.3.1 Overview of Tempered glass  
2.3.2 Process technology 
2.4. Anti-reflection coating glass 
2.4.1. Overview of anti-reflection coating glass 
2.4.2. Process technology Spray method Dip method Sputter method Wet etching method 
2.4.3. Issue 
2.5. TCO substrare 
2.5.1. Overview of  TCO substrate 
2.5.2. Type of TCO substrate ITO SnO2 ZnO AZO BZO 
2.5.3. Deposition technology 
2.5.4. Requirement of TCO substrate Low-temperature method Developmeng of Eco-friendly Low cost Material High resistivity despite mobility 
2.5.6. Issue 

3. Glass Application by Solar cell type 
3.1. a-Si Solarcell glass 
3.1.1. Substrate Requirement  
3.1.2. TCO Technology 
3.1.3. Issue 
3.2. CdTe glass 
3.2.1. Substrate requirement 
3.2.2. TCO technology 
3.2.3. issue 
3.3. CIGS glass 
3.3.1. Substrate requiremen 
3.3.2. TCO technology 
3.3.3. Issue 
3.4. DSSC glass 
3.4.1. Substrate requiremen Substrate glass TCO coating glass 
3.4.2. Issue 

4. Trend of Key patent 
4.1. Solar cell glass 
4.2. Anti-reflection coating glass 
4.3. TCO coating glass  

5. Trend of PV glass company 
5.1. Trend of Overseas company 
5.1.1. Asahi glass 
5.1.2. Nippon sheet glass 
5.1.3. Saint-Gobain solar 
5.1.4. Guardian Industries 
5.1.5. Centro solar glas 
5.1.6. F solar 
5.1.7. Shanghai flat glass 
5.1.8. Xinyi glass 
5.1.9. China glass holdings 
5.1.10. Hebei CSG Holding 
5.1.11. Qingdao Jinjing 
5.2. Trend of Korean company 
5.2.1. Hankuk Glass Industries Inc. 
5.2.2. Samsung Corning Precision Materials Co., Ltd. 
5.2.3. Nuri Corporation 
5.2.4. WooYang GMS 
5.2.5. NT solar 
5.2.6. Yelim GMS 

6. Solar cell Glass Market Forecast (2008~2015) 
6.1. Global PV Installation Market Forecast (2006~2015) 
6.2. Glass Demand Forecast (2008~2015) 
6.2.1. Global Market Forecast (2008~2015) Glass Demand Forecast (based on SQM, TON) Glass Demand Forecast (based on revenue) 
6.2.2. China Market Forecast Glass Demand Forecast (based SQM, TON) Glass Demand Forecast (based on revenue) 
6.2.3. Korea Market Forecast Glass Demand Forecast (based SQM, TON) Glass Demand Forecast (based on revenue)  
6.2.4. Japan Market Forecast Glass Demand Forecast (based SQM, TON) Glass Demand Forecast (based on revenue) 
6.3. Forecat of Glass Price & Cost (2008~2015) 
6.3.1. Price 
6.3.2. Cost 
6.3.3. Profit 
6.4. Pattern glass Production Capacity and Production of 22 Global companies (2008~2015) 
6.4.1. Pattern Glass Produciton 
6.4.2. Forecast of Pattern Glass Production 
6.4.3. Pattern Glass production capacity by country 
6.4.4. Forecast of Pattern Glass Production by country 
6.5. TCO Glass Production Capacity and Production of 17 Global companies (2008~2015) 
6.5.1. TCO glass Production Capacity by Country 
6.5.2. Forecast of TCO glass Production 
6.5.3. TCO glass Production Capacity 
6.5.4. Forecast TCO glass Production by Country 
6.6. Forecast Global Solar cell Substrate Demand/Supply (2008~2015) 
6.6.1. Forecast of c-Si Cover glass Demand/Supply 
6.6.2. Forecast of thin-film solar cell TCO substrate Demand/Supply
6.7. Global Solar cell Glass M/S(2008~2015) 
6.7.1. Pattern Glass M/S 
6.7.2. TCO Glass M/S 

7. Index 
7.1 Figure 
7.2 Table 

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