Tactical Analysis of the World Industrial, Medical Electronics Market and Supply Chain

Tactical Analysis of the World Industrial, Medical Electronics Market and Supply Chain

Semicast, Date of Publication: Sep 17, 2014

Accounting for about ten percent of the semicondu ctor TAM, the industrial/medical sector is small compared with the compute, mobile, digital home and communications sectors, but revenues have now exceeded those in automotive for over five years. Accordingly, many semiconductor suppliers have been actively advancing their understanding of this diverse and growing market, to benefit from the opportunities offered.

Unlike other markets, the application base making up the industrial and medical sector covers a broad range, from factory automation, to test & measurem ent, to consumer medical. The supply chain is highly fragmented, with few OEMs covering the broad market and most focused on just one or two areas. This makes a tactical analysis of leading manufacturers of industrial and medical equipment a complicated and time consuming process for semic onductor suppliers to undertake comprehensively.

To support this need, this study to focuses on the tactical needs of semiconductor, software and related equipment suppliers looking to identify the key equipment types driving manufacturer revenues in the industrial and medical sector and who the leading OEMs are to focus resource on. Last published in 2012, the 2014 edition of the research builds on the work of the previous studies, using 2013 as the base year, with forecasts provided to 2019.

This study has been developed to be used as a companion report to the Industrial/Medical Semiconductor Service, which provides analysis of strategic trends for semiconductors in industrial/medical applications. Used together, the reports provide a comprehensive tactical and strate- gic analysis of the industrial and medical sector for semiconductor, software and electronics vendors.

Overview & Key Features

  • Analysis of 130 industrial/medical equipment types (full list provided on pages 3&4).
  • 22 tables summarizing market share estimates of the leading manufacturers in each market segment and sub-segment in 2013.
  • Over 800 equipment suppliers identified, almost 500 of which had estimated industrial/medical electronics revenues in excess of $100 million in 2013.
  • Estimate and forecast for worldwide producti on volumes for each equipment type (2013-19).
  • Estimate and forecast for manufacturer average prices for each equipment type (2013-19).
  • Estimate and forecast for manufacturer revenues for each equipment type (2013-19).
  • Highly quantitative analysis, with discussion summa rized in short, easy to read bullet points.
  • Analyst support time to answer all reasonable que stions relating to forecasts and conclusions.


Industrial/Medical Market Segments & Sub-segments

  • The study segments the market for industrial/medical electronics systems into nine segments and fur- ther sub-segments as follows:
  • Segment Additional sub-segmentation
  • Factory Automation & Control
  • Control & Compute, Process Measurement & Field Instruments, Switchgear, Misc.
  • Automation
  • Motor Drives
  • Lighting, Building Automation , HVAC & Refrigeration
  • Lighting, Building Automation, HVAC & Refrigera- tion
  • EPOS, EFT & ID
  • Test & Measurement
  • Application Specific Test & Measurement, General Purpose Test & Measurement, Instrumentation
  • Consumer Medical  Medical Imaging & Diagnostics
  • Medical Imaging, Diagnostics/Therapy & Monitor- ing
  • Power & Energy


Industrial Transport Industrial/Medical Equipment Coverage

The equipment types analyzed in the study are as follows:

Factory Automation & Control:
Control & Compute [Industrial Ethernet Infrastructure, Computer Numerical Control, Industrial PCs, Embedded Comp uter Boards & Modules, HMIs & Operator Pan- els, Machine Vision Inspection Systems, PLCs & PACs, Distributed & Remote I/O Modules] ; 

Pro- cess Measurement & Field Instruments [Process Analytical Instruments, Flow Measurement, Level Measurement, Pressure Measurement, Temperature Me asurement, Process Variable Transmitters, Te- lemetry / RTUs, Process/Temperatur e Controllers, Position Sensing] ; Switchgear [Circuit Breakers, Contactors, Protection Relays, Solid State Relays] ; Miscellaneous Automation [Pumps, Robotics, Semiconductor Manufacturing & Test Equipment, Welding].

Motor Drives:
AC Drives, DC Drives, Servo Drives, Stepper Drives, Soft Starters/Brakes.

Lighting, Building Automation, HVAC & Refrigeration:
Lighting [Electronic Ballasts/Lamps & Modules, Lighting Controls, Street Li ghts/Traffic Lights & Control] ; Building Automation [Fire De- tection, Fire Alarm Control Panels & Annunciators, Fi re Alarm Notification, Intruder Alarm Control Panels, Intruder Detection & Notification, CCTV/Video Surveillance Cameras, CCTV/Video Surveil- lance Equipment, Electronic Access Control, Elevators & Escalators.

HVAC & Refrigeration
[Boilers & Warm Air Furnaces, Circulator Pumps, Compressors, Electronic Room Thermostats & Controls, Humidifiers/Dehu midifiers, Unitary Air Conditioners, Commercial Refrigeration].

ATMs, Handheld EFT Transaction Terminals, POS Authentication Pads, EPOS/ ECR/Cash Drawer, Handheld Data Terminals, Fuel Dispensers, Vending/Payment/Change Machines, Card Readers, Coin Acceptors & Currency Valid ators, Printers, Scanners, Smart Cards.

Test & Measurement
Application Specific T&M [Automotive Test Equipment, DSL Test Equip- ment, Fiber Optic Test Equipment, LAN/WAN Test Equipment, SONET/SDH Test Equipment, Wireless Comms Test Equipment, Other Test Equipment] ; General Purpose T&M [Counters & Timers, Logic Analyzers, Digital Multimeters, Netw ork Analyzers, Digital Oscilloscopes, PC-based Test Equipment, RF Power Meters, PXI/VXI-base d Test Equipment, Signal/Function Generators, Spectrum Analyzers, Other General Purpose T&M] ; Instrumentation [Calibration Instruments, pH/ ORP Instruments, Chart Recorders & Data Acquisiti on, Laboratory Instrumentation, Scales & Weigh- ing Equipment, X-Ray Instrumentation]. Consumer Medical : Blood Glucose Meters, Blood Pressure M onitors, Telehealth Gateways, Fitness Monitors, Electronic Thermometers, Pr egnancy Testers/Fertility Monitors.

Medical Imaging & Diagnostics
Medical Imaging [CT, Ultrasound, MRI, PET/PET-CT, CR/ DR, Picture Archiving & Communications] ; Diagnostics, Therapy & Monitoring [ECG, Dialysis Machines, Medical Ventilators, Point-of-care Testin g, Pulse Oximetry Monitoring, Multiparameter Pa- tient Monitors, Medical Lasers, Medical Endoscopes , Infusion Pumps, Pacemakers, Implantable Cardi- overter Defibrillators, Cardiac Resynchronization Th erapy, Pain Management Devices, External Defib- rillators, Digital Hearing Aids, Sleep Diagnostics , Therapy & Interfaces, Fitness Machines, Electronic Beds, Electronic Wheelchairs, Powered Scooters].

Power & Energy
AC/DC Power Supplies, DC/DC Converters, DC/AC Power Inverters, Industrial Battery Chargers, UPS, Generators, Smart Utility Meter s, Electric Vehicle Charging Stations & Infra- structure, Distribution & Substation Automation, Renewable Energy.

Industrial Transport
Construction, Lifting & Mining, Agricultural Equipment, Materials Handling Vehicles, Refrigerated Trailers, Electric Motorize d Vehicles, Rolling Stock, Signaling & Systems.


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Sep 17, 2014
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