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Insulated Wire & Cable

Freedonia Group, Date of Publication: May 19, 2015, 262 Pages

US demand to rise 5.6% annually through 2019

US insulated wire and cable demand is projected to surpass $27 billion in 2019 on 5.6 percent annual advances. Through the forecast period, total consumption of insulated wire and cable will continue to recover from its depressed 2009 level. A strong expected recovery in construction expenditures will fuel growth in demand for several types of wire, including building, electronic, and power wire and cable.

Building wire & cable to offer best opportunities

Among the different product types, building wire and cable held the largest share of demand in 2014. It will see the most rapid advances through 2019, when it will exceed $8 billion. An expected acceleration in growth of building con-struction expenditures, after a period of tepid improvement between 2009 and 2014, will drive growth. Similarly, the construction market for insulated wire and cable is forecast to see the fastest growth of any wire and cable market through 2019. In addition to building wire, the rising construction expenditures will benefit demand for other types of wire used in building construction, such as telephone wire and coaxial cable.

Key electrical equipment market to grow 4.1% yearly

The electrical equipment market held the largest share of insulated wire and cable demand by market in 2014. Through the forecast period, demand is projected to increase 4.1 percent per annum, driven by heightened demand for wire and cable for power transmission and distribution. Increasing electricity production as well as use of new sources of power generation, such as solar and wind farms, will support growth. However, decelerating growth of appliance and other equipment shipments will restrain growth of other types of wire and cable for electrical equipment markets. Slower price growth will also limit faster growth in spending on wire for electrical equipment. The telecommunications market, which utilizes a vast array of wire and cable products, is another important market for insulated wire and cable. Demand for insulated wire and cable for the telecommunications market is projected to ex-ceed $4 billion in 2019. The continued usage of electronic devices that rely on wireless technology will dampen demand for wire and cable used to connect such devices. However, the growing usage of such devices will require continued improvements to the existing telecommunications infrastructure. Although much of this work has already been completed, there is still significant investment needed in the “last-mile” infrastructure upgrades, which will support overall wire and cable demand.

Study coverage

This industry study, Insulated Wire & Cable, presents historical demand data (2004, 2009 and 2014) plus forecasts (2019 and 2024) by material, product and market. The study also considers market environment factors, details the industry structure, assesses company market share and profiles over 20 US industry players.

Table of Contents





Macroeconomic Environment

Fixed Investment Trends

Construction Expenditures

Manufacturing Outlook

Technology Trends

Fiber Optics

Multiplex Wiring

Telecommunications Technology


Historical Market Trends

Pricing Patterns

Regulatory Factors

International Environment

World Supply & Demand

US Foreign Trade







Aluminum & Other Metals


Polyvinyl Chloride



Thermoplastic Elastomers


Fluoropolymers & Other Plastics

Optical Fibers



Building Wire & Cable

Thermoplastic Insulated

Thermoset Insulated


Power Wire & Cable

Underground Distribution



Electronic Wire & Cable




Apparatus Wire & Cordage

Flexible Cordage

Appliance Wire


Primary, Ignition, & Battery Wire & Cable

Fiber Optic Cable



Magnet Wire

Other Wire & Cable Products



Electrical Equipment

Electrical Equipment Industry Overview

Insulated Wire & Cable Demand

Power Transmission & Distribution Equipment



Residential Construction Expenditures

Nonresidential Building Construction Expenditures

Nonbuilding Construction Expenditures

Insulated Wire & Cable Demand





Telecommunications Equipment Industry Overview

Insulated Wire & Cable Demand


Last Mile


Motor Vehicles

Motor Vehicle Industry Overview

Insulated Wire & Cable Demand

Industrial Machinery & Equipment

Industrial Machinery & Equipment Industry Overview

Insulated Wire & Cable Demand

Other Markets



Industry Composition

Market Share

Mergers & Acquisitions

Cooperative Agreements

Product Development & Manufacturing

Marketing & Distribution

Company Profiles

Aetna Insulated Wire, see Berkshire Hathaway

Affinity Medical Technologies, see Koch Industries

Alcatel-Lucent SA

Amphenol Corporation

Atkore International Holdings Incorporated

Belden Incorporated

Berkshire Hathaway Incorporated

Berk-Tek, see Nexans

Cable USA, see Berkshire Hathaway

Carlisle Companies Incorporated

Casco Automotive Group, see Amphenol

Cerro Wire, see Berkshire Hathaway

Coast Wire and Plastic Tech, see Belden

Coleman Cable, see Southwire

CommScope Holding Company Incorporated

Comtran Cable, see Berkshire Hathaway

Corning Incorporated

Dekoron Wire and Cable, see Berkshire Hathaway

Delphi Automotive plc

Draka Cableteq USA, see Prysmian

Encore Wire Corporation

Freeport-McMoRan Incorporated

Fujikura Limited

Furukawa Electric Company Limited

General Cable Corporation

Harbour Industries, see Berkshire Hathaway

Hendrix Wire & Cable, see Berkshire Hathaway

Hitachi Limited

Judd Wire, see Sumitomo Electric Industries

Kerite, see Berkshire Hathaway

Koch Industries Incorporated


Leviton Manufacturing Company Incorporated

LHi Technology Singapore Private, see Carlisle Companies

LS Corporation

Molex, see Koch Industries

National Wire & Cable Corporation

Nexans SA

Norddeutsche Seekabelwerke, see General Cable

OFS Fitel, see Furukawa Electric

Okonite Company

PKC Group plc

PPC Broadband, see Belden

Prestolite Wire, see General Cable

Prysmian SpA

Rea Magnet Wire Company Incorporated

Richard Losch High Power, see LEONI

RSCC Wire & Cable, see Berkshire Hathaway

Southwire Company

Spectra-Strip, see Amphenol

Sumiden Wire Products, see Sumitomo Electric Industries

Sumitomo Electric Industries Limited

SuperPower, see Furukawa Electric

Tappan Wire and Cable, see Southwire

TE Connectivity Limited

TE Wire and Cable, see Berkshire Hathaway

Temp-Flex Cable, see Koch Industries

Times Fiber Communications, see Amphenol

TR Manufacturing, see Corning

Tyco Electronics, see TE Connectivity

United Copper Industries Incorporated

VISCAS, see Fujikura and Furukawa Electric

Watteredge, see Southwire

List of Tables


Summary Table


Macroeconomic Indicators

Nonresidential Fixed Investment

Construction Expenditures

Manufacturers' Shipments

Insulated Wire & Cable Market, 2004-2014

Selected Insulated Wire & Cable Price Deflators

US Foreign Trade in Insulated Wire & Cable


Insulated Wire & Cable Material Demand

Metal Demand in Insulated Wire & Cable

Copper Demand in Insulated Wire & Cable by Product

Aluminum & Other Metals Demand in Insulated Wire & Cable

Plastics Demand in Insulated Wire & Cable


Insulated Wire & Cable Supply & Demand

Building Wire & Cable Supply & Demand

Power Wire & Cable Supply & Demand

Underground Distribution Cable Demand

Portable Power Wire & Cable Demand

Other Power Wire & Cable Demand

Electronic Wire & Cable Supply & Demand

Coaxial Cable Demand

Multiconductor Wire & Cable Demand

Other Electronic Wire & Cable Demand

Apparatus Wire & Cordage Supply & Demand

Primary, Ignition, & Battery Wire & Cable Supply & Demand

Fiber Optic Cable Supply & Demand

Magnet Wire Supply & Demand

Other Wire & Cable Supply & Demand


Insulated Wire & Cable Demand by Market

Electrical Equipment Shipments

Electrical Equipment Wire & Cable Demand

Power Transmission & Distribution Wire & Cable Demand

Other Electrical Equipment Wire & Cable Demand

Residential Building Construction Expenditures

Nonresidential Building Construction Expenditures

Nonbuilding Construction Expenditures

Construction Wire & Cable Demand

Telecommunications Wire & Cable Demand

Motor Vehicle Indicators

Motor Vehicle Wire & Cable Demand

Machinery Shipments

Industrial Machinery & Equipment Wire & Cable Demand

Other Wire & Cable Markets


US Insulated Wire & Cable Sales for Selecte Manufacturers, 2014

Selected Acquisitions & Divestitures

Selected Cooperative Agreements


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May 19, 2015
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