IPC-9706 Mechanical Shock In-situ Electrical Metrology

IPC-9706 Mechanical Shock In-situ Electrical Metrology Test Guidelines for FCBGA SMT Component Solder Crack and Pad Crater/Trace Crack Detection

IPC, Date of Publication: Nov 6, 2013, 18 Pages

This document establishes metrology guidelines to electrically and reliably detect solder joint opens on Flip-Chip Ball Grid Array (FCBGA) SMT board assemblies during the mechanical shock or drop event. Some of the existing industry metrologies do not provide in-situ electrical monitoring of FCBGA solder joint opens during test. They either rely on electrical test before or after the test or use less efficient destructive physical analysis techniques which are either not reliable, cost-effective, or are time consuming. In-situ metrology can monitor not only FCBGA assembly with daisy-chain components but also product components with power or ground planes or equivalent daisy-chain test structures. In addition, the metrology in this document provides reliable electrical data with ball-level resolution, thereby eliminating the need for further fault isolation. 


Date of Publication:
Nov 6, 2013
Number of Pages:
18 Pages