IPC A-610F CN 电⼦组件的可接受性

IPC A-610F-CN 电⼦组件的可接受性 Acceptability of Electronic Assemblies (in Chinese)

Date of Publication: Jul 30, 2015, 424 Pages

IPC A-610F CN acceptability on electronics components

IPC-A-610F is the world's most widely used electronics assembly standard for all quality assurance and assembly departments is essential. IPC-A-610F illustrates the electronic components industry-recognized technical requirements, by color pictures and illustrations and a detailed description of the acceptable defect scenario. This release includes two new SMT type terminals, updating requirements and plated-through holes to fill voids BGA requirements. In addition, as revised written expression easier to read and help you understand, without eliminating any requirement.

The main contents include connecting flexible circuit board, picture boards, stacking components, lead-free and tin-lead requirements, directions and through-hole components, SMT welding requirements and cleaning, marking, coating, laminate requirements.

IPC-A-610 for All Inspectors, Operators and Trainers are Priceless. A Total of 814 F Version on acceptability requirements of Pictures and Diagrams, Including 86 for the new or Updated. Standard requirements and other Standards have Been Recognized by the Industry requirements Keep Materials and Process Standards pace with IPC J-STD-001 Supporting the Use. Dissertation 424. Published in July 2014 / 2015 translation.

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Date of Publication:
Jul 30, 2015
File Format:
Non-Printable CD-ROM & Print Copy
Number of Pages:
424 Pages
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