IPC-C-106 Printed Board Design Standards Collection

IPC-C-106 Printed Board Design Standards Collection

Date of Publication: Dec 14, 2016

As a designer considering physical design principles, customer reliability requirements and surface mount and high-speed logic design, this new manual set provides an excellent compilation of standards essential to your library. Sharp focus is brought to bear on such aspects of printed board technology as high density interconnects, flexible printed board design, controlled impedance and Design for Reliability (DFR) procedures. Includes 23 IPC documents. Save 55% on individual document prices.

This Kit Includes:

2141A: Design Guide for High-Speed Controlled Impedance Circuit Boards
2152: Standard for Determining Current Carrying Capacity in Printed Board Design
2221B: Generic Standard on Printed Board Design
2222A: Sectional Design Standard for Rigid Organic Printed Boards
2223C: Sectional Design Standard for Flexible Printed Boards
2225: Sectional Design Standard for Organic Multichip Modules (MCM-L) and MCM-L Assemblies
2226: Sectional Design Standard for High Density Interconnect (HDI) Boards
2251: Design Guide for the Packaging of High Speed Electronic Circuits
2252: Design Guide for RF/Microwave Circuit Boards
2316: Design Guide for Embedded Passive Device Printed Boards
2611: Generic Requirements for Electronic Product Documentation
2612: Sectional Requirements for Electronic Diagramming Documentation (Schematic and Logic Descript
2612-1: Sectional Requirements for Electronic Diagramming Symbol Generation Methodology
2614: Sectional Requirements for Board Fabrication Documentation
4761: Design Guide for Protection of Printed Board Via Structures
7351B: Generic Requirements for Surface Mount Design and Land Pattern Standard
D-279: Design Guidelines for Reliable Surface Mount Technology Printed Board Assemblies
D-325A: Documentation Requirements for Printed Boards
D-326A: Information Requirements for Manufacturing Printed Circuit Boards and Other Electronic Asse
D-422: Design Guide for Press Fit Rigid Printed Board Back Planes
J-STD-026: Semiconductor Design Standard for Flip Chip Applications
J-STD-027: Mechanical Outline Standard for Flip Chip and Chip Size Configurations

Date of Publication:
Dec 14, 2016
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