IPC-D-356B Bare Substrate Electrical Test Data Format

Date of Publication: Oct 1, 2002, 61 Pages

IPC-D-356B standard describes a data format for transmitting bare board electrical test information in digital form, including data suitable for computer-aided repair. When used as a netlist input to test data processing, the receiver of IPC-D-356B data will determine test point assignments and positioning. Enhancements to the B Revision include updates to the concept of testable areas to account for SMD pads and unusually shaped pads, updating of complex records for representing all inter-layer connections in nets, a simple polygon description format that improves graphical representation of the bare board, and new methods for indentifying endpoints and midpoints. 61 pages. Released October 2002.

Date of Publication:
Oct 1, 2002
File Format:
Non-Printable CD-ROM
Number of Pages:
61 Pages