IPC J-STD-001F-CN 焊接的电气和电子组件要求

IPC J-STD-001F-CN 焊接的电气和电子组件要求 (Chinese language)

Date of Publication: Feb 19, 2015


IPC J-STD-001F is a globally recognized only covers soldering materials and processes to reach an industry consensus standard. F version supports both conventional solder alloy, also support lead-free manufacturing. Examples of significant changes such as new releases revised the plated-through holes (PTH) is the minimum requirement to fill the two new SMT solder side requirements and conformal coating requirements. For the production of high-quality solder interconnection and components described in this standard have been possible adjustments to materials, methods and verification easier to understand. This standard contains requirements for three levels of the product. With full-color illustrations. This standard is complementary IPC-A-610F and provide supporting supported by IPC-HDBK-001. Full 70, July 2014 release, November 2014 translation.


Date of Publication:
Feb 19, 2015
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