IPC Standards

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Date of Publication: Jan 1, 1995
IPC-CA-821 covers requirements and test methods for thermally conductive dielectric adhesives used to bond components in place. Permanent, removable and...

Date of Publication: Oct 1, 2008
This is the industry standard for qualification and quality conformance of conformal coating. Its intent is to show how to obtain maximum information with minimum test redundancy. Includes requirements and evaluations of material properties using standardized test vehicles. Amendment 1 updates include new qualification, retention and conformance inspection requirements for FTIR, MIR and hydrolytic stability.

Date of Publication: Mar 1, 1998
IPC CF 152B covers the requirements for copper-invar-copper (CIC), copper-molybdenum- copper (CMC) and three-layer composites for use in electronic applications. IPC-CF-152B includes specification sheets, which outline engineering and performance data for each type of composite metallic materials.

Date of Publication: Jul 1, 2011
IPC CS-65B updated for new technologies including lead-free, no-clean and environmentally friendly chemistries. This is a collection of information...

Date of Publication: Jan 1, 2004
IPC-CM-770E revision provides effective guidelines in the preparation and attachment of components for printed circuit board assembly and reviews pertinent...

Date of Publication: Jul 1, 1996
IPC-D-279 establishes design concepts, guidelines and procedures for reliable printed wiring assemblies. Focuses on SMT or mixed technology PWAs, specifically addressing the interconnect structure and the solder joint itself. Discusses substrates, components, attachment materials, coatings and assembly processes and testing considerations.

Date of Publication: Jun 1, 1991

IPC-D-310C document provides manufacturing and design considerations, input data requirements, test coupons, process control, tape and preform artwork, cut and strip artwork, vector photoplotting, rasterplotting, direct imaging, measurement and quality assurance.