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Date of Publication: Oct 18, 2016
Le guide définitif illustré de l’acceptabilité des circuits imprimés. Ce document de référence en couleur défini et illustre avec des photos et des dessins, les critères « objectifs », « acceptables » et « non conformes » qui sont observables en interne ou en surface des circuits imprimés. Assurez vous que vos opérateurs, vos contrôleurs et vos ingénieurs possèdent les informations les plus récentes issues du consensus industriel.

Date of Publication: Aug 1, 2013
This guideline provides an overview of the design process flow for printed electronics based devices, modules and units, and final products. The intent of IPC/JPCA-2291 is to establish a design process flow that will facilitate and improve the practice of printed electronics design. IPC/JPCA-2291 identifies documents such as standards that can be used to assist during the design process flow.

Date of Publication: Sep 25, 2013
IPC A-630 contains acceptability criteria that pertain to the "box build" of the assembly process. This standard has been written to direct manufacturers and end-users of electronic enclosures of electrical and electronic equipment to understand the best practices to meet requirements, ensuring the reliability and function of the end-item assembly for its intended design life.

Date of Publication: Nov 20, 2012
IPC-2221B ist die Basisrichtlinie für das Design und bildet die Grundlage für alle Dokumente der IPC-2220-Serie. Sie legt die allgemeinen Anforderungen für das Design von Leiterplatten aus organischenMaterialien sowie anderen Formen der Bauteilbefestigung oder Verbindungsstrukturen fest.

Date of Publication: Dec 8, 2010
Gemeinsam mit IPC-2221 verwendet, legt IPC-2222 die spezifischen Anforderungen an das Design starrer, organischer Leiterplatten und weiterer Formen der...

Date of Publication: Jul 31, 2015
本書はIPCの製品保証分科会(7-30及び7-30C)のタスクグループ(7-31B)、 タスクグループアジア(7-31BC),タスクグループ北欧(7-31BD)、タス クグループドイツ語圏(7-31BDE)そしてタスクグループインド(7-31BI) を含めたIPC-A-610チームにより作成されたものである。 本書は、セレスティカ・ジャパン株式会社及び武井利泰⽒(⽇本精⼯株 式会社)により翻訳され、株式会社ジャパンユニックスにより、改版・監 修が⾏われた。 本書

Date of Publication: Jun 24, 2014
This standard is the companion document to IPC-A-630. IPC-HDBK-630 is an in-depth guideline to the design, manufacture, inspection and testing of the high level assembly, or "box" that encloses electronics assemblies. This document was written to help designers, manufacturers and end users of electronic enclosures of electrical and electronic equipment understand the industry's best practices to meet requirements — ensuring the reliability and function of the end-item assembly for its intended design life.