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Date of Publication: Mar 10, 2010
This standard establishes the requirements for the documentation of electronic diagrams used as the foundation for defining the electrical interconnectivity of electronic products.

Date of Publication: Mar 17, 2010
This standard establishes the requirements for the documentation of printed circuit board fabrication, and identifies the physical attributes and performance requirements of the unpopulated product.

Date of Publication: Aug 26, 2014
IPC-4103A-WAM1 specification covers the requirements for clad and unclad plastic laminate and bonding layer materials to be used for the fabrication of printed boards for microstrip, stripline, and high speed digital electrical and electronic circuits.

Date of Publication: Aug 17, 2011
Der einzige Industrie-Standard für das Handling, die Verpackung und Lagerung von Leiterplatten. Die Anwendung dieser Richtlinie soll Leiterplatten schützen...

Date of Publication: Aug 11, 2010
行业内唯一一份关于印制板操作、包装和贮存的指南。本文件中的指南是为了保护印制板,避免其受到污染、物理损伤、可焊性降低和吸潮。还给出了以下需 考虑的因素:包装材料类型和方法、生产环境、产品操作和运输、建立推荐的湿气水平、建立去除湿气的烘烤曲线以及烘烤对印制板可靠性的影响。...

Date of Publication: Sep 2, 2014
结合使用IPC-2221,IPC-2222为刚性有机印制板的设计和其他形式的元件贴装和互连结构建立了专用的设计要求。本标准适用于单面、双面、或多 层板。本文的关键概念是:刚性层压板的性能、印制板组件的设计要求、以及孔/互连的设计要求。A版本不仅提供了新的设计指导,而且还对介质间距、无铅层压...

Date of Publication: Dec 18, 2012
Benutzung in Verbindung mit IPC-2221, legt die IPC-2223 die Anforderungen an das Design flexibler Leiterplatten und die Arten der Bauteilmontage und...