IPC Standards

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PLEASE NOTE: Due to technology changes, CDs are being gradually phased out as a product format. Therefore, from September 2016, KITs for standards (hard copy plus single user CD) have been discontinued. 
Date of Publication: Apr 7, 2015
The 2015 iNWEMI Roadmap The 2015 iNEMI Roadmap is now on sale. As the only industry roadmap that looks at the entire supply chain, the iNEMI Roadmap...

Date of Publication: Feb 18, 2015
IPC 7711/21B-CN...

Date of Publication: Feb 18, 2015
IPC   A-630-CN...

Date of Publication: Mar 12, 2008
J-STD-020D.1新增了无铅组装所用元器件的相关内容!本标准的目的是确定对湿气诱发应力敏感的非气密固态表面贴装器件(SMD)的潮湿敏感等 级。它可用于确定SMD封装的初始可靠性认证应该采用的分级等级。从而能够对这些器件进行正确地包装、存储和操作,以避免其在随后的再流焊接操作时受到热...

Date of Publication: Feb 12, 2013
IPC J-STD-033C-CN 本文件的目的是,针对潮湿/再流焊敏感表面贴装器件,向生产商和用户提供标准的操作、包装、运输及使用方法。所提供的这些方法可避免由于吸收湿气和暴露在...

Date of Publication: Jul 4, 2008
IPC-T-50H-CN 本文件是电子互连行业不可或缺的一份术语标准。该文件图文并茂,可帮助用户及其客户克服语言上的沟通障碍。H版本包含200多条新术语或修订术语,新术语...

Date of Publication: Oct 15, 2008
This is the industry standard for qualification and quality conformance of conformal coating. Its intent is to show how to obtain maximum information with...