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Date of Publication: Oct 22, 2013
This handbook is a compilation of the conformal coating industry's practical experience, and will assist the designers and users of conformal coatings in making informed choices. Users will better understand the properties of the various conformal coatings, the results to be achieved by its application and how to verify that these goals have been met.

Date of Publication: Oct 9, 2013
Surface mount pad cratering typically initiates prior to detection by existing electrical monitoring test methods. There are limited instrumentation techniques that are currently available that can identify non-electrical damage and its location to a high degree of accuracy. This guideline document establishes an acoustic emission (AE) method to evaluate the performance and reliability of surface mount attachments of electronics assemblies during mechanical loading. 

Date of Publication: Dec 27, 2012
IPC-9631 beinhaltet Betrachtungen und Erwägungen in Bezug auf die Anwendung der IPC-TM-650, Methode 2.6.27, Thermischer Stress, Simulation des...

Date of Publication: Feb 3, 2010
本文件提供了可用于辅助组装、返工、维修和回收利用的标记、标签系统,并可识别以下项目: 1)使用无铅焊料或有铅焊料组装的组件; 2)二级互连端子涂覆层和材料为无铅或有铅的元器件; 3)在组装和返工制程中,不允许超过的元器件最大耐温值; 4)用于制作印制电路板的基材,包括无卤素树脂;...

Date of Publication: Nov 2, 2015
Az IPC-A-610 a világon legszélesebb körben használt elektronikai szerelvényekkel foglalkozó szabvány. Nem...

Date of Publication: Jan 20, 2015
IPC A-610F-RO IPC-A-610 este cel mai folosit standard din lume în industria electronică de asamblare. Ca o necesitate absolută pentru toate...

Date of Publication: Nov 2, 2012
¡NUEVO! Incluye criterios ampliados para el moldeado, encapsulado, empalmes, contactos de compresión sin soporte de aislamiento, conectores en línea con desplazamiento del aislamiento, conectorización, cables rígidos y flexibles, fundas flexibles, atados múltiples estilo retama, pruebas y mucho más.

Date of Publication: Dec 22, 2014
This Addendum supplements or replaces specifically identified requirements of IPC J-STD-001, Revision F, for soldered electrical and electronic assemblies that must survive the vibration and thermal cyclic environments of getting to and operating in space.