Low-E Glass Industry Report

Global and China Low-E Glass Industry Report, 2015-2018

Research in China, Date of Publication: Dec 16, 2015, 120 Pages

Low-E glass, a new type of energy-saving glass, is mainly used in the field of building energy conservation. Chinese Government has introduced policies to support the development of the building energy efficiency industry since the 1990s, which propels the advancement of Low-E glass. The annual Low-E glass capacity jumps from 25 million m2 in 2005 to 660 million m2 in 2015, presenting a CAGR of 38.7%.

Although China’s Low-E glass capacity grows rapidly, the constraint of production technologies (especially online coating technology) leads to a low capacity utilization rate. In 2014, China’s Low-E glass output ascended 11.9% year on year to 150 million m2, while the capacity utilization rate was only 25.1%. In 2015, the capacity utilization rate is expected to hit 25.8% amid the stable glass market. In addition, China's Low-E glass penetration rate is less than 15%, still lagging far behind 80% in Europe, Japan, South Korea, the United States and other developed countries.

In the past two years, the adjustment in real estate market has incurred fluctuations in the Low-E glass price. For example, the price of 6mm single-silver Low-E glass dropped from RMB210 /weight case in 2012 to RMB120/weight case in mid-2015.

The world's leading Low-E glass manufacturers include the US-based PPG, Japan-based NSG and AGC, France-based Saint-Gobain, China-based CSG, Taiwan Glass Group, Kibing Group and so on. These players have taken measures in response to falling commodity prices and downward market trends, like PPG develops higher value-added new products; Taiwan Glass Group and Kibing Group set up new production bases in target markets.

PPG is enthusiastic about R & D of new-type Low-E glass. In September 2014, it launched SOLARBAN67 featured with excellent flexibility, transparency and other merits; in August 2015, it collaborated with Walker Glass to develop new-type high-performance anti-bird-strike solar control Low-E glass.

Following Japan NSG, Taiwan Glass Group is the world's second producer boasting Low-E glass plants. Its production base is located in Changbin, Taiwan. At the end of 2015, a Low-E glass factory consisting of a Low-E laminated glass production line and two Low-E vacuum glass production lines in Shenyang invested by USD240 million is expected to be completed and put into production.

CSG Holding has Low-E glass production bases in Tianjin, Dongguan, Wujiang, Xianning and Chengdu. It shows strong competitiveness in the high-end Low-E glass market -- its triple-silver Low-E glass seizes about 30% shares of the international market and 60% shares of Chinese market.

In May 2015, Kibing Group decided to invest RMB1.17 billion in a 600t/d Low-E online coated glass production line and a 600t/d high-end diversified glass production line in Negeri Sembilan, Malaysia to meet the market demand in Southeast Asia, Central Asia, the Middle East and other regions.

Global and China Low-E Glass Industry Report, 2015-2018 focuses on the followings:

  • Development environments, market size, penetration rate and others of global Low-E glass industry;
  • Policies, technologies, etc. of China’s Low-E glass industry;
  • Supply, demand, competition pattern, market prices, applications, etc. of China’s Low-E glass industry;
  • Operation, revenue structure, Low-E glass business, etc. of 4 foreign and 13 Chinese Low-E glass manufacturers.

Global and China Low-E Glass Industry Report

1. Overview of Low-E Glass Industry
1.1 Definition and Classification
1.2 Energy-saving Effect

2. Status of Global Low-E Glass Industry
2.1 Development History
2.2 Building Energy-saving Policies of Main Countries
2.2.1 Germany
2.2.2 USA
2.2.3 Japan
2.3 Market Status

3. Operating Environment for China Low-E Glass Industry
3.1 Policy Environment
3.2 Social Environment
3.3 Technological Environment

4. Low-E Glass Supply in China
4.1 Production Cost
4.2 Supply
4.2.1 Capacity
4.2.2 Output
4.3 Competition

5. Low-E Glass Demand in China
5.1 Application
5.2 Demand
5.2.1 Revenue
5.2.2 Volume
5.3 Price

6. Key Global Players
6.1 PPG Industries
6.1.1 Profile
6.1.2 Operation
6.1.3 Revenue Structure
6.1.4 Low-E Glass Business 
6.1.5 Business in China
6.2 Nippon Sheet Glass (NSG)
6.2.1 Profile
6.2.2 Operation
6.2.3 Revenue Structure
6.2.4 Low-E Glass Business 
6.2.5 Business in China
6.3 Asahi Glass Co. (AGC)
6.3.1 Profile
6.3.2 Operation
6.3.3 Revenue Structure
6.3.4 Low-E Glass Business 
6.3.5 Business in China
6.4 Saint-Gobain
6.4.1 Profile
6.4.2 Operation
6.4.3 Revenue Structure
6.4.4 Low-E Glass Business 
6.4.5 Business in China

7. Key Players in China
7.1 CSG Holding
7.1.1 Profile
7.1.2 Operation
7.1.3 Revenue Structure
7.1.4 Gross Margin
7.1.5 R&D and Investment 
7.1.6 Low-E Glass Business 
7.2 Taiwan Glass Group
7.2.1 Profile
7.2.2 Operation
7.2.3 Low-E Glass Business 
7.2.4 TG Changjiang Glass Co., Ltd.
7.2.5 TG Chengdu Glass Co., Ltd.
7.2.6 TG Anhui Glass Co., Ltd.
7.2.7 TG Xianyang Glass Co., Ltd.
7.3 Xinyi Glass
7.3.1 Profile
7.3.2 Operation
7.3.3 Revenue Structure
7.3.4 Gross Margin
7.3.5 Low-E Glass Business
7.4 Shanghai Yaohua Pilkington Glass Group Co., Ltd. (SYP Group)
7.4.1 Profile
7.4.2 Operation
7.4.3 Revenue Structure
7.4.4 Gross Margin
7.4.5 R&D and Investment
7.4.6 Low-E Glass Business
7.5 China Glass
7.5.1 Profile
7.5.2 Operation
7.5.3 Revenue Structure
7.5.4 Gross Margin
7.5.5 Low-E Glass Business
7.6 AVIC Sanxin
7.6.1 Profile
7.6.2 Operation
7.6.3 Revenue Structure
7.6.4 Gross Margin
7.6.5 Low-E Glass Business
7.7 Zhuzhou Kibing Group
7.7.1 Profile
7.7.2 Operation
7.7.3 Revenue Structure
7.7.4 Gross Margin
7.7.5 Low-E Glass Business
7.8 Shandong Jinjing Science & Technology Stock Co., Ltd.
7.8.1 Profile 
7.8.2 Operation
7.8.3 Revenue Structure
7.8.4 Gross Margin
7.8.5 Low-E Glass Business
7.9 Others
7.9.1 Grand Engineering Glass (ZhongShan) Co., Ltd.
7.9.2 Suzhou Huadong Coating Glass Co., Ltd.
7.9.3 Weihai Blue Star Glass Holding Co., Ltd
7.9.4 China Yaohua Glass Group Corporation
7.9.5 Intex Glass (Xiamen) Co., Ltd.

8. Summary and Forecast
8.1 Market
8.2 Enterprise


Classification of Energy-efficient Glass
Classification of Low-E Glass
Difference between Offline and Online Low-E Glass
Applicability of Low-E Glass by Main Varieties 
Optothermal Parameters of Major Classes
Comparison of Energy-saving Effect of Glasses
Development History of Global Low-E Glass
Building Energy-saving Policies in Germany
German Standards for Limiting Window Heat Transfer Coefficient
Building Energy-saving Policies in the U.S. 
Residential and Commercial Building Energy Efficiency Improvement Trends in the U.S., 1975-2015
Building Energy-saving Policies in Japan
Global Low-E Glass Output and Growth Rate, 1990-2018E
Popularity of Low-E Architectural Glass in Major European Countries
Popularity of Low-E Glass in Major Countries Worldwide, 2014
Main Low-E Glass Manufacturers Abroad
Building Energy-saving Policies and Regulations in China, 2011-2015
New Energy-saving Building Area in China, 2010-2018E
Energy-saving Effects of Different Glass Structures
Cost Structure of Low-E Glass Manufacturing (e.g. Imported Equipment)
Unit Cost of Low-E Glass Processing
Low-E Glass Capacity of Major Enterprises in China, 2015
Low-E Glass Capacity of China, 2006-2018E
Some Low-E Glass Production Lines Adopting Homemade Equipment in China
Capacity Structure of Low-E Glass in China (by Province/City), 2014
Output and Growth Rate of Low-E Glass in China, 2006-2018E
Competition Pattern in Chinese Low-E Glass Market, 2015
Revenue of Major Low-E Glass Enterprises in China, 2008-2015
Total Energy Consumption Structure in China
Residential Building Energy Consumption Structure in Northern China
Revenue of China Low-E glass Industry, 2006-2018E
Demand for Building Glass and Low-E Glass in China, 2006-2018E
6mm Low-E Glass Price in China, 2014-2015
Distribution of PPG Factories (by Region), 2015
Revenue and Net Income of PPG, 2008-2015
Revenue Structure of PPG (by Business), 2009-2015 
Revenue Breakdown of PPG (by Region), 2011-2014 
Low-E Glass Business Structure of PPG
Glass Revenue and Net Income of PPG, 2007-2015
Low-E Glass-related Cooperation of PPG in China
Global Productivity Distribution of NSG, 2015
Revenue and Net Income of NSG, FY2009-FY2016E
Development Plan of NSG, 2016E
Revenue Structure of NSG (by Business), FY2009-FY2016E
Revenue Structure of NSG (by Region), FY2013-FY2015
Revenue Structure of NSG’s Main Products (by Region), FY2015 
Revenue and Operating Income of NSG’s Architectural Glass Business, FY2009-FY2016E
Distribution of NSG’s Major Subsidiaries in China, 2015
Glass Production Lines of AGC (by Region)
Revenue and Net Income of AGC, 2008-2015
AGC’s Productivity Distribution, 2015 
Revenue Structure of AGC (by Product), 2010-2015
Revenue Structure of AGC (by Region), 2011-2014
Main Products and Services of AGC’s Glass Business
Revenue and Growth Rate of AGC’s Glass Business, 2009-2015 
Revenue of AGC’s Glass Business (by Region), 2013-2015
Major Subsidiaries of AGC in China (by Product), 2015 
Marketing Network of AGC in China
Staff Distribution of Saint-Gobain, 2014 
Revenue and Net Income of Saint-Gobain, 2009-2015
Revenue Structure of Saint-Gobain (by Business), 2009-2015
Revenue Structure of Saint-Gobain (by Region), 2009-2015
Flat Glass Products of Saint-Gobain, 2015
Revenue and Operating Income of Saint-Gobain’s Flat Glass Business, 2009-2015
Sales and Growth Rate of Saint-Gobain’s Sales in China, 2002-2015 
Major Glass Enterprises of Saint-Gobain in China, 2015 
Equity Structure of CSG, 2015
Global Marketing Network of CSG
Revenue and Net Income of CSG, 2007-2015
Revenue Structure of CSG (by Product), 2008-2015
Revenue Structure of CSG (by Region), 2008-2015
Gross Margin of CSG (by Product), 2008-2015
Main Architectural Glass-related Projects of CSG, 2015
Revenue and Growth Rate of CSG’s Architectural Glass Business, 2008-2015 
Revenue of CSG’s Major Architectural Glass Subsidiaries, 2012-2015 
Low-E Glass Capacity of CSG (by Product/Region), 2015 
Distribution of Production Bases of Taiwan Glass Group, 2015 
Revenue and Net Income of Taiwan Glass Group, 2008-2015 
Distribution of Flat Glass Production Bases of Taiwan Glass Group, 2015 
Capacity of Low-E Glass Production Lines of Taiwan Glass Group (by Factory), 2015 
Production Lines of TG Changjiang Glass, 2015 
Production Lines of TG Anhui Glass
Equity Structure of Xinyi Group, 2015
Revenue and Net Income of Xinyi Group, 2007-2015
Revenue Structure of Xinyi Glass (by Product), 2007-2015
Revenue Structure of Xinyi Glass (by Region), 2007-2015
Gross Margin of Xinyi Glass (by Product), 2008-2015
Architectural Glass Sales Network of Xinyi Glass in China
Capacities of Major Low-E Glass Production Lines of Xinyi Glass, 2015
Marketing Network of SYP Group in China
Equity Structure of SYP Group, 2015 
Revenue and Net Income of SYP Group, 2007-2015
Revenue Structure of SYP Group (by Product), 2008-2015
Revenue of SYP Group (by Region), 2006-2015
Gross Margin of SYP Group (by Product), 2006-2015
Proposed Projects of SYP Group, 2015
Low-E Glass Capacity of SYP Group, 2015
Equity Structure of China Glass, 2015
Revenue and Net Income of China Glass, 2007-2015
Revenue Structure of China Glass (by Product), 2010-2015
Revenue of China Glass (by Region), 2008-2014
Gross Margin of China Class (by Product), 2010-2014
Revenue of China Coated Glass, 2010-2015
Capacity of Low-E Glass Production Lines of China Glass, 2015
Equity Structure of AVIC Sanxin, 2015
Revenue and Net Income of AVIC Sanxin, 2007-2015
Revenue and Net Income of AVIC Sanxin’s Subsidiaries, 2014
Revenue Structure of AVIC Sanxin (by Product), 2008-2015
Revenue of AVIC Sanxin (by Region), 2008-2015
Gross Margin of AVIC Sanxin (by Product), 2008-2015
Revenue and Growth Rate of AVIC Sanxin’s Special Glass Business, 2008-2015
Low-E Glass Production Lines of AVIC Sanxin, 2015
Equity Structure of Kibing Group, 2015
Global Marketing Network of Kibing Group
Revenue and Net Income of Kibing Group, 2008-2015
Revenue Structure of Kibing Group (by Product), 2008-2015
Revenue of Kibing Group (by Region), 2008-2015
Gross Margin of Kibing Group (by Product), 2008-2015
Capacities of Low-E Glass Products of Kibing Group, 2015
Equity Structure of Shandong Jinjing Science & Technology, 2015 
Revenue and Net Income of Shandong Jinjing Science & Technology, 2006-2015
Revenue and Percentage of Shandong Jinjing Science & Technology (by Product), 2008-2015
Revenue of Shandong Jinjing Science & Technology (by Region), 2008-2015
Gross Margin of Shandong Jinjing Science & Technology (by Product), 2008-2015
Capacities of Low-E Glass Products of Shandong Jinjing Science & Technology, 2015
Low-E Glass Projects under Construction of Shandong Jinjing Science & Technology, 2015
Equity Structure of Huadong Coating Glass, 2015
Revenue and Net Income of Blue Star Glass, 2007-2015
Equity Structure of China Yaohua Glass Group Corporation, 2015
Main Products and Subsidiaries of China Yaohua Glass Group Corporation
Global Marketing Network of Intex Glass
Global and China Low-E Glass Output, 2013-2018E
Capacity and Demand Growth Rate of Low-E Glass in China, 2007-2018E
Revenue Growth Rate of Major Worldwide Low-E Glass Manufacturers, 2008-2015 
Top 10 Low-E Glass Manufacturers in China (by Capacity), 2015 

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