Market for Fiber Optic Test & Measurement Equipment for Avionic Systems

Military & Aerospace Fiber Optics Market Report Series (3 Volumes)

IGI, Date of Publication: May 22, 2014
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The military market for fiber optics components, subsystems, and systems is just starting to take off according to a newly updated series of reports. The military and aerospace budgets continue to remain relatively strong despite the sequestration and cutbacks in major programs.

The reasons are:

  1. After many years of research, development and trials, the barriers to acceptance of fiber optics as a new untried technology are coming down due to wide acceptance in the telecommunications field.
  2. There is a continuing need for lower weight, size, and power consumption wiring infrastructure by all aircraft platforms including UAVs.
  3. There is an ever increasing need for more bandwidth.
  4. More flexibility needs to be built into smart wiring systems to reduce cost of retrofits and upgrades and maintenance by using built in test equipment.
  5. Continued research is needed in standards, Test Equipment, integrated optical components, manufacturing technology, testing and hardening of fiber optic systems.

In addition to the military market, there is developing an equally large market for fiber optics in large commercial aircraft, regional jets, private jets, helicopters, and small aircraft of all types. The complete infrastructure of installation, maintenance, retrofits, etc. has yet to be developed by the major carriers for fiber optics. Much of the commercial needs will be drawn from the military market but special requirements such an Inflight Entertainment Systems (IFE), Electronic Flight Bag (EFB) and many others will have to be developed at a much lower cost than for military and aerospace systems.

If you are already doing business with the military/aerospace or plan to do so, these volumes are invaluable marketing tools.

The series consists of:

Vol. 1 - Market for Fiber Optics in Military & Aerospace Avionic Systems

The report includes both military and commercial aircraft including fighter aircraft, transport aircraft, UAVs and commercial aircraft. The report estimates the total fiber optic market for these two markets at $306 million in 2009, growing to $775 million in 2015. This increase in total market is due to a number of factors including greater acceptance of this new technology driven by the rapid acceptance and developments in the telecommunications field. Other factors include the need to reduce size and weight, the need for higher bandwidth, and the opening of the UAV market. Despite the desire to use more fiber in aircraft, specific military and aerospace requirements present major barriers. These include the unavailability of COTS, lack of hardened components for the military and aerospace environment, available test and maintenance procedures and the availability of low cost, easy to use test and measurement equipment.

Vol. 2 - Fiber Optics Contacts in Military and Aerospace

Volume 2 is a compilation of key contacts involved in military and aerospace fiber optics research, design, manufacture, installation, and test. The number of experts in fiber optics in the military and aerospace industry is limited. Knowing who these experts are and how to contact them is critical to any marketing effort by companies already doing business with the military and those new to the business. Over 600 key contacts in government agencies and suppliers to the military including component and subsystem suppliers, OEMs, research, training and standards organizations have been identified.

Vol. 3 - Market for Fiber Optic Test & measurement Equipment for Avionic Systems

The market for test and measurement equipment and services for military and aerospace is still in the development stage. Test and Measurement equipment developed for the telecommunications field is being used in the military and aerospace field with mixed results. The equipment in the telecommunications field is mostly single mode while the majority of the military and aerospace systems are multimode.


Date of Publication:
May 22, 2014
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