Mobile GPU Market Trends

Mobile GPU Market Trends

Global Industry Analysts, Date of Publication: Apr 2, 2014, 21 Pages

Mobile GPUs are advanced platforms that are incorporated in latest portable mobile devices for addressing the significant increase in 3D applications.

The report analyzes and presents an overview of Mobile GPU market worldwide. The report in addition provides global market estimates and projections for Mobile GPU in Units for years 2012 through 2017. Supported with 4 market data tables, the report provides a review of market trends, and further gives a mention about the market shares of leading Mobile GPU Licensee Providers, Mobile GPU Chip Manufacturers, and Mobile GPUs in SoC (system on a chip) Platform Producers during 2012. The report also highlights on various strategic industry activities of major companies witnessed by the industry over the last few years. In addition, 16 companies operating in the Mobile GPU arena worldwide including Advanced Micro Devices, Apple, Digital Media Professional Inc., Imagination Technologies, NVIDIA Corporation, Qualcomm, Samsung Electronics, Texas Instruments, Vivante Corporation and others are profiled.


      Graphics Processing Unit - An Introduction                           1
      Mobile GPUs - A Preview                                              1
       Table 1: Global Mobile GPU Shipments (2012-2017) In Million
        Units                                                              2

  2. MARKET OVERVIEW, DYNAMICS & OUTLOOK                                   3
      Magnet Devices to Take a Leap                                        3
      Next-Generation Mobile Devices to Offer Enhanced Performance         3
      Notebooks with Integrated Graphic Cards to Proliferate               3
      Demand for OpenGL ES-Enabled GPUs to Witness Exponential Increase    4
      Integrated CPUs to Cannibalize Integrated Graphics Processors
       Chipsets Market                                                     4
      Competitive Scenario                                                 4
       Table 2: Leading Mobile GPU Licensee Providers Worldwide
       (2012) - Percentage Market Share Breakdown for Imagination
       Technologies, Vivante Corporation, Digital Media
       Professionals, Inc. (DMP), Takumi Corporation, and ARM Ltd.         5

       Table 3: Leading Mobile GPU Chip Manufacturers’ Market Share
       by Value Sales Worldwide (2012) -Percentage Breakdown for
       Qualcomm, Intel, Apple, Samsung, Texas Instruments, AMD,
       Nvidia, and Others                                                  5

       Table 4: Leading Mobile GPUs in SoC (system on a chip)
       Platform Producers’ Market Share by Value Sales Worldwide
       (2012) - Percentage Breakdown for Qualcomm, Apple, Texas
       Instruments, Samsung, Nvdia, and Others                             6

  3. RECENT INDUSTRY ACTIVITY                                              7
      Intel Acquires UK Division of ZiiLabs                                7
      Samsung Inks Licensing Agreement with Imagination Technologies       7
      Imagination Technologies Acquires Caustic Graphics                   7
      Texas Instruments Inks Licensing Agreement with Imagination
       Technologies                                                        7

  4. PRODUCT LAUNCHES/INNOVATIONS                                          9
      AMD Rolls Out AMD Radeon HD 8970M Notebook Graphics Card             9
      AMD Unveils Radeon HD 7990 Dual-GPU Card                             9
      AMD Launches Radeon HD 8000M and HD 8000 Series of Mobile GPUs       9
      NVIDIA Launches NVIDIA® GeForce® GTXTM 700M Lineup of Notebook
       GPU                                                                 9
      NVIDIA Launches New Range of GPUs for Notebook PCs                   10
      NVIDIA to Unveil Tegra 5                                             10
      NVIDIA Unveils GeForce Go 6800 Ultra mobile GPU                      10
      Samsung Unveils ARM v7 Architecture-Based Programmable Mobile GPU    10
      AMD Unveils New Mobile GPUs                                          11
      ARM Rolls Out Second Generation Mali-T600 GPU Series                 11
      ARM Unveils Mali-450 GPU                                             12
      Eurocom Unveils New Line of Mobile Workstations                      12
      ORIGIN PC and LucidLogix Announce Joint Launch of VIRTU MVP
       Mobile GPU Virtualization Software                                  12
      NVIDIA Rolls Out New Line of GPU Models                              12
      NVIDIA Launches GTX 680M Mobile GPU                                  13
      NVIDIA Introduces New GeForce 600M Range of Mobile Cards             13
      Vivante Unveils Mobile GPU Supporting OpenCL 1.1 and OpenGL ES
       3.0                                                                 13
      Vivante Announces Vivante GC Cores Compliance with OpenCL 1.1
       Standard                                                            14
      AMD Introduces Radeon HD 6000M Mobile GPUs                           14
      Imagination Technologies to Launch PowerVR Series 6 GPUs             14
      NVIDIA Introduces GeForce 8M Series Mobile GPUs                      15
      NVIDIA and AMD Independently Launch Mobile GPUs                      15
      NVIDIA Introduces GTX 580M GPU                                       15
      AMD Unveils ATI Mobility Radeon DX 11 Mobile GPU                     15
      ARM Unveils Mali-T604 Mobile GPU                                     15
      NVIDIA Introduces GeForce 400M Series Mobile GPUs                    15
      NVIDIA to Introduce GeForce GTX 480M Mobile GPU                      16
      NVIDIA Launches GeForce 300M Mobile GPU Series                       16
      NVIDIA Introduces New Range of Mobile GPUs                           16
      Qualcomm Launches Adreno 300 Series Mobile GPUs                      16

  5. MARKET PARTICIPANTS                                                   17
      Advanced Micro Devices, Inc. (USA)                                   17
      Amlogic, Inc. (USA)                                                  17
      Apple, Inc. (USA)                                                    17
      ARM Holdings PLC (UK)                                                17
      Digital Media Professional, Inc. (Japan)                             18
      Imagination Technologies (UK)                                        18
      Intel Corporation (USA)                                              18
      LucidLogix (Israel)                                                  18
      Matrox Electronic Systems Ltd. (Canada)                              19
      NVIDIA Corporation (USA)                                             19
      Qualcomm, Inc. (USA)                                                 19
      S3 Graphics Co., Ltd. (USA)                                          19
      Samsung Electronics Co., Ltd. (Korea)                                20
      Takumi Corporation (Japan)                                           20
      Texas Instruments, Inc. (USA)                                        20
      Vivante Corporation (USA)                                            21

  6. APPENIDX                                                              22

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