Multi Touch Screens Market

Multi Touch Screens - Global Strategic Business Report

Global Industry Analysts, Date of Publication: Sep 18, 2015, 156 Pages

Multi Touch Screens Industry Report

The global market for Multi Touch Screens is projected to reach US$8 billion by 2020, driven by the era of mobile computing and the development of smart computing devices in myriad form factors. Key benefits such as fast and rapid access to digital media by eliminating text-bound interface and ability to design smaller devices in line with the current miniaturization trend are driving demand for touch screen technologies. Massive improvements in computing power, developments in hi-fidelity graphics, launch of new wireless technologies, and proliferation of rich digital content are resulting in increased interaction with dynamic data, thus driving demand for touch interfaces in various electronic devices. The United States represents the largest market worldwide. Asia-Pacific ranks as the fastest growing market with a CAGR of 18.1% over the analysis period, led by factors such as strong economic growth, digitalizing lifestyles of the growing base of middle class population and increasing consumer spending on smart electronic devices.

This report analyzes the Global market for Multi Touch Screens in US$ Million. Annual estimates and forecasts are provided for the period 2014 through 2020. Also, a four-year historic analysis is provided for this market. Market data and analytics are derived from primary and secondary research. The report profiles 63 companies including many key and niche players such as -

3M Company
Baanto International Ltd.
Cando Corporation
Cypress Semiconductor Corporation



      Study Reliability and Reporting Limitations                       I-1
      Disclaimers                                                       I-2
      Data Interpretation & Reporting Level                             I-2
       Quantitative Techniques & Analytics                              I-3
      Product Definitions and Scope of Study                            I-3


  1. INDUSTRY OVERVIEW                                                  II-1
      Touch Screen Technologies - A Preface                             II-1
       Table 1: Global Market for Touch Screen Devices (2013, 2014 &
       2015): Percentage Share Breakdown of Volume Shipments for
       All-in-one PCs, Feature Phones, Monitors, Notebook PCs,
       Smartphones, Tablet PCs and Others (includes corresponding
       Graph/Chart)                                                     II-2
      Multi Touch Screens - A Prelude                                   II-3
       Comparison between Touch Screen and Multi Touch Screen           II-4
      Market Outlook                                                    II-4

  2. MARKET DYNAMICS                                                    II-5
      Increasing Use of Multi Touch Screen in Mobile Devices Drives
       Demand                                                           II-5
      Projected Capacitive Technology Spurs Growth of Multi Touch
       Screens                                                          II-5
      Combination of Gesture Recognition and Multi Touch
       Technologies Offer Immense Opportunities                         II-6
      Multi Touch Shape Recognition: An Imperative Feature in Touch
       Screen Technology                                                II-6
       Table 2: World Market for Touchscreen by Technology
       (2012-2014): Percentage Breakdown of Volume Shipments for
       Capacitive, Resistive and Others (includes corresponding
       Graph/Chart)                                                     II-8
      Resistive Touch Screens with Upgraded Controller ICs to Offer
       Multi Touch Functionalities                                      II-8
      Use of TDDI Adds to Growth of Multi Touch Screen Technologies     II-9
       Comparison of Select Features of Capacitive Touch (OGS & G/F
        /F) with In-cell and On-cell Technologies                       II-9
      Single-Layer Touch Sensors Expand Application of Touch
       Capabilities                                                     II-9
      Increasing Demand for Flexible Displays Drives Growth             II-10
      ITO, the Base Material for Touch Screens, Faces Supply Issues     II-10
      Increasing Focus on Alternatives to ITO as Materials for Touch
       Screens                                                          II-10
       An Overview of Alternative Materials Used in Touch Screens       II-11
        Graphene                                                        II-11
        Metal Mesh                                                      II-11
        Silver Nanowire Technology                                      II-12
      Research in the Field of Multi-touch Interfaces, Then and Now     II-12
      Increasing Number of Patents Reflect Continuing Innovation in
       Touch Screen Technology                                          II-13
      Haptics in Touch-based Interfaces: An Emerging Market             II-13

  3. MULTI TOUCH SCREEN APPLICATION MARKETS                             II-14
      Smartphones - The Largest Market for Multi Touch Screens          II-14
       Growing Sales of Smartphones Augurs Well for Multi Touch
        Screen Technologies                                             II-14
        Table 3: Global Market for Smartphones by Geographic Region
        (2013-2015): Breakdown of Annual Shipments in Thousand Units
        for US, Canada, Japan, Europe, Asia-Pacific, Middle East &
        Africa, and Latin America (includes corresponding
        Graph/Chart)                                                    II-15

        Table 4: Smartphone Penetration Worldwide (as a Percentage
        of Total Population) for Major Countries: 2014E (includes
        corresponding Graph/Chart)                                      II-16

        Table 5: Most Performed Activity on Smartphones Using Touch
        Technology: 2014 (includes corresponding Graph/Chart)           II-17
       Trend towards Sleeker Mobiles Augurs Well for Thin Touch Sensors II-17
      Tablets: Another Key Market for Multi Touch Screens               II-17
      Touch Screens Notebook PCs: A Business Case for Multi Touch
       Screens Technologies                                             II-18
       Table 6: Global Notebooks Market by Screen Type (2013-2016):
       Percentage Share Breakdown of Unit Volume Sales for Touch
       Notebooks and Non-Touch Notebooks (includes corresponding
       Graph/Chart)                                                     II-19

       Table 7: Select Notebook Manufacturers and their Touch
       Proliferation (% of Total Notebooks Manufactured with Touch
       Screens) for the Year 2014 (includes corresponding
       Graph/Chart)                                                     II-20
      Multi Touch Screens Find Increasing Usage in Gaming, Retail
       and Digital Signage Applications                                 II-20
      Increasing Adoption of Multi-Touch Screen Technology in
       Infotainment Applications                                        II-21
       Addressing Diverse Audiences and Content                         II-22
       Robust Software Design and Integration                           II-22
       Viewable in Bright Light                                         II-22
       Location of Display                                              II-22
      Touch Screen: The Most Ubiquitous Technology in Educational
       Sector                                                           II-22
       Touch Screen Technology: Adoption and Utilization in Early
        Childhood Education                                             II-23
       Multi Touch Screens Make Learning Sessions Highly Interactive
        for Students                                                    II-23
      Touch Screens in Public Shared Devices: An Attractive Opportunity II-24
      Growing Trend towards Touch Screen ATMs: Opportunity for Growth   II-25
       Global ATM Market - An Opportunity Indicator                     II-26
        Table 8: Global Automated Teller Machines Market by
        Geographic Region/Country - US, Canada, Japan, Europe,
        Asia-Pacific (excluding Japan), Middle East, and Latin
        American Markets Independently Analyzed with Installed Base
        in ‘000 Units for 2015 & 2020 (includes corresponding
        Graph/Chart)                                                    II-26
      Multi Touch Technology Makes Inroads in Automation Industry
       with Multi Touch HMI                                             II-26
       Multi Touch HMI Screens in Industrial Sector Gaining Share       II-27
       Visualization is Here to Stay                                    II-28

  4. TECHNOLOGY OVERVIEW                                                II-29
      Multi-touch Technology: Enabling Easy and Intuitive Operability   II-29
       Added Features Make Operations Easy                              II-29
      Multi-Touch Screen Technologies Transforming Communication        II-30
       Electronic Pitch                                                 II-30
       Envisioning Intricate Multi-touch Gestures on Large Format
        Screens                                                         II-30
      Multi Touch Screen in iPhone Facilitate Multiple Touch Commands   II-32
      Software and Technologies Supporting Multi Touch Functionality    II-32
      ZeroTouch: An Optical Multi-Touch Interface and Free-Air
       Interaction Architecture                                         II-32
      CPLDs Enable Development of Multipoint Touch Displays and Panels  II-33
      Walls and Touch Tables Enjoy LED Display with Multi Touch Screens II-34
      Innovations in Multi Touch Screen Technologies in Commercial
       and Industrial Applications                                      II-34
       LCD Touch Kiosks                                                 II-34
       Touch&Go Beam™                                                   II-34
       FingerTip® Touchscreen Controllers                               II-35
       3M™ Multi-Touch Display M2256PW                                  II-35
      Multi Touch Screens Emerge as Enablers of Mapping Applications    II-35

  5. PRODUCT OVERVIEW                                                   II-36
      Multi Touch Screens - An Introduction                             II-36
      Development of Multi Touch Screen Technology                      II-36
      Pros and Cons of Multi Touch Interfaces                           II-37
       Benefits                                                         II-37
       Drawbacks                                                        II-37
      A Review of Various Types of Multi Touch Screen Technologies      II-38
       Resistive Touch Screen                                           II-38
       Capacitive Touch Screen                                          II-38
        Classification of Capacitive Touchscreens                       II-39
         Surface Capacitance                                            II-39
         Projected Capacitance                                          II-39
         Mutual Capacitance                                             II-39
        Resistive Touch Screen Vs Capacitive Multi Touch Screen         II-39
        In-Cell/On Cell Touch Technology                                II-40
       Infrared grid                                                    II-40
       Infrared Acrylic Projection                                      II-41
       Dispersive Signal Technology                                     II-41
       Acoustic Pulse Recognition                                       II-41
        A Comparison of Major Characteristics of Various Touch
         Screen Technologies                                            II-42
      A Review of Optical Based Touch Surfaces                          II-42
       Diffuse Illumination (DI)                                        II-42
       Diffused Surface Illumination (DSI)                              II-43
        Pros and Cons of DSI                                            II-43
       LCD Enabled MT Surfaces with Optical-Based Sensors               II-43
        Optical-Based Approaches: Bezel-IR for LCD                      II-43
        Optical-Based Approaches: Matrix of IR Transceivers             II-44
       Optical Touch Screens and Shadow Sense Touch Interfaces          II-44
       Optical Sensing Multi Touch Technology                           II-45
       FTIR System and its Layers                                       II-45
      DRAS® - Another Multi Touch Sensing Technology                    II-46

  6. PRODUCT INNOVATIONS/INTRODUCTIONS                                  II-47
      Luso Introduces TimeLink’s New Line of Multi-Touch Panels         II-47
      Acquire Digital to Introduce New Range of Multi-Touch
       Applications                                                     II-47
      Fujitsu Components America Introduces New Line of Projected
       Capacitive Touch Panels                                          II-47
      3M Touch Systems Launches New Line of Multi-Touch Solutions       II-47
      Planar Systems Unveils 84-inch 4K Planar UltraRes Touch           II-47
      ViewSonic Releases New 10-Point Multi-Touch 22” Display           II-48
      Fujitsu Introduces New Resistive Touch Panels                     II-48
      Zytronic Releases Large Curved Multi-touch Screen Technology      II-48
      3M Touch Systems to Unveil New Range of Multi-Touch Products      II-48
      Synaptics Introduces Single Layer On-Cell (SLOC) Capacitive
       Touch Solution                                                   II-48
      DISPLAX Launches New Versions of Skin Multitouch                  II-48
      Neonode Releases Enhanced Circular Multi-Touch and Proximity
       Platform                                                         II-48
      SensaTouch Releases New Range of Multi-Touch Overlays             II-49
      Omnivision Studios Showcases New & Improved Omnitapps Business
       Multi-Touch Suite 3.0                                            II-49

  7. RECENT INDUSTRY ACTIVITY                                           II-50
      Astec Technology Enters into Partnership with 3M                  II-50
      NUITEQ Inks Agreement with Multitouch                             II-50
      Canatu Enters into Partnership with Display Solution              II-50
      Baanto Enters into Partnership with NEC                           II-50
      Multi Touch Enters into Partnership with Ventuz                   II-50
      Matrox® Graphics Collaborates with 3M™ Touch Systems              II-51
      Zytronic and DisplayLite Enter into an Agreement                  II-51

  8. FOCUS ON SELECT GLOBAL PLAYERS                                     II-52
      3M8 LLC (US)                                                      II-52
      3M Company (US)                                                   II-52
      Baanto International Ltd. (Canada)                                II-52
      Cando Corporation (Taiwan)                                        II-53
      Cypress Semiconductor Corporation (US)                            II-53
      Displax Interactive Systems (Portugal)                            II-53
      ELK Corp. (Korea)                                                 II-54
      FUJITSU LIMITED (Japan)                                           II-54
      HannsTouch Solution Inc. (Taiwan)                                 II-55
      Immersion Corporation (US)                                        II-55
      IntuiLab SA (France)                                              II-56
      JTOUCH Corporation (Taiwan)                                       II-56
      Natural User Interface Technologies AB (Sweden)                   II-56
      Nissha Printing Co., Ltd. (Japan)                                 II-56
      Synaptics (US)                                                    II-57
      TouchMagix Media Pvt. Ltd. (India)                                II-57
      TPK Holding Co., Ltd. (Taiwan)                                    II-58
      Wintek Corporation (Taiwan)                                       II-58
      Young Fast Optoelectronics Co., Ltd. (Taiwan)                     II-58
      Zytronic Displays Ltd. (UK)                                       II-58

  9. GLOBAL MARKET PERSPECTIVE                                          II-59
      Table 9: World Recent Past, Current & Future Analysis for
      Multi Touch Screens by Geographic Region - US, Canada, Japan,
      Europe, Asia-Pacific (excluding Japan) and Rest of World
      Markets Independently Analyzed with Annual Revenue Figures in
      US$ Million for Years 2014 through 2020 (includes
      corresponding Graph/Chart)                                        II-59

      Table 10: World Historic Review for Multi Touch Screens by
      Geographic Region - US, Canada, Japan, Europe, Asia-Pacific
      (excluding Japan) and Rest of World Markets Independently
      Analyzed with Annual Revenue Figures in US$ Million for Years
      2010 through 2013 (includes corresponding Graph/Chart)            II-60

      Table 11: World 11-Year Perspective for Multi Touch Screens by
      Geographic Region - Percentage Breakdown of Revenues for US,
      Canada, Japan, Europe, Asia-Pacific (excluding Japan) and Rest
      of World Markets for Years 2010, 2015 & 2020 (includes
      corresponding Graph/Chart)                                        II-61


     Total Companies Profiled: 63 (including Divisions/Subsidiaries - 68)

     The United States (24)
     Canada (2)
     Japan (5)
     Europe (14)
     - France (1)
     - Germany (3)
     - The United Kingdom (6)
     - Rest of Europe (4)
     Asia-Pacific (Excluding Japan) (22)
     Latin America (1)
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