Nanopowder Market Trends

Nanopowder Market Trends

Global Industry Analysts, Date of Publication: Apr 1, 2014

The report analyzes and presents an overview of Nanopowders market worldwide. Nanopowder refers to a finely powdered substance made of various materials such as metals and their alloys on nanoscale. Though nanotechnology is considered to be a novel invention, archaeological studies indicate that humans have been producing as well as using nanoscale products since ancient times. Measured in nanometers, nanopowders are produced by heat treatment and grinding of substances. Nanoscale production requires significantly high precision for controlling conditions, which yields powders in accurate composition and size.

Supported with 5 market data tables, the report provides a review of market trends, growth drivers, and strategic industry activities of major companies worldwide. The report further discusses about various types of Nanopowders including Metal Oxide Nanopowders, Pure Metal Nanopowders, and Compounds and Compound Oxide Nanopowders. In addition, 46 companies operating in the Nanopowders arena worldwide including Advanced Fibers & Powders LLC, Advanced Nano Products Co. Ltd., Alpha Nanomaterials LLC, Antaria Ltd., Canano Technologies, EPRUI Nanoparticles & Microspheres Co. Ltd., Kanematsu USA Inc., NanoMech Inc., Nanophase Technologies Corporation, Nanosol, Rajpurohit Group of Enterprises, Tekna Advanced Materials Inc., and others are profiled.


 1. NANOPOWDERS - PRODUCT OVERVIEW                                         1
      Nanopowders - An Introduction                                        1
      Nanopowders - Manufacturing Process                                  1
      Nanopowders - Types                                                  1
      Metal Oxide Nanopowders                                              1
       Table 1: Global Metal Oxide Nanopowder Revenue (2012-2017) in
        US$ Million                                                        2
       Table 2: Global Metal Oxide Nanopowder Production (2012-2017)
        in Tons                                                            3
       Aluminum Oxide (Alumina, Al2O3)                                     3
       Dysprosium Oxide (Dy2O3)                                            3
       Europium Oxide (Eu2O3)                                              3
       Magnetic Nanopowders                                                3
       Magnesium Nanoparticles                                             4
       Neodymium Oxide (Nd2O3)                                             4
       Silicon Dioxide (Silica, SiO2)                                      4
       Titanium Dioxide (Titania, TiO2)                                    4
        Table 3: Global Nanoparticle Titanium Dioxide Production (
         2012-2017) in Tons                                                5
        Table 4: Global Nanoparticle Titanium Dioxide Revenues (
         2012-2017) in US$ Million                                         6
       Zinc Oxide (ZnO)                                                    6
        Table 5: Zinc Oxide Consumption Worldwide by Region (2012):
        Percentage Market Share Breakdown for North America, South
        America, Far East, Middle East, Africa, and Europe                 6
      Pure Metal Nanopowders                                               7
       Gold Metal (Au)                                                     7
       Platinum Metal (Pt)                                                 7
       Silicon (Si)                                                        7
       Silver Metal (Ag)                                                   7
      Compounds and Compound Oxide Nanopowders                             7
       Antimony-Tin Oxide (Sb2O3/SnO2)                                     7
       Barium Titanate (BaTiO3)                                            7
       Indium-Tin Oxide (In203/Sn02)                                       8
       Nanodiamond                                                         8
       Silicon Carbide Nanopowders                                         8
       Silicon Nitride (Si3N4)                                             8
       Tungsten-Cobalt Carbide (WC/Co)                                     8
      Application of Nanopowders in Key End-Use Segments                   8
       Scientific Research and Analysis                                    8
       Consumer Electronics                                                8
       Industrial Electronic Equipment                                     9
       Microelectronics                                                    9
       Medical Applications                                                9
       Cosmetics and Toiletries                                            9
       Others                                                              9
      Technological Innovations                                            9
      Adverse Effects of Nanomaterials on Health                           10

  2. MARKET TRENDS                                                         11
      Market Overview                                                      11
      Commercial Nanopowder Production Currently Focused on Highly
       Developed Economies                                                 11
      Growth Scenario                                                      12
      Market Challenges                                                    12

  3. RECENT INDUSTRY ACTIVITY                                              13
      Nanomakers Signs Agreement with Air Liquide                          13
      NanoMech Acquires Canadian Nano Technologies                         13

  4. MARKET PARTICIPANTS                                                   14
      Advanced Fibers & Powders LLC (USA)                                  14
      Advanced Nano Products Co., Ltd. (Korea)                             14
      Advanced Powder Technologies LLC (The Russian Federation)            14
      Alpha Nanomaterials LLC (USA)                                        14
      AM&M Advanced Machine and Materials, Inc. (Canada)                   14
      American Elements (USA)                                              14
      Antaria Ltd. (Australia)                                             15
      Beijing DK Nano Technology Co., Ltd. (China)                         15
      Beta Industrial Ltd. (Israel)                                        15
      Canano Technologies (Canada)                                         15
      Ceramics 3D (Spain)                                                  15
      CVMR Corporation (Canada)                                            15
      EPRUI Nanoparticles & Microspheres Co., Ltd. (China)                 16
      Foyol Co. Ltd. (China)                                               16
      Hosokawa Micron Ltd. (UK)                                            16
      Hybrid Plastics, Inc. (USA)                                          16
      Inframat Corporation (USA)                                           17
      Institute Of Energy Science and Technology (IEST) Co., Ltd. (
       Japan)                                                              17
      Kanematsu USA, Inc. (USA)                                            17
      Keeling & Walker Ltd. (UK)                                           17
      MBN Nanomaterialia SpA (Italy)                                       17
      Metal Nanopowders Ltd. (UK)                                          18
      NaBond Technologies Co., Ltd. (China)                                18
      NanoAmor Europe (France)                                             18
      Nanocerox, Inc. (USA)                                                18
      Nanoe (France)                                                       18
      Nanomaterials Company (USA)                                          18
      NanoMech, Inc. (USA)                                                 18
      Nanophase Technologies Corporation (USA)                             18
      Nanopowder Technology Ltd. (The Russian Federation)                  19
      Nanosol (Israel)                                                     19
      Nanostructured & Amorphous Materials, Inc. (USA)                     19
      nGimat Company (USA)                                                 19
      NovaCentrix (USA)                                                    19
      Novosibirsk Nanomaterials (Russia)                                   20
      Omega Life Science Ltd. (Israel)                                     20
      Plasma & Ceramic Technologies Ltd. (Latvia)                          20
      Powdermet, Inc. (USA)                                                20
      QuantumSphere, Inc. (USA)                                            20
      Rajpurohit Group of Enterprises (India)                              20
      Reinste Nano Ventures Pvt., Ltd. (India)                             21
      Sigma Aldrich Co., LLC (USA)                                         21
      SkySpring Nanomaterials, Inc. (USA)                                  21
      Specialty Materials, Inc. (USA)                                      21
      Tekna Advanced Materials, Inc. (Canada)                              21
      Texas Biochemicals, Inc. (USA)                                       21

  5. APPENDIX                                                              22

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