New Industrial Revolution: Market Shares, Strategies, and Forecasts, Worldwide

New Industrial Revolution: Market Shares, Strategies, and Forecasts, Worldwide, 2018 to 2024

WinterGreen, Date of Publication: Feb 2, 2018, 372 Pages

New Industrial Revolution Market Shares, Strategy, and Forecasts, Worldwide, 2018 to 2024. The 2018 study has 372 pages, 152 tables and figures. Worldwide markets are poised to achieve explosive growth generating several new trillion-dollar markets as the digital economy takes hold. Across the industrial spectrum smart devices and robots prove their value by managing digital information in real time across enterprise boundaries, encouraging collaborative business efforts. Lowering the costs of manufacturing and logistics management is a key benefit. 

This study provides the bare outlines of 25 market segments, describing how the New Industrial Revolution will unfold. Each section provides a brief market description of market opportunity, market change, market forecasts, and market shares in many of the leading market segments impacted by the New Industrial Revolution. Rapid change in how business is conducted and how people are cared for is an exciting new development in business and industry. 

Many trillion dollar markets are expected to develop. The companies that have stakes in the current industry sector will benefit greatly if they can keep up, if they can fund innovation at the pace needed to stay competitive and if they have mega data center IT that supports building innovative projects with a couple people in a few hours instead of a large team over several months.

An example is the smart manufacturing, industry 4.0, changes brought in part by robots and logistics automation. Manufacturing robots are being improved to make possible implementation of a series of automated operations that replace single step operations. The ability to provide operation of robotic sequential operations for manufacturing creates far more sophisticated automated workflow.

The new industrial revolution brings unparalleled levels of automation and efficiency to every aspect of life. Every man, woman, and child will have a smartphone soon. Even babies like them. They represent a must-have device, on hand all the time, even close at hand while we sleep. 

The world is at the dawn of next generation of mobile networks, to be based on broadband. Networks bring broadband 5G that Is transformational. 5G is an innovation platform that enhances mobile connectivity of information. It enhances existing services by implementing automation of simple process. It opens capabilities for mechanical actuators that are managed automatically by sensors and information from Micro-Electro-Mechanical sensors (MEMs).

Moving past a nefarious history, the blockchain market moves into rapid growth mode as the digital economy takes hold. As the banks and finance industry move into the modern age of real time transaction processing, blockchain is a core enabling technology. This market segment previously has been held back in part by the outdated aspects of the mainframe computing technology. Blockchain is spurred by more modern ways to manage global transactions across national borders from IBM, Microsoft, and Accenture.

Digital technology is dominant worldwide. The digital computer technology that managed data in batches is outdated, now digital data is managed in real time over the Internet. Blockchain brings digital technology into real time computing systems management. It has the ability to change all aspects of the digital economy, including conducting business, delivering healthcare, shopping, enhancing education and learning, entertainment, and staying connected with a social world. 

Cryptocurrency is becoming increasingly popular. Distributed ledgers support the payment system for digital currency to operate in decentralized mode, by eliminating the need of intermediaries to centralize processing. It virtualizes tracking and trading anything of value via creating digital money. Credit cards become an essential part of the blockchain process. 

Demand for robotic technology is growing among the largest users of IBM cloud capacity. IBM 60 cloud data centers see blockchain growing to be one of the top applications in use. IBM blockchain digital ledger market is growing rapidly, a much-needed event for big blue. IBM has been one of the key companies behind the Hyperledger consortium, a nonprofit open-source project that aims to create efficient standards for commercial use of blockchain technology.

Microsoft enterprise customers are making the transition to cloud services and blockchain on Azure. Modernizing transactions to digital economic collaboration support is key to success in modern business environments. Blockchain Cloud Service, helps customers extend existing applications like enterprise-resource management systems. Microsoft expanded its partnership with consortium R3 to make it easier for financial institutions to deploy blockchains in its Azure cloud. 

According to Susan Eustis, leader of the team that prepared the study, "The rise of many new trillion-dollar markets is unique in the history of capital experience. Economic activity in the world economies is set to experience tremendous growth, leveraging artificial intelligence technology sectors breaking the old slower growth trends and growing rapidly."

New sectors grow at penetration rates, then slow to an average of 35% growth per year in very large segments, this is market growth at a pace that is unique. That trends of slow growth shifts with the new industrial revolution as many new sectors open opportunities within existing sectors that grow as fast as 100% per year. The world economy is forecast to accelerate in 2018, with global growth projected. The new industrial revolution is far different from the earlier industrial growth trajectories. Sectors impacted by the new industrial revolution grow rapidly and they grow big.

Key Topics

Industrial Revolution
Smart Manaufacturing
3D Printing
Additive Manufactruing
Smart devices, smart networks, mega data centers, self-driving cars
Artificial intelligence
Distributed Processing
Smart Systems
Self-Driving Cars
Internet of Things
Personal Health
Smart cities
Smart buildings
Electric vehicles
Ride sharing
Online retail
Drone delivery markets
Digital economy
Digital Currency
Plm Software
Mega Data Centers
Data Center Infrastructure, Enterprise Application Augmented Reality
Industry Trends
Enterprise Application Market
Financial Ledger
Internet architecture
Transactions in real time
Enhanced security
Collaborative business
Across enterprise boundaries

New Industrial Revolution: Market Shares, Strategies, and Forecasts

New Industrial Revolution

New Industrial Revolution Executive Summary 23
New Industrial Revolution 23
New Industrial Revolution Market Driving Forces 24

1. New Industrial Revolution Market Description and Market Dynamics

1.1 New Industrial Revolution Market Dynamics 26
1.1.1 History 27
1.1.2 Billions Of People Connected By Mobile Devices 28
1.1.3 Artificial Intelligence (AI) 28
1.2 New Industrial Revolution Challenges And Opportunities 29
1.3 Labor Unions Embrace Participation In Returns To Capital 30
1.3.1 Not a Government Function 30
1.3.2 Net Increase In Safe And Rewarding Jobs? 31
1.3.3 Disruption of The Existing Value Chain And The Velocity Of Disruption 32
1.4 Trillion Dollar Markets 33

2. New Industrial Revolution Market Shares and Forecasts

2.1 New Industrial Revolution 35
2.1.1 New Industrial Revolution Market Driving Forces 36
2.2 Smart Manufacturing, Industry 4.0 37
2.2.1 Industry 4.0 Smart Manufacturing Market Forecast 42
2.2.2 Additive Manufacturing 44
2.2.3 Additive Manufacturing for Aerospace Market Shares 45
2.2.4 Additive Manufacturing for Aerospace Market Forecasts 47
2.2.5 Additive Manufacturing 49
2.3 Internet of Things (IoT) 49
2.3.1 IoT Technology Market Driving Forces 52
2.3.2 IoT Technology Market Challenges 53
2.3.3 Internet of Things (IoT) Market Shares 55
2.3.4 Internet of Things (IoT) Market Forecasts 57
2.3.5 IoT Market Opportunity Huge 57
2.3.6 SoftBank CEO Masayoshi Son Sees 1 Trillion Devices for Internet of Things 59
2.3.7 Compared IoT to the Cambrian explosion 59
2.3.8 IoT Depends on Micro-Electro Mechanical Sensors (MEMs) Sensors Market Shares62
2.3.9 MEMs Market Is Ripe for Consolidation 63
2.3.10 Micro-Electro Mechanical Sensor Market Shares 64
2.3.11 MEMs Sensors Market Forecasts 65
2.4 Tablets, Apps, and Smart Phones 66
2.4.1 Wireless Connectivity Transforms The World Opening New Trillion Dollar Markets : 68
2.4.2 Tablet Apps Congruent Technology For All Robots 70
2.5 Self-Driving Cars 71
2.5.1 Self-Driving Cars, Light Trucks, SUVs 74
2.5.2 Self-Driving Car and Light Truck Market Shares 77
2.5.3 Adaptive Cruise Control Step One to Self-Driving 84
2.5.4 Waymo / Google Self-Driving Car 88
2.5.5 Google Self-Driving Car 89
2.5.6 Google Self-Driving Car from Auto Components 90
2.5.7 BMW 90
2.5.8 BMW And Intel To Bring A Fleet Of Self-Driving Cars To The Road By The End Of 2017 91
2.5.9 MIT and BMW 93
2.5.10 Daimler AG / Mercedes-Benz Self Driving Car 94
2.6 Electric Vehicles 96
2.6.1 $20 Trillion To Replace1.2 Billion ICE-Powered Vehicles With Electric Vehicles 96
2.6.2 Tesla 97
2.6.3 Tesla Autonomous Driving 97
2.6.4 Tesla Premium Electric Vehicles 98
2.6.5 Tesla Dual Motor Model S 100
2.6.6 Tesla Motors Computer-Assisted Mode Car Involved in Fatal Crash while Driving Autonomously 106
2.6.7 Tesla Attention to Security 107
2.6.8 Tesla Hardware Safety Features 107
2.6.9 Tesla Software Safety Features 108
2.6.10 Tesla Driverless Car Features 109
2.6.11 Jaguar Driverless Cars 110
2.6.12 IBM 110
2.7 Ride Hailing Services 111
2.7.1 Peer-to-Peer Services 112
2.7.2 Tesla 112
2.7.3 Uber 113
2.7.4 Uber Autonomous Trucks Developed by Otto 115
2.7.5 Uber / Carnegie Mellon Partnership 116
2.7.6 Uber Endorses Self-Driving Cars for Its Business 116
2.7.7 Uber Ride Sharing App 117
2.7.8 Uber Purchases AI Startup, Creates Machine Learning Lab 118
2.7.9 Uber 119
2.7.10 Uber 119
2.7.11 Uber Revenue 120
2.7.12 Lyft 122
2.7.13 Autonomous Car and Light Truck / SUV Market Forecasts, Units, Worldwide, 2017-2023 123
2.7.14 Apple 124
2.7.15 Softbank 124
2.7.16 Softbank Arm Processor Has Protections Against Random Errors 126
2.7.17 Softbank Arm Self Driving Bus 127
2.7.18 Softbank IoT Addresses Self-Driving 129
2.7.19 SoftBank ARM Acquisition Brings Internet of Things 129
2.7.20 Multiple Cars Per Person 131
2.8 Robots 131
2.8.1 Robot Market Driving Forces 133
2.8.2 Robots Set To Bring A New Industrial Revolution 134
2.8.3 Robots Poised To Change Market Segment Economics 135
2.8.4 First Wave Of Automated Process 138
2.8.5 Robots Third Wave Of Automated Process 138
2.8.6 Robot Target Markets 144
2.8.7 Robot Forecasts 146
2.8.8 Robots And Drones To Become a $45Bn Industry by 2038 150
2.8.8 Robotic Vision Processes Become Massively More Productive 150
2.9 Drones 153
2.9.1 Drone Challenges 166
2.9.2 Drone Fleet Systems 167
2.9.3 Smart Drone Infrastructure Standards 168
2.9.4 Drone Market Shares 169
2.9.5 Drone Market Forecasts 171
2.10 Smart Cities 173
2.10.1 Smart City Market Shares 176
2.10.2 IBM Market Leader in Smart City Revenue 176
2.10.3 IBM Watson Smart City Leadership 177
2.10.4 Smart Building Technologies Market 178
2.10.5 IBM Improving the Quality Of Urban Services 178
2.10.1 Bill Gates Invests in Smart City 179
2.11 Online Retail: $17 Trillion Opportunity by 2024 180
2.12 Health and Wellness 182
2.12.1 Wellness Market Forecasts Dollars, Worldwide, 2018-2024 182
2.13 BioMaterials 184
2.14 Augmented Reality 186
2.14.1 Augmented Reality Step By Step Procedure Manuals 189
2.14.2 AR Evolving A Presence In Communication And Collaboration 191
2.14.3 Augmented Reality Market Driving Forces 192
2.14.4 AR Game Program Development 193
2.14.5 Augmented Reality Market Shares 194
2.14.6 Augmented Reality Market Forecasts 196
2.15 Cloud and Data Center Spending 198
2.15.1 Scalable Data Center Wired Adapter Processor Market Driving Forces 199
2.15.2 Scalable IT Infrastructure Data Center Processor Market Driving Forces 201
2.15.3 Suppliers of Intelligent Interconnect Solutions 202
2.15.4 Data Growth Continues to Drive Infrastructure Scalability 203
2.15.5 Scalable Infrastructure Data Center Processor Adapter Market Shares: 206
2.15.6 Scalable Wired Infrastructure Adapter Market Forecasts: 207
2.15.7 Critical Challenge Of Handling Exponentially Expanding Volumes Of Transactions And Data 209
2.15.8 Mega Data Centers 209
2.15.9 Mega Data Centers Have Stepped In To Do The Job Of Automated Process 210
2.15.10 Cloud 2.0 Mega Data Center Fabric Implementation 212
2.15.11 Cloud 2.0 Mega Data Center Different from the Hyperscale Cloud 214
2.15.12 Cloud 2.0 Mega Data Center Automatic Rules and Push-Button Actions 217
2.15.13 Making Individual Circuits And Devices Unimportant Is A Primary Aim Of Fabric Architecture 218
2.15.14 Digital Data Expanding Exponentially, Global IP Traffic Passes Zettabyte (1000 Exabytes) Threshold 220
2.15.15 Google Kubernetes Open Source Container Control System 221
2.15.16 Google Kubernetes a Defacto Standard Container Management System 222
2.15.17 Google Shift from Bare Metal To Container Controllers 223
2.15.18 Cloud 2.0 Mega Data Center Market Driving Forces 223
2.15.19 Mega Data Center Market Shares 227
2.15.20 Cloud Datacenter, Co-Location, and Social Media Cloud, Revenue Market Shares, Dollars, Worldwide, 2016 228
2.15.21 Cloud 2.0 Mega Data Center Market Forecasts 229
2.15.22 Data Center Manager Not Career Track for CEO 231
2.15.23 IT is Everything for the Business 232
2.16 Blockchain and Cryptocurrency Market Driving Forces 234
2.16.1 Blockchain Leverages Artificial Intelligence (AI) 238
2.16.2 Blockchain Market Shares, Dollars, Worldwide, 2017 239
2.16.3 Blockchain Market Forecasts 240
2.16.4 Blockchain Market Description and Market Dynamics 242
2.16.5 Blockchains: Cryptographically Secured Distributed Ledgers 243
2.17 5G Communications 243
2.17.1 Small Cells Bring Transformational 5G 243
2.17.2 Small Cells Definition 244
2.17.3 Small Cells Set To Be Major Enabler for 5G 245
2.17.4 Vision for 5G 245
2.17.5 Outdoor Small Cell Market Is in The Beginning Stages Of Deployment 247
2.17.6 5G Brings IoT Communications Trillion Dollar Markets 248
2.18 Artificial Intelligence 248
2.18.1 Artificial Intelligence AI Economic Impact 249
2.18.2 Artificial Intelligence (AI) Car and Light Truck Market Driving Forces 255
2.18.3 Artificial Intelligence (AI) Cars, Light Trucks, SUVs 258
2.18.4 Artificial Intelligence (AI) Cars / Connected Cars / Transportation 258
2.18.5 Artificial Intelligence (AI) Car and Light Truck Market Shares 261
2.18.6 Artificial Intelligence (AI) Software Market Share of Companies in The Computer and Auto Industries 263
2.18.7 Companies in The Tech Industries Building Auto Artificial Intelligence (AI) Processors 267
2.18.8 Artificial Intelligence (AI) Car and Light Truck Software, Component, and Vehicle Auto Market Forecasts 272
2.18.9 Artificial Intelligence Integrated Software Systems Auto Market 272
2.18.10 Artificial Intelligence (AI) Car and Light Truck Market Forecasts 273
2.18.11 Artificial Intelligence (AI) Car Forecasts 274
2.18.12 Artificial Intelligence (AI) in Cars 276
2.18.13 Auto Processors 277
2.18.14 Autonomous Car and Autonomous Light Truck / SUV Shipments and Installed Base 283
2.18.15 Autonomous Luxury Car Market Forecasts 287
2.18.16 Autonomous Mid-Size Car Market Forecasts 288
2.18.17 Autonomous Light Car Shipments Market Forecasts 289
2.18.18 Autonomous Light Truck / SUV Shipments Market Forecasts 290
2.18.19 Autonomous Personal Vehicles: Car and Autonomous Light Truck / SUV Shipments Market Forecasts, Level 2 and Level 4 291
2.18.20 “All-Purpose” Vehicles 292
2.18.21 Multiple Cars Per Person 293
2.18.22 Autonomous Vehicle Software 293

3 New Industrial Revolution Broadband Description

3.1 Wireless Broadband 298
3.2 Education 305

4 New Industrial Revolution: Trillion Dollar Markets Bring Time for Fairness and Integrity

4.1 Robots Do More Work 306
4.1.1 Nature Of Labor Changes 307
4.1.2 Now Is The Time To Pull The Workers Into The Same Capitalist System Enjoyed By The Rich Guys 308

5 New Industrial Revolution Selected Company Profiles

5.1 ABB: Continuing growth 310
5.2 Amazon 311
5.2.1 Amazon Business 311
5.2.2 Amazon Competition 312
5.2.3 Amazon Description 313
5.2.4 Amazon Revenue 317
5.3 b+m Surface Systems GmbH Painting Robots 319
5.4 Facebook 319
5.4.1 Facebook Technology 320
5.4.2 Facebook Sales and Operations 320
5.4.3 Facebook Management Discussion 320
5.4.4 Facebook Revenue 322
5.4.5 Facebook 323
5.4.6 Facebook App Draining Smart Phone Batteries 324
5.4.7 Facebook Messaging Provides Access to User Behavioral Data 324
5.4.8 Facebook Creating Better Ads 325
5.4.9 Facebook Next Generation Services 326
5.4.10 Facebook Platform 326
5.4.11 Facebook Free Basics 327
5.4.12 Facebook AI 327
5.4.13 Facebook Revenue 328
5.4.14 Facebook Revenue Growth Priorities: 329
5.4.15 Facebook Average Revenue Per User ARPU 330
5.4.16 Facebook Geographical Information 331
5.4.17 Facebook WhatsApp 331
5.4.18 Facebook WhatsApp Focusing on Growth 332
5.5 Goldman Sachs 332
5.6 Google 334
5.6.1 Google Revenue 334
5.6.2 Google 336
5.6.3 Google Search Technology 336
5.6.4 Google Recognizes World Is Increasingly Mobile 337
5.6.5 Google Nest 337
5.7 IBM 338
5.7.1 IBM Blockchain 339
5.7.2 IBM Batavia 339
5.8 Intel 340
5.8.1 Intel Security Issues 342
5.9 JP Morgan Chase 343
5.10 Lincoln Electronics 344
5.10.1 Lincoln Electric / Wolf Robotics 344
5.11 Mellanox Technologies 347
5.11.1 Mellanox Interconnect Solutions Increase Data Center Efficiency 351
5.11.2 Mellanox High Performance Solutions 351
5.11.3 HPE Chooses Mellanox Spectrum™ To Power StoreFabric M-series Switches 352
5.11.4 Mellanox Converged Ethernet Storage Fabric 353
5.11.5 Mellanox Technologies Revenue 354
5.11.6 Mellanox Acquisition of EZchip 361
5.12 Microsoft 362
5.13 Nvidia 362
5.13.1 NVIDIA 363
5.14 Softbank 364
5.14.1 SoftBank CEO Masayoshi Son Sees 1 Trillion Devices for Internet of Things 366
5.15 Thales 366

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