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Date of Publication: Jul 31, 2015
本書はIPCの製品保証分科会(7-30及び7-30C)のタスクグループ(7-31B)、 タスクグループアジア(7-31BC),タスクグループ北欧(7-31BD)、タス クグループドイツ語圏(7-31BDE)そしてタスクグループインド(7-31BI) を含めたIPC-A-610チームにより作成されたものである。 本書は、セレスティカ・ジャパン株式会社及び武井利泰⽒(⽇本精⼯株 式会社)により翻訳され、株式会社ジャパンユニックスにより、改版・監 修が⾏われた。 本書

Date of Publication: Jan 30, 2015
For the past decade that we have been surveying the oil and gas industry, new drilling techniques, wireless technologies including WSN and cloud infrastructure has transformed North America from a heavily dependent importer to the largest global producer. In this same time frame, WSN has been securely and reliably deployed in large numbers from offshore platforms to arctic oilfields. Our research shows a potential cost reduction of up to 80% using wireless sensor network automation systems combined with cloud connected production optimization solutions. By 2018, millions of oil and gas WSN devices will be deployed worldwide for wellhead automation, pipeline operation and exploration of new and existing oilfields. This represents an annual market worth $2 billion at this time.

Date of Publication: Feb 25, 2015
The Internet of People runs to billions of devices already. The Internet of Things will involve ubiquitous smart objects that sense and communicate directly over the internet creating better data without human intervention. Its time has come because there are now enough IP addresses available for tens of billions of items, hardware costs are now affordable and large companies are backing it. There are far more things than people so it could overtake the IoP business eventually. In 2024, tens of billions of smart objects are likely to be involved.

Date of Publication: Nov 3, 2014

This report analyzes WSS networking trends; with emphasis on the TCP/IP role in the creation the "Internet of things - IoT" and M2M communications. It also emphasizes the importance of Visible Light Communications in the creation of ubiquitous networking. The Internet offers the potential to connect billions of machines and objects, creating what are known as the 'Internet of Things'(IoT). This integrates various technologies including, Machine-to-Machine service platforms and WSNs.

Date of Publication: Jul 30, 2015
The scope of the industry standards for the collection of visual quality acceptability requirements on electronic components. This standard does not provide guidelines for the cross-sectional assessment. This document describes the manufacture of electrical and electronic components acceptance requirements. From a historical perspective, electronic assembly standards include guidelines more widely within the industry and technology involved. Therefore, in order to more fully understand the recommendations and requirements of this document, which can use IPC-HDBK-001, IPC-AJ-820 and IPC J-STD-001 when the application of this document. The requirements of this standard, neither intended to define the purpose of the assembly operation to complete the process, but also not intended as a repair / modify or alter authorized products. For example: The standard components in the bonding requirement does not imply, or approval of, or necessarily require the use of adhesive bonding; lead clockwise winding terminals description is not intended, or approved, or must require that all leads / clockwise winding wires have. Users of this standard should have some knowledge in order to be able to understand the applicable requirements of documents and how to apply. It should be retained with the objective evidence to prove this knowledge. When there is no objective evidence, companies should consider the skills of employees is reviewed regularly to determine proper eye test income requirements. IPC-A-610 contains the operating method IPC J-STD-001 included in the scope, the relevant requirements of mechanical assembly and other processes beyond the requirements. Table 1-1 lists the relevant documents.

Date of Publication: Jul 30, 2015

IPC-A-610 ist die weltweit am meisten verwendete Richtlinie zur Elektronik-Montage. Die IPC-A-610F, ein Muss für alle Qualitätssicherungs- und Montageabteilungen, illustriert anerkannte Abnahmekriterien für die Verarbeitungsqualität elektronischer Baugruppen. Sie enthält detaillierte Angaben über sowohl zulässige Zustände als auch Fehlerzustände und wird durch farbige Bilder und Illustrationen unterstützt. Diese Ausgabe beinhaltet zwei neue SMT-Anschlussarten sowie geänderte Kriterien bezüglich des Füllgrades durchmetallisierter Löcher und bezüglich Hohlräumen (Voids) bei BGA-Lötstellen. Darüber hinaus wurden, wo möglich, Formulierungen angepasst, um die Lesbarkeit zu verbessern und die Verständlichkeit zu erhöhen, ohne dabei Anforderungen zu entfernen.

Date of Publication: Jul 30, 2015
IPC-A-610 является наиболее широко используемым в мире стандартом по сборке электроники. Являясь обязательным для всех отделов обеспечения качества и сборки, IPC-A-610F иллюстрирует принятые отраслью критерии качества для электронных сборок, посредством детально описанных условий приемлемости и дефекта, подкрепленных полноцветными фотографиями и иллюстрациями. Это издание включает в себя два новых типа контакта ТПМ, а также изменения в критериях для заполнения металлизированных отверстий и пустот в паяных соединениях BGA. Кроме того, формулировки по возможности были изменены, чтобы облегчить восприятие текста и повысить понимание - и все это без удаления каких-либо требований.