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Date of Publication: Oct 9, 2015

Distributed generation, also termed as Embedded Generation, refers to small-to-medium scale modular power generation plants that are embedded into the distribution network at a point closer to the site of consumption. The electric power industry worldwide is fast realizing the vast potential of distributed power generation as a Game Changer technology that is providing the much needed resiliency over the traditional centralized electric grid. Distributed generation has emerged as a perfect solution for the rapidly growing demand for cost effective electricity. Superior attributes of distribution generation (DG) driving widespread adoption include lower CAPEX; improved electric power security, reliability and quality; and a versatile source of standby power, emergency power, peak power, or lower-cost power. Small households, rural communities, large commercial buildings, and industrial facilities represent few of the many application areas where distributed generation is finding increasing deployments supported by its techno-commercial viability. This report analyzes the worldwide markets for Distributed Generation (DG) in US$ Million and Annual Capacity Installations (in Megawatts). The Global and regional markets are further analyzed in terms of Annual Capacity Installations (in Megawatts) by the following Technologies: Renewable Technologies, and Others. 

Date of Publication: Jun 29, 2015
Analysis of trends in 24 application areas for: ARM MCUs, ARM eMPUs, MIPS MCUs/eMPUs, Power Architecture MCUs/eMPUs, 68K/Coldfire MCUs/eMPUs, x86 MCUs/eMPUs, SuperH MCUs/eMPUs, TriCore MCUs/eMPUs, V850/RH850 MCUs/eMPUs, "Other 32/64-bit" MCUs/eMPUs and General Purpose DSPs.

Date of Publication: Sep 24, 2015
This slide-based report highlights key trends and opportunities for reducing PV system costs necessary for driving strong project economics and the expansion of solar in the U.S. and globally. It walks through structural and electrical BOS, PV power electronics, installation labor, design and engineering, customer acquisition and logistics and other cost components. It also provides U.S. system cost breakdowns and a look at the evolution of PV BOS, as well as in-depth global market forecasts.

Date of Publication: Mar 25, 2015
Focusing primarily on the U.S. and Canadian markets, this report examines the rapidly evolving and emerging technology landscape that is shifting the entire vendor and service provider ecosystem. It analyzes how transformations in traditional thinking have forced players to re-examine go-to-market strategies, opening new channels and forging novel relationships to ultimately reach the end-consumer. As clearer value propositions continue to emerge, a range of multi-vendor developed offerings is priming the market for a new wave of home software products and services.

Date of Publication: Jun 26, 2015
Analysis of trends in 24 application areas for: 32-bit ARM MCUs, 64-bit ARM MCUs, 32-bit ARM eMPUs, 64-bit ARM eMPUs, 32-bit ARM ASICs/ASSPs, 64-bit ARM ASICs/ASSPs, 32-bit ARM FPGAs, 64-bit ARM FPGAs, 32-bit ARM DSPs and 64-bit ARM DSPs. Forecasts to 2020. 

Date of Publication: Mar 25, 2015
Driven by the emergence of a strong set of regionally diverse country markets in the last two years, the global PV supply chain overcame the stress of overcapacity, now benefiting from a healthy supply-demand market. Though supply-demand stability and input cost reduction are expected to continue in 2015, the continually evolving regional tariff landscape will pose price risks.

Date of Publication: Oct 8, 2015

The market is broken down, according to region, by the major types of environmental remediation applications using nanotechnology. Revenue forecasts from 2015 to 2020 are given for each major application types. The report also includes a discussion of the major players in each of the regional markets. It explains the major market drivers of the global industry, the current trends within the industry, major industry challenges, and the regional dynamics of the global nanotechnology market. The report concludes with a special focus on the supplier landscape, including detailed profiles of the major vendors in the nanotechnology industry globally, and discussions on the market share of the major players by region.