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Date of Publication: Jul 9, 2015
Now you can purchase the entire library of IPC electronics assembly training programs on DVD — at a package price that saves your company 50% or more...

Date of Publication: Jul 8, 2015
The Seven Sins of Surface Mount Assembly This DVD training program provides the perfect opportunity for departments to review and discuss how they...

Date of Publication: Jul 7, 2015
Global markets for utility-scale electrical storage (UES) technologies which are implemented to temporarily store electricity during periods of available generation capacity, for subsequent use during periods of increased demand, in support of load leveling and grid balancing. The global market for utility-scale electricity storage technology has reached $10.3 billion in 2014. This market is expected to reach nearly $12.1 billion in 2015 and nearly $26.2 billion in 2020, with a compound annual growth rate (CAGR) of 16.4%.

Date of Publication: Jul 6, 2015
South Korea on the back of its leading position in semiconductors, mobile communications and advanced consumer electronic products is the fourth largest electronics producer globally with output of US$117.2 billion in 2014.  After declining by 3.4% in 2012 electronics production rebounded in 2013 increasing by 8.9% on the back of strong growth in both the semiconductor and wireless communications segments. Growth eased in 2014 but still posted healthy growth estimated at 5.3% for the year as a whole with the main drivers again the semiconductor and wireless communications segments. For 2015, growth is expected to be more subdued at 1.6% as demand in the key semiconductor segment slows. 

Date of Publication: Jun 9, 2015
This study addresses the FY 2015 world market for Inductors, Beads and Cores. This new report represents the results of substantial data collection on the subject of magnetic components. The study addresses why the global market for discrete inductors is outperforming other passive components in 2015 and why this trend is expected to continue. The study also addresses the impact the weak yen and strong dollar is having on the current market. 

Date of Publication: Jul 6, 2015
This report offers detailed analysis of the global Military satellite market with market size forecasts covering the next ten years. This report will also analyze factors that influence demand for the global military satellite market, key market trends, and challenges faced by industry participants.

Date of Publication: Jul 6, 2015

ZigBee is dominating the IEEE 802.15.4 ecosystem and is set to lead the smart home Internet of Things market. Annual shipments for 802.15.4 low power wireless chipsets doubled in 2014 and is on track to increase by 550% by 2020. ZigBee standards will be used in 80% of the 802.15.4 unit shipments at this time. ZigBee PRO has the largest share of the 802.15.4 market today, with wireless mesh networking, advanced sensor applications and industry designed profiles developed over the past decade. In five years, ZigBee PRO will be used in over half of all 802.15.4 shipments with most of the growth coming from the smart home and smart lighting in particular.