Global and China Optical Film Industry Report, 2012

Research in China, Date of Publication: Nov 23, 2012, 123 Pages

Global and China Optical Film Industry Report, 2012 covers the following:

1. Downstream market of optical film
2. Optical film industry
3. BLU industry and market
4. Major players of polarizer, optical film for BLU and ITO film  

Optical film covers 3 categories: polarizer, optical film for BLU, and ITO film for touch screen. The total market scale is about USD 11.194 billion in 2012, among which, the polarizer market scales about USD 7.728 billion, down 2% from last year.

Polarizer market shows very high concentration and stability, and top six major players occupy above 96% of the market. The top three players are Nitto Denko, Sumitomo Chemical and LG Chem, followed by Chi Mei Materials of Chi Mei Group, BenQ Materials of BenQ Group, and Samsung Cheil Industries of Samsung Group.

The key for polarizer business lies in the supply of raw materials, mainly including TAC and PVA. TAC, also as a main material of film, is monopolized by Fujifilm and Konica Minolta, with market share of about 72% and 26% respectively. Since the new production line of Konica Minolta was put into production in 2010, the market share of Konica Minolta has increased rapidly to 26% from 19%. PVA is nearly monopolized by Kuraray. These upstream manufacturers are big enterprises with revenue of above USD 3 billion. TAC business accounts for about 5% of Fujifilm’s total revenue. TAC and PVA are not main products of these manufacturers, therefore, these big manufacturers have the strength to reduce the prices and put pressure on new entrants.

The market scale of optical film for BLU is about USD 2.938 billion in 2012, down 9.9% from 2011, mainly due to the drastic decline of DBEF sector. Optical film generally covers 6 categories:

 1. Reflective Film, Reflector
 2. Diffuser Film
 3. Normal Prism
 4. Multi-Function Prism
 5. Micro Lens Film
 6. Reflective Polarizer, Dual Brightness Enhancement Film (DBEF)

Early LCD BLU took CCFL as light source, and used four optical films, including two reflective films, one BEF, and one diffuser film. Combination of BEF and diffuser film, as current development trend, can reduce cost, decrease BLU thickness, and shorten BLU production process. In the wake of high LED price in early 2011, manufacturers reduced LED usage and adopted expensive DBEF to compensate for the deficiency caused by less LED usage. However, as the price of high-brightness LED slumped in the second half of 2011, manufacturers have increased LED chip usage or adopted high-brightness LED chip, significantly reduced DBEF usage, and substituted cheap micro lens film for DBEF.

Because the threshold of BLU optical film business is very low, numerous manufacturers are faced with fierce price competition. Only by strengthening cooperation with upstream enterprises, can a manufacturer gain a stable foothold. PET film is a key material of BLU optical film, and is controlled by big petrochemical plants, such as Mitsubishi Plastics, Toray Industries, Teijin DuPont Films Japan, Toyobo, SKC, Toray Advanced Materials Korea, Kolon, Nan Ya Plastics, Shinkong Materials Technology, most of which are Japanese enterprises. Optical film performance depends heavily on raw materials. Another material of optical film is protection film, which is mainly controlled by Japanese manufacturers, such as Fujimori Kogyo, Osung Lst, Youl Chon Chemical, Sun A Kaken, Nitto Denko, Lintec. Japan is not only an electronic power, but also a chemical giant, and there is a gap between South Korea and Japan. The chemical industry of Taiwan region lags far behind South Korea.

ITO film is mainly applied to touch screens. GFF and G1F touch screens need to use ITO film. The market growth rate hits 20% in 2012. GG, INCELL and ONCELL touch screens occupy the high-end market, but GFF and G1F touch screens, being cheaper and slightly thinner, though less transparent, occupy the mid and low-end market. Moreover, tablet PCs under 10-inch prefer G1F touch screens, such as Samsung Galaxy Tab and newest Apple iPad Mini. Japan’s Nitto Denko has monopolized the market of ITO film for capacitive touch screen.


1. Downstream Market of LCD Optical Film
1.1 Touch Screen Market
1.1.1 Global Mobile Phone Market
1.1.2 Global Mobile Phone Industry
1.1.3 China Mobile Phone Industry
1.1.4 Tablet PC Market
1.1.5 iPad Like Market
1.1.6 Win8, Ultrabook and Surface
1.2 Touch Screen Industry Chain
1.3 Touch Screen Industry Scale
1.4 Ranking of Touch Screen Companies
1.5 Touch Screen Manufacturers and Customers
1.6 OLED
1.6.1 Profile
1.6.2 Industry Scale
1.6.3 Outlook

2. LCD Market
2.1 LCD Panel Market
2.2 LCD-TV Market
2.3 Current Situation of LCD Market
2.4 LCD Panel Industry
2.5 China Large-Sized TFT-LCD Industry 
2.6 Market Share of Major LCD Panel Companies
2.7 Industry Scale of Small and Medium-sized Displays
2.8 Technology Development of Small and Medium-sized Panels
2.9 Regional Distribution of Small and Medium-sized Display Industry
2.10 Ranking of Small and Medium-sized Display Enterprises 

3. Optical Film Market
3.1 Market Scale of BLU
3.2 Open-Cell and Hinge-Up
3.3 Market Share of Major BLU Enterprises
3.4 Ranking of BLU Enterprises
3.5 Polarizer Market 
3.6 Polarizer Industry
3.7 TAC Manufacturers
3.7.1 Fujifilm
3.7.2 Konica Minolta
3.8 Optical Film for BLU 
3.9 Market of Optical Film for BLU
3.10 Industry of Optical Film for BLU
3.11 PET Film Industry
3.11.1 SKC
3.11.2 Toray
3.12 Market and Industry of Optical Film for Touch Screen
3.12.1 Development Trend of Capacitive Touch Screen
3.12.2 ITO Film
3.12.3 Hard Coating and OCA Glue

4. Polarizer Enterprises
4.1 Nitto Denko
4.2 LG Chemical Ltd.
4.2.1 LG Chem (Nanjing) Information & Electronics Materials Co., Ltd.
4.3 Chi Mei Materials
4.4 BenQ Materials

5. Companies of Optical Film for BLU
5.1 MNTech
5.2 Shinwha Intertek
5.3 UBright Optronics Corporation 
5.4 Wah Hong
5.5 Efun Optronics 
5.6 Samsung Cheil Industries
5.7 Gamma Optical
5.8 3M


Global Mobile Phone Shipment, 2007-2014
Distribution of 3G/4G Mobile Phone Shipment by Region, 2012-2013
Global Mobile Phone Shipment, Q1 2009-Q3 2012
Shipment of Major Global Mobile Phone Vendors, Q1 2010-Q3 2012
Shipment of Major Global Mobile Phone Vendors, 2010-2011
China Mobile Phone Output by Province, Jan.-Nov. 2011
China Mobile Phone Output by Region, 2011
Ranking of 27 Mobile Phone Vendors in China by Output, 2011
Shipment of Netbook, iPad, Tablet PC, 2008-2014
Market Share of Major Tablet PC Manufacturers, 2012
Industry Chain of Touch Screen
Market Scale of Small and Medium-sized Touch Screen, 2009-2013
Shipment of Small and Medium-sized Touch Screen, 2007-2014
Shipment of Small and Medium-sized Touch Screen except Mobile Phone by Application, 2010-2015
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Market Share of Tablet PC Touch Screen Providers for SAMSUNG, 2012
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Market Share of Touch Screen Providers for LG, 2012
Market Share of Touch Screen Providers for HTC, 2012
Market Share of Touch Screen Companies in China, 2012
OLED Structure
AMOLED Drive Principle
Output Value of OLED Industry, 2006-2013
Global OLED Capacity, 2008-2014
Global OLED Capacity by Generation, 2008-2014
OLED Distribution by Application, 2008-2014
Capacity of Global Major OLED Enterprises, 2009-2014
Total Area of LCD Panel, 2009-2013
Shipment of LCD, 2009-2013
Total Area of LCD-TV, 2009-2013
Shipment of Flat-Panel TV by Technology, 2007-2016
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Monthly Revenue of LCD-TV Panel, Jul. 2011-Jul. 2012
Price of MNT Panel, Apr. 2010-Jun. 2012
Monthly Revenue of MNT Panel, Jul. 2011-Jul. 2012
Price of Notebook Panel, Apr. 2010-Jun. 2012
Global Revenue of Mobile PC Panel, Jul. 2011-Jul. 2012
Global TFT-LCD Capacity by Generation, 2000-2014
Revenue of Global LCD Industry by Region, 2010-2014
Market Share of Major LCD Panel Enterprises, 2012
Major TFT-LCD Production Lines in China
Market Share of Major TV Panel Enterprises, 2008-2012
Market Share of Major MNT Panel Enterprises, 2008-2012
Market Share of Major Mobile PC Panel Enterprises, 2008-2012
Revenue and Growth Rate of Global Small and Medium-sized Panel Industry, 2004-2012
Global Shipment of Small and Medium-sized Display, 2004-2012
Output Value of Global Small and Medium-sized LCD Industry by Technology, 2009-2012
Shipment of Global Small and Medium-sized Panel Industry by Technology, 2009-2011
Output Value of Small and Medium-sized Display Industry by Application, 2010-2011
Output Value of Global Small and Medium-sized Display Industry by Region, 2010-2011
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Global Market Scale of LCD Panel BLU, 2009-2014
Global Market Scale of LCD Panel BLU by Application, 2009-2014
SCM of Notebook Case in Hinge-Up Mode 
BLU in Hinge-Up Mode
Open-Cell Shipment Structure, 2006-2012
Market Share of Global Major BLU Enterprises by Shipments, 2011
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Revenue of Global Major BLU Enterprises, 2010-2012
Global Market Scale of Polarizer, 2009-2015
Global Polarizer Market by Application, 2010-2013
Market Share of Major Global Polarizer Enterprises by Shipments, 2011
Market Share of Major Global Polarizer Enterprises by Revenue, 2011-2012
Revenue of Fujifilm by Business, FY2012
TAC Application of Fujifilm, FY2012
Optical Material Revenue of Fujifilm, FY2007-FY2013
Market Scale of Optical Film for BLU, 2008-2014
Shipment of Optical Film for BLU, 2010-2013
Market Scale of Normal Prism and DBEF, 2009-2014
Revenue of Major Global Optical Film Enterprises, 2011-2012
Annual Capacity of Top 6 PET Enterprises, 2011-2015
Capacity of Major Global Optical PET Film Ma Enterprises, 2012-2013
Sales and Operating Income of SKC, 2002-2011
Film Sales and Operating Income of SKC, 2002-2011
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Sales Network of SKC
Profile of SKC Inc.
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IT Related Business Revenue of Toray by Product, FY2011-FY2013
Classification of Capacitive Touch Screens
Profile of Capacitive Touch Screen Technologies
Comparison of Capacitive Touch Screen Technologies
Development Trend of Capacitive Touch Screen Technologies
Market Scale of Touch Screen Materials, 2009-2014
Market Share of Global Major Hard Coating Enterprises, 2012
Revenue and Operating Margin of Nitto Denko, FY2003-FY2013
Organizational Structure of Nitto Denko
Revenue of Nitto Denko by Business, FY2011-H1 FY2013 
Revenue of Nitto Denko by Region, FY2011-H1 FY2013 
Organizational Structure of LG Chemical
Revenue and EBITDA of LG Chemical, 2004-2012
Quarterly Revenue and Operating Income of IT & Electronic Materials of LG Chemical, Q1 2011-Q3 2012
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Revenue of LG Chemical by Region, 2010-2011
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Financial Statement of LG Chemical Display Materials (Beijing), 2010-2011
Development Course of Chi Mei Materials Technology
Shareholding Structure of Chi Mei Materials Technology
Organizational Structure of Chi Mei Materials Technology 
Revenue and Operating Margin of Chi Mei Materials Technology, 2009-2013
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Monthly Revenue and Growth Rate of BenQ Materials, Oct. 2010-Oct. 2012
Sales and Operating Margin of MNTech, 2005-2013
Quarterly Sales and Operating Margin of MNTech, Q1 2010-Q3 2012
Sales of MNTech by Product, H1 2012
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Organizational Structure of Shinwha
Revenue and EBIT of Shinwha Intertek, 2006-2013
Revenue of Shinwha Intertek by Product, 2007-2011
Revenue and Operating Margin of UBright Optronics Corporation, 2009-2014
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Revenue of UBright Optronics by Application, Q1 2011-Q4 2013
Main Products of UBright Optronics
Monthly Revenue of Wah Hong Industrial Corporation, Oct. 2010-Oct. 2012
Revenue and Operating Margin of Wah Hong Industrial Corporation, 2007-2013
Revenue of Wah Hong Industrial Corporation, Q1 2010-Q3 2012
Gross Margin and Operating Margin of Wah Hong Industrial Corporation, Q1 2011-Q3 2012
Revenue of Wah Hong Industrial Corporation by Business, Q1 2011-Q3 2012
LCD Material Revenue of Wah Hong by Product, Q1 2011-Q3 2012
LCD Material Revenue of Wah Hong by Application, Q1 2011-Q3 2012
LCD Material Shipment of Wah Hong by Application, Q1 2011-Q3 2012
LCD Material Shipment of Wah Hong by Product, Q1 2011-Q3 2012
Revenue and Operating Margin of Efun Optronics, 2006-2012
Monthly Revenue and Growth Rate of Efun Optronics, Oct. 2010-Oct. 2012
Organizational Structure of Efun Optronics
Revenue and Operating Income of Samsung Cheil Industries
Operating Income of Samsung Cheil Industries by Business, 2009-2013
Quarterly Operating Income of Samsung Cheil Industries by Business, Q1 2011-Q4 2012
Operating Margin of Electronic Material Business of Samsung Cheil Industries, 2005-2013
Operating Income of Electronic Material Business of Samsung Cheil Industries by Product, 2005-2013
Polarizer Revenue and Operating Income of Samsung Cheil Industries, 2005-2013
Revenue of Electronic Material Business of Samsung Cheil Industries by Product, Q1 2011-Q3 2012
Monthly Revenue of Gamma Optical, Oct. 2010-Oct. 2012
Quarterly Revenue of 3M Display & Graphics Business, Q1 2008-Q1 2012



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