Optoelectronics Technology Roadmap

Optoelectronics - 2015 iNEMI Roadmap

iNEMI, Date of Publication: Apr 8, 2015

Optoelectronics Technology Roadmap

This Optoelectronics (OE) chapter covers data transmission utilizing optical technology over telecommunication distances of hundreds of kilometers down to on-chip distances of a few millimeters. As data rates rise in all of these applications, optical technology continues to displace copper for data transmission over shorter distances. The higher the data rate required, the shorter the distance over which optical methods become superior. 

A key driver of the demand for data transmission capacity is the Internet, where traffic is growing ~50% per year, and this increasing demand is fueled primarily by significant growth in video traffic.

This chapter divides optical data transmission into nine applications:

  • Telecommunications
  • FTTX (including CATV)
  • Local area networks
  • Plastic optical fiber (POF) (automotive)
  • Active optical cables
  • Backplanes
  • On-card
  • In-to and out-of package 
  • On-chip

This chapter extensively covers current trends and challenges facing the industry. Included in the 126 pages are 25 tables and 56 figures that help the reader to better understand OE technology from both the business and technical perspectives.

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2015 iNEMI Roadmap is the most comprehensive roadmap published to date by the International Electronics Manufacturing Initiative (iNEMI). The complete roadmap report is available here.  The 2015 Roadmap was developed by five Product Emulator Groups (PEGs) and 19 Technology Working Groups (TWGs).  The TWGs responded to the inputs and requirements outlined by representatives of OEMs in the five Product Emulator Groups (PEGs). These groups included more than 500 direct participants from over 280 private corporations, consortia, government agencies, and universities in 20 countries.


Date of Publication:
Apr 8, 2015
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