Passive Components Technology Roadmap 2015

Passive Components - 2015 iNEMI Roadmap

iNEMI, Date of Publication: Apr 7, 2015

Passive Components Technology Roadmap

The Passive Components - 2015 iNEMI Roadmap is the most comprehensive roadmap published to date by the International Electronics Manufacturing Initiative (iNEMI). The complete roadmap report is available here.

The roadmap identifies major trends in the evolution of Passive Components, with an emphasis on identifying potentially disruptive events (business and technology). It provides the information needed to identify critical technology and infrastructure gaps, prioritize R&D needs to meet those gaps, and initiate activities that address industry needs.

Passive components, resistors–capacitors, inductors, and circuit protection–are the highest volume components in electronic devices. These components support power management, signal conditioning, and protection of active devices.  The development and use of passive components are driven by cost, regulatory, and technical requirements in customer segments.

Through its roadmaps, iNEMI charts future opportunities and challenges for the electronics manufacturing industry. These widely utilized roadmaps:

  • Help OEMs, EMS providers and suppliers prioritize investments in R&D
     and technology deployment

  • Influence the focus of university-based research

  • Provide guidance for government investment in emerging technologies

The complete report provides a full coverage of emerging and disruptive technologies across the electronics industry:  Order 2015 iNEMI Roadmap today.


Date of Publication:
Apr 7, 2015
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