PCB Technology Trends

PCB Technology Trends 2014

IPC, Date of Publication: May 29, 2015, 173 Pages

Based on data from 158 PCB fabricators and assembly companies worldwide, this report presents data on the current state (2014) and the industry’s predictions for the data by 2019, collected for the 2015 IPC Technology Roadmap. The data are segmented by five applications: computer and telecommunications, consumer electronics, industrial and automotive, medical, and military and aerospace. Topics covered include clock speed, heat dissipation, operation cycles, environmental operating range, product life expectancy, lamination cycles, materials, board area, board thickness, layer count, embedded components, printed-in-place features, line width and spacing, via diameters, aspect ratios, surface-mount lands, I/O pitch, test density, recyclable content and component size, as well as numbers of vias, solder joints, and discrete, area array, peripheral leaded, peripheral leadless and through-hole components. Additional data that is not segmented by application covers voltage levels and optical channels.

PCB Technology Trends Table of Contents


Section 1: Computers and Telecommunications

Section 2: Consumer Electronics

Section 3: Industrial & Automotive Electronics

Section 4: Medical Electronics

Section 5: Military & Aerospace Electronics

Section 6: General Data on Voltage and Optics


In sections 1 through 5, the following topics are covered:

PCB Design and Fabrication

Clock Speed
Heat Dissipation
Operation Cycles
Environmental Operating Range
Product Life Expectancy
Lamination Cycles
Board Area
Board Thickness
Layer Count
Line Width and Spacing
Via Diameters
Aspect Ratios
Number of Vias
Surface-Mount Lands
I/O Pitch
Special Structures
Test Density
Recyclable Content

PCB Assembly

Component Size Assembly
Solder Joints
Discrete Components
Area Array Components
Peripheral Leaded Components
Peripheral Leadless Components
Through-Hole Components


Geographic Representation
Region of Manufacture
Industry Segments




Date of Publication:
May 29, 2015
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173 Pages
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