PCB Technology Trends

PCB Technology Trends 2016

IPC, Date of Publication: May 10, 2017, 237 Pages

PCB Technology Trends study shows how PCB fabricators and assemblers are meeting today's technology demands and looks at the changes expected in the coming years that will affect the whole industry. It is a global study based on data from 118 electronics assembly companies and PCB fabricators worldwide. It presents data on the current state (2016) of PCB fabrication and assembly, and the industry's predictions for the data by 2021.

The data are segmented by five applications: automotive, defense and aerospace, high-end systems, industrial and medical electronics. Topics include:

  • Board properties (thickness, layer count, heat dissipation, tolerances)
  • Miniaturization (line width and spacing, I/O pitch, via diameters, aspect ratios, via structure, etc.)
  • Materials (rigid, flexible, stretchable, metal core, reinforcement, thermal properties, loss characteristics, lead-free, halogen-free, surface finishes, etc.)
  • Special structures (embedding, optical channels, chip packages, etc.)
  • Printed electronics usage (types, processes, applications and use of 3D printing)
  • Trends in traceability, compliance, technical challenges and more.


Date of Publication:
May 10, 2017
File Format:
PDF Download, Print Copy, CD
Number of Pages:
237 Pages