Power Electronics

Date of Publication: Sep 1, 2013
Flexible AC Transmission System (FACTS) Market by Compensation (Shunt, Series, Combined), Component (Thyristors, Capacitor Banks, Reactors), Application,...

Date of Publication: Apr 17, 2012
Rechargeable batteries are routinely used in portable product and stationary power applications, including computers, cellular phones, and uninterruptible...

Date of Publication: Jul 16, 2013
Energy harvesting is the use of ambient energy to provide electricity for small and or mobile equipment, whether electrical or electronic. In 2011, $700...

Date of Publication: Jan 17, 2013
This report gives an in-depth analysis of renewable power markets in Asia-Pacific, covering the seven most prominent countries: Australia, India, China,...

Date of Publication: Aug 9, 2013
The objective of this report is to identify and quantify the opportunities for electronics in smart lighting systems over the next eight years.  It is designed to become required reading for firms in the semiconductor industry that want to better understand the opportunities in smart lighting electronics.  It is also intended to provides guidance to firms in the LED and smart lighting systems sectors who need to better understand where smart-lighting electronics trends will take their businesses.

Date of Publication: Aug 9, 2013
Emerging Economies Expected to Witness the Largest Capacity Additions   The report provides an in-depth analysis of the power market in the...

Date of Publication: Jul 24, 2013
An Analysis of The World Market for Electric Double Layer Carbon SuperCapacitors and Related Devices for Applications in The Farad Range. This new report...