Print Reading for Electronics Assembly

Print Reading for Electronics Assembly

Date of Publication: Jul 9, 2015

Print Reading for Electronics Assembly

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DVD-8C Reading, interpreting and applying information from prints is a requirement in the electronics assembly industry. Print Reading for Electronics Assembly (DVD-8C) will teach your operators all the complexities of documentation for circuit board assembly, cable and wire harness assembly and final product assembly – in an easy to understand format.

Section one describes why print reading is important in the electronics assembly industry. Section two discusses the bill of materials and assembly drawing for circuit board assembly – including component descriptions, part numbers, reference designators, polarity and orientation, revision letters and special notes. Section three explains how these documents are used for wire harness assembly, along with wire lists, wiring diagrams and wire cut lists. Section four describes the bill of materials, assembly drawings and assembly instructions for box build.

DVD-8C includes English subtitles for hearing-impaired and ESL students – also a Leader’s Guide, Review Questions and IPC Training Certification Certificates for students who pass the final examination. Time: 27 minutes.

Includes Training Certification.




Notes on DVD / OVT Product Descriptions:

Items preceded by an order number beginning with DVD, are digital video products. These DVDs are designed to play on DVD movie players. They can also be played on computers using DVD playback software.

Items preceded by OVT are Online Video Training products. These digital movies are designed for playback on computers / networks – depending on the license type you purchase. OVT-(S) is Site License (single facility). OVT-(G) is a Global License (multi-site).


Training Certification is an ideal way to train and verify competency in key subject areas, like ESD Control, Lead Free Soldering, Component ID, Safety, and Acceptance Standards. These multi-media based resources include everything a trainer needs to instruct, test and certify that their operators have completed a course successfully. All students with a grade of 70% or better on the final examinations qualify for IPC Training Certification. Please see the sample certificate (.pdf) which allows for user-customization of student name, instructor, and date of completion. There is no expiration / renewal date for any Training Certification program, and they may be administered by anyone in your company.

As an operator-level credential, Training Certification demonstrates mastery of the specific theory and knowledge contained in the course, as evidence of competency for ISO training requirements through an industry-developed training program. Training Certification does not qualify instructors or students to teach or interpret IPC specifications, or assure proficiency in the physical skills required to create products to the requirements of IPC specifications.

Like all IPC Video / DVD, OVT and Computer-Based (CD) training programs, Training Certification is available for unlimited students per the particular licensing structure chosen. These media-based training solutions are created in cooperation with volunteer industry experts – to ensure technical accuracy – and are free from commercial bias.