Processors and Microcontrollers

Date of Publication: May 27, 2015
This study forecasts the overall unit shipments, revenue, and average selling prices of the worldwide client PC and PC server microprocessor unit (MPU) market for 2014–2019. The study also forecasts MPUs designed for desktop PCs, mobile PCs, and PC servers, breaking down the number of unit shipments by the architecture of the cores inside each MPU (x86 and ARM).

Date of Publication: Sep 10, 2014
Microprocessor, GPU, and Peripherals Market by Architecture (X86, ARM, MIPS, Power), by Application (Personal Computer, Smartphone, Tablet, Server,...

Date of Publication: Jul 24, 2014
The report on the Microcontrollers, Digital signal processor, and IP core chips market analyzes the Microcontroller, DPS, and IP core chip’s individual value chain, giving a bird’s eye-view of all the major and allied segments to the industry. The Microcontrollers, Digital signal processor, and IP core chips market is classified by various types of market segmentations and discussed in detail with the market estimates for each of the sub-segments. The report also discusses and analyzes the market dynamics of the individual markets, namely its market drivers, restraints, and opportunities along with the industry’s burning issues and winning imperatives.

Date of Publication: Feb 28, 2013
The global market for DSP has returned to the growing phase after the global economic recession and is expected to grow steadily over the next 5 years....